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Posted: August 3, 2017 at 10:48 pm

Tucson Lifestyle February 2016

Once Shelby Hawkins decides to do something, there is no stoppingher. That can-do attitude resulted in Hawkins becoming the first femaletermite inspector in Arizona. Hawkins, who moved to Tucson in 1978,has degrees in social science and Recreation Education from BrighamYoung University. She was working as a social worker in 1980 when shedecided to switch careers. She eventually raised three daughters as asingle parent while growing her company, 5 Star Termite & Pest Control,now celebrating 35 years in business. Along the way, she invented apatented method of above-ground termite control application.

Today, Hawkins continues to run her company, and her family hasgrown to include three grandchildren and one dog (Sweet Pea). She andher company are strong supporters of Wright Flight, which teaches studentshow to set goals and achieve them using the chance to fly a realplane as motivation.

My husband at the time was working as a termite inspector and thatjob seemed much more interesting to me than being a social worker. There was no closure as a social worker. My small stature and gymnasticskills also have worked to my advantage in pest control I can fitinto very tight crawl spaces under homes.

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Termite & Pest Control | Tucson | Phoenix | 5 Star Termite ...

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