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Posted: July 11, 2017 at 8:40 am

These termites get their name from the decaying, wet wood that they build their nests in. They rarely nest in the soil but prefer decaying wood. In fact, they rarely touch the soil as their cousins the subterranean termites do. Dampwood termites are the most common termite found in Delta and are considered an economic pest. Damaged wood that dampwood termites have attacked usually looks clean and smooth inside because they often eat across the grain, particularly in wood that is decayed. They will use their fecal matter to cover the corridors where they live from the outdoor air. When the wood dries, these poop pellets drop to the foot of the gallery and if the wood remains damp, the fecal pellets cling to the edges of their corridors. An important part of dampwood termite control is reducing the moisture. Various conditions that dampwood termites can be found in is a result of plumbing issues, leaks in roof or siding and wood that is touching the ground. If termites continue to be an issue, termiticide treatment in exposed wood is sometimes needed.

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Blog: The dampwood termite - Delta-Optimist (blog)

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