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Posted: January 13, 2018 at 5:44 am

Preventive termite treatment is less expensive and less difficult than an infestation. If youve ever dealt with a termite problem, you know that the cost and trouble isnt any fun. Luckily, preventive termite treatment can be relatively easy and it can make your future much better. Its a little like keeping the sink clean to prevent mold, rather than cleaning the mold!

People spend a lot of money each year on eliminating termites and trying to control them. In the long run, preventive termite treatment can save you a lot of money. Part of preventive treatment istermite home inspection, and other part is cleanliness. Then, of course, there are other kinds of chemical treatments to protect wood.

If you understand what termites like, you can take preventive measures to avoid creating the ideal scenario for them. This is much more difficult if you live in the southern United States, or another area in which termites are common. This is because termites need water.

In dryer areas, you can removed leaks and puddles and greatly reduce your risk of infestation. Termites only need water and wood to survive, and they can get away with only a little water. However, in places like North Carolina, the ground is damp and termites can get along with the water thats in the foliage and such.

Mulch is also a favorite termite food. You should avoid having mulch near the base of your home, as it provides both food and water for termites. You should clear away brush and all other vegetation from around your home, so that termites cant get water there. Preventive termite treatment involves cleaning up the perimeter of your home.

You should also make sure that wood isnt touching the ground. If you have scrap wood around your home, for example, you should elevate it. You should make sure it doesnt touch the ground, because wet wood on the ground is a termite favorite. Watch out for sheds, too, as they may be susceptible to termite munching, too.

Watch out for dead trees and stumps, too. Keep your gutters clean, and look for all the access points. Spend time considering natural preventive measures. And, if youre in an area where additional treatment is recommended on wood, you may want to invest in that protection.

Preventive termite treatment can be applied in several ways. Spot or wood treatment can help stop activity in the protected area. The only problem with spot preventive termite treatment is that it only works in the applied area. Termites may be able to get around the treatment area and into your home.

You might consider other kinds of preventive termite treatment. Actually, in some states, its required. All building under construction in certain states may need to have a termite treatment. Termiticides, unfortunately, are only effective for around five years, though, so it may be important to apply preventive measures more than once.

You might consider non toxic methods. These tend to focus on prevention, though there are some non toxic sprays that will eliminate termites. You can call an expert to discuss these methods, which will also include the above suggestions regarding removing extra foliage and so forth.

If you pay for official preventive termite treatment, experts might remove mud tubes. They will also advise you to remove debris in your storage areas, and other susceptible areas. Youll want to protect your siding, for example, and plant hedges a little ways from your home.

Be sure you do annual checks around your home for potential termite activity. Look for termites inside, for example, and look for tubes. Consider where you might find termites, and do your best to reduce the risk.

If you do have a problem, you should consult a professional. Infestations are not the easiest thing to deal with. In fact, theyre a real problem! Do-it-yourself treatments are not recommended. While they may be less expensive, they are less effective, and less thorough, and may be harmful to your health.

If you are lucky, preventive termite treatment will mean that you dont ever have to deal with an infestation in your home. However, they do happen rather frequently, and if it happens to you, calling a professional is definitely the safest choice. Termites can really damage your home over time, and you need to make sure to take action against them.

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Preventive Termite Treatment - Locate Effective Preventive ...

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