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Posted: January 16, 2020 at 8:46 pm

Thailand termite spray commercial / Boing Boing

This 2 minute commercial for termite spray is amusing, not least in how it explains why you shouldn't panic if the bugs don't immediately die. I feel more satisfied having watched it than most recent movies.

Spotify is now making regularly updated playlists and a podcast (I know, I know) for dogs whose owners must leave their beloved pets at home for extended hours, while theyre at work and so on. The idea is dogs can listen to the audio in their owners absence and be comforted. Some 74% of UK []

Twitter user @sydneywhitson reported that her coworker called in (yet again) and said she had a nail on her tire that caused her to have a flat and reportedly sent in the above photo as evidence. Zoomed version below. Of course, Twitter delighted in the stupidity. Heres an actual picture you can use next time []

Im all for anything that makes shopping more entertaining.

If youve got an Apple Watch, youre all about convenience. These trusty devices can deliver your messages, email and other smartphone perks anywhere you go. Which is why its a bit of a downer when you have to bring it back home to charge it up. Sure, the standard Apple charger is wireless, but its []

Is that sleek new iPhone a little too sleek? There is not, as it turns out, an app for that. But if you need a classic arcade fix, there is a case for it. The GAMECASE is a retro gamers dream: A functional iPhone case that also turns your screen into a battleground for the []

If youre working with databases, youre working with SQL. Even in the changing world of the web, there are some classics that endure, and SQL (along with its database management system MySQL) is one of them. Millions of websites and databases have been built using SQL code as their foundation, and theyre still being built []

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Thailand termite spray commercial - Boing Boing

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