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Posted: May 13, 2018 at 8:41 am


Can't say enough great things about this company! They helped me take care of my rodent problem I had in my attic. The technician was very knowledge and friendly. Because of them I do t foresee any future problems. I would highly recommend them!

This is the worst experience I have had with a company. Refused to service us cause we were a part of a condo. Sent a very rude message because I was currently at a birthday Brunch and could not respond. Rude text messaging and rude towards customers. Would not recommend based on experiences I have had so far.

I have NEVER contacted this company and my phone number hasn't changed in almost 40 years, yet I keep getting telemarketing calls despite being on the Do-Not-Call registry. I will be meeting with my attorney this week.

Can't speak to their pest control. But I got a new phone number 6 months ago and unfortunately for me the previous owner must be in collections with them. I receive 3-5 phone calls a week from Senate. I have called numerous times asking to be taken off the list. I have placed my phone on the federal do not call list and filed a complaint with BBB. I still get calls. So my best advice is if you use Senate, make sure you don't end up in collections. They will haunt you forever.

WORST SERVICE EVER!!!! Had an issue, not only did a number of their technicians on several occasions come out WITHOUT the proper equipment to get rid of mice and ants (which is what I had)m but each time they sent someone else they came out and told me all about how "fucked" their own company was and all about their turn over in management/personnel etc.. (their own words) spoke with several managers, this is over a period of a few months, each promised to send out someone and then to have them follow up. NOBODY ever did, and I was a paying customer. never never never use this company!!!!!!!!!

Just got the nightly call to my home from this company. When I asked the salesperson to please take me off of their call list, he laughed. This company is pathetic. Do NOT support them.

I figured I'd counter some of the negative publicity. I've used Senate for years, both at my previous house and current house. Each house ended up having termite damage near the front of the garage within a year or two of starting the service, and both times Senate paid for all repairs. I also have a contract for treatment of indoor pests, and Senate has been responsive and come quickly whenever I've called. I'm not sure the indoor policy is as crucial as the termite policy because the damage from termites can be extensive, but I like the peace of mind it provides.

They disregard the DO-NOT-CALL list and ignore my request to take me off their calling list. They kept asking what was my name was and they couldn't take my number (that they just called) off their list unless they knew my name. Bullshi!!!!!!! This is not the way to make new customers!

I had a very good experience with Senate. Although I am also on the national do not call list, I did get a call offering a free termite inspection. Since I plan to sell my house in the next 15 months and had never had a termite inspection, I decided to schedule the free inspection. I am always skeptical at these "free" inspections, but it went very well. Nothing was found of concern, and not much of an up sell, really. They offered a warranty, for one, two and three years. They explained the benefits of such a warranty, and with my plan to sell within two years, it seemed a reasonable thing to buy. The price was reasonable, and there was no attempt (yet) to follow up with "additional services". I suppose since I am now a customer, they might start calling offering pest control coverage, etc., but for now I was actually quite impressed. No "bait and switch" or "oh look at this" etc. The representative seemed experienced, explained what he was looking for, showed pictures of what they look for, and explained the treatments needed if infestation or damage was found. Since they found nothing, it builds my confidence that this company is honest.

These people called us out of the blue on a recent evening. We are on the Do Not Call list. They have this stock excuse that somehow their filter didn't catch our number. How about hiring better programmers (or a programmer) before "bugging" people?If they are willing to break the law like this, we are never going to give them our hard-earned money and neither should you.

Wish I could hire them to rid my phone of their unwanted calls. Rude, pushy, unprofessional sales people. Cannot imagine letting them into my home!

Legitimate companies don't have boiler rooms of telemarketers making calls up until nine o'clock in the evening. (I was called at 8:45 p.m.) The person who called my home number refused to provide the company's address or telephone number. When I telephoned the company's Manassas location the next day to complain, one of the managers told me that the company does not consider its telemarketing calls to be "sales calls" because they are offering "free inspections." Yeah, right. I'm sure the president of the company just loves being called late into the evening with offers of "free inspections." I'd never have anything to do with this company, and if I could give zero stars instead of one I'd do just that.

Senate called me and like other reviewers we are on the do not call list. I went ahead and let them come out anyway. The rep was here early but that was ok. The inspection took about 15 minutes total. During the inspection he told me that my redwood burl, which is in my garage, should be moved as it would attract termites. Even after I told him it was redwood (redwood is naturally resistant to termites) he didn't change his statement. Continuing around the house nothing else was seen. Next was the "selling" portion. I listened and that was all. I never ever sign contacts without having a few days to think about it. After considering all the aspects, including the fact they were going to pump gallons of termiticide in the ground around my home and into the cinder blocks that are my first floor really made me think. We are also on a well and that was the biggest reason I didn't sign. No one in my neighborhood has ever had termites and I just couldn't take the chance the chemicals could poison my water and yard. The fact that nothing was said about our well (plainly visable in our yard) was more than a bit deceptive in my opinion and is the main reason for this review. Please don't be pressured into signing anything without really thinking about it. Another thing is that any damage done to your home will NOT be repaired so please tell me what is covered? They want to charge you yearly for the rest of your time in your home for one treatment for termites. ????

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