Termites Minecraft Feedback

Posted: October 10, 2019 at 4:42 am

Termites: Will invade places with lots of wood (villages and your house) if you happen to live in a savannah, dessert or mesa. They are too small to hit with a sword so you will have to enlist the help of the native animals. In the dessert and mesa you will find meerkats, to lead them back to an infestation you will have to crouch in front of them with a dead termite which you find where the infestation is (since termites don't have long lifetimes) if you scare the meerkat it will retreat in to it's burrow which is marked on a block by a black hole when it comes back out again in about 10 seconds you have to try again if you manage to tame it because it is a wild animal will lose interest and run away if you take to long so lead it to the infestation quickly (it follows you like a wolf but for a limited time). To bring an ostrich back it is much simpler just lead it to the infestation with wheat or seeds (like a cow or pig). When either mob reaches the infestation it will run around crunching the bugs until there are none left then it will run away in search of more termites. leaving you to clean up the damage. Maybe if you save a village they could reward you with gifts similar to the ones you would find in blacksmith chests.

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Termites Minecraft Feedback

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