Inspection for Termites

How is a termite inspection done?

A termite inspection is usually done in one of the two following situations. First is if the homeowner suspects that his home has been suspect to a termite infestation. Secondly, a termite inspection is required as part of a home transaction. If a house is purchased, a full termite inspection is required - that is, a full search of the house, interior or exterior is done. A limited inspection may be carried out when the owner suspects that his/home has been infested, and tells the inspector to focus on a particular area. Homeowners should make inspections easy for the inspectors by taking measures such as turning on the water supply to identify any possible leaks.

Limited inspection

In limited inspections, the inspector checks parts of the house that the owner may suspect is infested with termites. In limited inspections, the inspector examines the wood and assesses the extent of damage to the wood, if any, and then quotes the owner a price of how much it will cost to repair the damage.

Full inspection

A full inspection is a thorough inspection, usually carried out when the owner is purchasing a new home. In a full inspection, the inspector examines the home thoroughly, both in the interior and exterior parts of the home. The inspector not only checks for termites, but also checks the house for other structurally damaging organisms such as beetles, and conditions such as moisture. The inspector also checks for conditions which termites can thrive in, including poor ventilation.

Post-inspection report

After the inspection, the inspector will have to prepare a report for the client. This inspection consists of two sections: section one, and section two. Section one details the extent of the damage, and the culprits behind it. These could be termites, beetles or any other pests. The problems in section one must be remedied immediately to prevent further damage.

Section two details anything that can be done to improve the situation. Usually not requiring immediate action, it includes reports on things such as water leaks. Basically, it details how any areas of the house are vulnerable to termites.

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