InspectorUSA Termite & Pest Control

Posted: July 23, 2018 at 10:41 pm

Central Kentuckys Termite & Pest Control

With InspectorUSA Termite & Pest Controls Pest Control Services you will receive the personalized service you deserve, from a locally owned and operated family owned company instead of cookie cutter programs provided by revolving door employees from those large national or regional companies. We understand the importance of protecting your family and home. Only by protecting your family, home and business can we continue to provide for ours. As a small local business we dont have millions of dollars to spend on fancy advertising to replace customers that we have failed to satisfy. What we have is the ability to provide you with the best possible service with a smile, a hand shake and a promise to be there if you ever have a problem.

We have the knowledge and experience to solve your pest problems fast. And we can usually provide superior service for half the cost of our larger competitors. Also by choosing to do business with InspectorUSA Termite & Pest Control you are supporting a locally owned and operated business, not sending your money out of state to a large national firm.

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InspectorUSA Termite & Pest Control

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