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Posted: August 19, 2017 at 5:44 am

Superintendent: I am so excited for the community to see these projects

After an especially busy summer, the Southwest school district reports it has made progress on its building renovations, which it began at the conclusion of the 2016-2017 school year.

Southwest was one of the first schools to start, welcoming students for another school year on Aug. 9, however the repairs are not yet completed.

Southwest Superintendent Tosha Tilford provided a report and update on the details.

When we passed this bond issue, I did not think the repairs would be completed until the end of the 2017-2018 school year, she said. The CTS Group has done a phenomenal job getting this project completed much earlier. All the work that is completed or in progress is exceptional.

At this time last year, Tilford said she worried every day that the restrooms would start backing up due to the problems they had, but now, she doesnt have.

The elementary restrooms are fabulous, she said. First of all, we are in better shape just for the fact that the elementary school has a set of functioning restrooms which have more stalls.

She is also very happy with the renovations of the middle school gymnasium, which may be completed sooner than anticipated.

I was under the impression that it would not be completed until the end of September, she said. Right now, the project could be done at the beginning of September, which is awesome. I am so excited for the community to see these projects as they get completed. I appreciate the support that the community has shown in passing this bond issue and know they will be as proud as I am with the results.

Tilford outlined the status of other renovations, including:

Lighting (complete): LED lighting is compete and was installed by local contractor, Green Switch Lighting Solutions, LLC. Two former graduates of Southwest are associated with this company, Skylar Pendergraft and Josh Corn.

Blown foam insulation throughout the gym and the locker rooms (complete).

Painting in the middle school gym is complete except for the structural wall portion. This includes the locker rooms.

Structural wall (west): The structural gym wall repair was finished the beginning of the week of Aug. 7.

Bond beams are going to be installed every five foot along the west wall and a solid row of bond beams across the top. The process includes taking the face off the concrete block at the bottom of the row and a couple across the middle. They will clean the foam insulation out of the blocks from the top to the bottom of the row. Next, a form will be placed over the block and it will be filled with concrete and rebar. Once it sets up, a new face or front of the block will be replaced down the row. In addition, the top two rows of blocks are going to be removed and replaced.

A bond beam will be poured with rebar across the top the full length of the wall. In addition, a bond beam will be will be poured behind the structural steel beams and bolts will be installed every 12 inches up the beam

Middle School HVAC (Complete): The new units have been delivered to the school and started installation on the week of Aug. 7. The nine units are installed and this portion of the project is complete.

Middle School Gym: Due for completion by early September. Gym Floor: Set to be replaced , started on Monday; termite treatment will take place at the same time.

Elementary School Restroom Renovation (completed): This portion is complete and was turned over to the school district for use as of Aug. 4.

Elementary School Restroom Addition: Foundation: footings are poured and all plumbing is completed.

Structural steel arrived the week of Aug. 7. This portion of the project is due to be completed by mid-October.

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