Kill termites with vinegar is a home remedy – Pests stop

Posted: October 10, 2019 at 4:42 am

If a homeowner suspects that some termite species are living and breeding on the property, it is a seriousproblem. The best solution in this case is to call a qualified termite exterminator for inspection and treatment. If there is no opportunity to hire a pest control professional, the most homeowners tend to get rid of termites on their own. One of the well-known home remedies is to kill termites with vinegar.

As a first step, inspect your home indoors and outside. Walk along the perimeter of your house. Try to locate the termites galleries, nests, mud-tubes on/ inside the walls, in the foundation and along the pipes. What should you look for? First, the evidence of the termite frass that resembles sawdust around deck railings, poles and wooden structures. Second, the presence of small holes (open or sealed with mud) on wood structure. Third, the activity of tiny black, brown or creamy bugs that look like ants. Fourth, piles of long wings near the wood constructtuction. These are all the signs of termite infestation in the area.

In practice, there are lots of natural methods how to exterminatewood-destroying pests. They are eco-friendly andeasy-to-useon your own. Well, you can apply the vinegar to get rid of termites in fourways:

1. vinegar in its pure form2. vinegar that is dissolved in water at 1:1 dilution rate3. vinegar with lemon juice (5 oz of vinegar per the freshly squeezed juice of two lemons)4. white vinegar with olive oil (1 part of vinegar per 4 parts of olive oil)

The second and third methods are effective to eliminate the termites that are currently visible. The vinegarsolutions will keep other wood-consuming pests away from using the treated areas or mud-tubes as well. Spray on the corners of buildings and areas where the termites can feed on and make their way into home. The mixtures will easily soak through the holes and cracks and kill termites with vinegar and lemon juice. Lemon itself contains d-limonene that is a poison to wood pests. It kills the termites via destroying their digestive systems.

Spray the vinegar or its solution on the wood or directly on the dry wood termites in the infested area, inject it into the kick-outs and entrance holes. However, you can also drill holes in the infested wood and inject the vinegar through them.

If subterranean termites havebroken into yourhome, inject the solution into the mud tunnels or burrows to kill termites with vinegar at the source.In fact, subterranean species in the USA do not build mounds, theyhave their nests underground outside the house. They make their way through the shelter tubes and burrows into home in search of wood.

In addition, the mixture of white vinegar and olive oil is a perfect furniturepolish. Apply it with a soft fiber cloth. Thus, this protective layer will keep the termites away.

Allow up to three daysuntilthe vinegar takes its full effect. It maytake about two-four weeks to kill termites with vinegar, depending on how severe the termite infestation is. Moreover, some termite members couldsurvive for some reason. Hence, you can retreat the infested zone and ensure that you eliminate the entire colony in this case.

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Kill termites with vinegar is a home remedy - Pests stop

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