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Posted: October 5, 2019 at 2:43 pm

Our termite treatments and service technicians are cross trained, meaning they are not only experts in Tampas pest control but also termite pest control. When our termite service technicians visit your home, office or beach house for regular pest control, theyre also trained to look for potential termite problems. This type of termite control is preventative since the immediate detection can minimize the damage and lessen the cost of the treatment. Our tampa pest exterminators can also suggest ways for the homeowner to prevent future infestation.

The primary pest mosquitoes in Florida are the salt marsh species. These species produce large numbers all around the coast of Florida.

Our mosquito reduction program consist of primarily two types of treatments:Perimeter Mosquito Treatments:Since mosquitoes lay to rest during the day in damp shaded areas, this is where they are vulnerable. Treatments to shrubs, under trees, perimeters around a structure, porches, lanai, eaves and windows are effective in reducing the population.

Larvicide:Affects the larval stage of the mosquito. In this stage the larvae swims up and down in the tidal pools or holding water. This action is performed to feed as well as breathe. The larvae will submerge to feed on organisms and surface. The larvicide leaves a layer on the surface of the water so the larvae cant breathe.

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Pest Control Tampa & Termite Services | Tri-S Pest Control

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