Does Your Investment Property Receive Regular Inspections? If Not, Here’s Why It Should. by Dave Sweyer | Sponsored Insights – Greater Wilmington…

Posted: November 19, 2020 at 10:56 pm

If you're a new investment property owner, you may be unfamiliar with property inspections as they apply to these properties. Unlike home inspections when purchasing a new property, inspections of rental properties are conducted to ensure that the property is being well taken care of by tenants, check for maintenance issues and see that there are no obvious lease violations occurring.

The sensible property management company will routinely conduct inspections of the units it manages as this is one of the top ways to protect an owner's investment. Keep reading for an overview of the property inspection, or as we at Sweyer Property Management call it, "property review", process.Why Perform Property Inspections?

There are a number of reasons routine inspections of your investment property should be performed and nearly all of them revolve around preserving the value of your property. Having a professional check for maintenance and compliance issues at regular intervals helps ensure that your home is being well cared for and that the items in it - appliances, flooring, paint, HVAC systems, etc. - will last for as long as possible.

Now of course you don't want to go barging into a tenants home every other week to check up on them - you aren't their overbearing Aunt Joan and, besides, that would not only interrupt their peaceful enjoyment of the property but also cost you a lot of wasted time and money. So, when should you do property inspections? There are a few crucial times throughout the year.

One of the main things property inspectors must remember when inspecting rental properties is that they are visiting someone's home. Though they may not be the owner, that dwelling is the tenant's home for the time being and should be treated as such. If a few best practices are kept in mind, the inspection process can be a breeze for all involved.

The value of property inspections to investment property owners cannot be overstated enough. Having a professional thoroughly check the home for a multitude of issues can allow owners to rest a bit easier knowing that someone is keeping an eye on their property and, therefore, their bottom line. Though the discoveries made at property inspections may not always be wonderful news, it is always best to get ahead of potential issues versus having them play out for an extended period of time and potentially get worse.At Sweyer Property Management, having twice-yearly property reviews performed is part of our standard services list. We have dedicated, professional property inspectors who are keenly aware of what to look for and report and who know how to respectfully go through a tenant's home with minimal disruption. Does your investment property currently receive regularly scheduled property reviews? If you have additional questions or would like to learn more about the services offered by Sweyer Property Management, please reach out to our team of experts today to schedule a no-obligation rental analysis.Sweyer Property Management has exhibited continuous growth throughout the Wilmington, Leland and Hampstead areas while maintaining an excellentGoogle+rating for customer service. To inquire about the companys full-service management services or to take a tour of homes for rent in the area, visitthemonline Like and Follow the Sweyer Property ManagementFacebook,InstagramandLinkedInPagesfor property management tips and to see properties available for rent.

Does Your Investment Property Receive Regular Inspections? If Not, Here's Why It Should. by Dave Sweyer | Sponsored Insights - Greater Wilmington...

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