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Posted: September 5, 2017 at 12:47 pm

I would like to make a prediction. After working in the termite and pest control business for over 42 years and observing the type of condo and apartment construction springing up around the tri-county area, I believe there is trouble ahead.

Some of the buildings have flat roofs with very little roof overhang. There are three- and four-story wood-framed buildings with stucco on top of foam, OSB, (oriented sand board) or plywood wall sheathing.

Some of the buildings have faulty grade levels from the start. which will only get worse over time. Siding in contact with the ground is also conducive to termites. Minimum pretreatment standards (with a boric acid treatment only in most cases) is not going to be effective.

My prediction is that due to water intrusion and Formosan termites, many of these buildings will be destroyed. The builders will be long gone.

I dont think the architects and builders have a clue as to how bad it will be. I am amazed that this type of construction is still common. I feel sorry for the people who buy into the projects and will get stuck holding the bag.

Charlie E. Ledford

North Edgewater Drive


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