Termite Pest Control Termite Inspection & Treatment …

Posted: December 20, 2021 at 2:03 am

Act now before damage can spread

Signs of a termite infestation vary depending on the level of damage caused, but all should be taken extremely seriously. During the breeding season, you may be able to see a swarm of termites emerging from a specific site, and you may find small termite wings left behind as they shed their wings when they find a new location for the colony.

Another common sign of termites are brown mud tubes on the interior or exterior of walls. These are known as termite mud leads and are tunnels that they build to protect themselves, as subterranean termites are unable to survive in the open air. This is a sure sign of infestations, and you should call Flick immediately on 1300 270 019. You can also test by knocking on wood around your home, specifically skirting boards and door/window frames. If it sounds hollow or there are sagging floors, this is a major indication of a termite problem.

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Termite Pest Control Termite Inspection & Treatment ...

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