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Posted: April 24, 2018 at 12:47 pm

5 Star Termite Control

In the desert southwest, dealing with termite infestation in your home or business is a must. Specifically in southern Arizona, we have more species of subterranean termites than anywhere else on the continent of North America. Besides the multitude of subterranean termite species we have to contend with, we also have the Western Drywood termite. Having your home or business regularly inspected and covered under a warranty contract is highly recommended. The adage Its not if, its when is an apt description for the potential of termite infestation in every building in southern Arizona.

To aid in the prevention of termite damage and infestation, 5 Star provides FREE INSPECTIONS to all buildings in the greater Tucson area. 5 Star also provides FREE PROPOSALS for preventative and active infestation treatments. 5 Star has several levels of treatment to better suit you and your home or office construction and infestation type. All treatments preformed by 5 Star use our patented treatment process, ETT444.

The links below will direct you to more information on where 5 Stars services are available and details of the different levels of treatment that are offered.

ETT444 is a low in toxicity alternative to traditional soil application treatments. ETT444 is a combination of two organic chemicals, purified water, and a surfactant that can be agitated into a slurry or foam and injected into your walls. This provides superior coverage and longevity of the termiticides (termite killing/preventing chemicals). Please, click the link to learn more about how 5 Stars exclusive ETT444 termite treatment process can work for you.

This slideshow details the ETT444 foam process slowly transforming inside your walls, giving the materials enough time to penetrate into the wood members so that termites cannot eat or cross them. Note: the foam does slowly turn into a liquid and does not stay a rigid foam within the wall void.

I (Shelby) took these pictures years ago. The bait stations look a little different now but perform the same way. In the 35 years I have been in business this year I have seen far more termites than all the other years combined. In some ways it seems strange because many of the customers we have now, who had the baiting program, was sold with the understanding the baits eliminate the colonies. I guess not


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Kim has been an inspector with us since 2012. She has a degree in Environmental Sciences from theUofA. She and her husband love and care for their three dogs and horse Dune.

Laura has been and inspector with us since late 2012. She transitioned to the pest control industry afterworking in real estate for years. She is still active as a Realtor as well. She has two daughters and enjoyssports and outdoors activities like coaching Youth Soccer.

Michaelhas been with us since 2014. He is originally from Houston, Texas. He has proven to be a quick learner, hard worker, and quite motivated to putBig ol Texas Grinson his customers faces by solving their termite problems.

Petehas been with us since 2015. He is a super motivated learner who excels at detail oriented work and precise note taking. He enjoys making fun of Jorge in both English and Spanish.

Simon has worked with us since early 2012. He has a background in construction and general contracting that aid him in his termite detective work. He has two boys and enjoys outdoors activities during his downtime.

Jorge has worked with us since 2012. It may actually be impossible for the man to be angry because of the permanent smile stuck on his face. Also, He can habla espaol while fixing your termite problems.

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Termite | 5 Star Termite & Pest Control

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