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Posted: April 18, 2020 at 2:44 am

This week, we published a selection of readers comments on where they will travel to as soon as restrictions are lifted; the places you treasure most.

But where have you sworn to never return? Thats the focus today. In response to an article I wrote on Bali being my least favourite holiday destination on earth, plenty of readers weighed in. Several places stood out; Morocco, Tunisia, Dubai and New York among them. Indeed, some experiences were so dismal, the authors bailed and returned home early.

One thing that did come up repeatedly was this warning: never go back to a place you loved in the 70s or 80s. Overtourism has since taken its toll nearly everywhere, and your revisit will likely be a grim disappointment.

Here are your insights...

The general consensus? Not in favour of this Indonesian island.

Alan Scott: Bali in the early seventies was paradise [...] you could not pay me enough to go now.

Martin Mason: Having spent a lot of time in Bali in the early 80s, we went back on a journey of nostalgia last year. It is totally disgusting, just a sunny rubbish dump full of people you wouldn't like to share a continent with never mind a tiny Island.

Brendan Harris: Life [here] is abysmal. Thousands of noisy mopeds, drunken, loud Australian backpackers and pathetic middle class gap year youngsters wearing beads around their wrists, dreadlocks and full hippy uniform. It's an absolutely dreadful place. Never again.

Benjamin Band: The resort/town of Seminyak in Bali is definitely one of the biggest dumps Ive ever had the misfortune of visiting ......and the Gili islands are just awful.

Geoffrey Poole: Bali is full of fat, loud drunken Australians, my idea of hell.

Bob Bacon :Its Australias Magaluf.

One of the closest North African countries for European holidaymakers to reach, and apparently among the least enjoyable.

Bob Wright: Worst, by a mile, Tunisia.

Ed Watts: Hovel of a place. Came home a week early, and spent the remaining week in North Norfolk.

Deborah Slattery: I would never go back to Tunisia. We were hassled from the minute we disembarked from our plane and it continued for the 10 days we were there. We went to remote places by train and car, but it was relentless. The country has many beautiful buildings and sites on offer. It is just a pity we could not be left alone to explore and enjoy them.

Adam Nixon: Terrible destination, for women in particular.

Not far from Tunisia, this country didnt fare well either.

Thomas Paine: Ghastly. Never a moment of peace. Human mosquitos everywhere. People aggressively trying to shine your shoes under the table while you're eating and those were the good moments.

Daniel Brown: I will never return to Marrakesh. I hated every minute of it. Constant hassle from locals, one of whom grabbed my girlfriend by the throat. People eager to cheat you, aggressive beggars, constant danger from moped riders. The food was truly awful as well.

Louise Atkinson: Ghastly place, accosted by beggars purporting to be guides as soon as you stepped out of your hotel, people freely urinating in the streets around you, insane and lethal traffic on what passes for main roads, horse and donkey crap everywhere, dubious food stalls and gastroenteritis. Never again.

John Latham: Fez maybe in Morocco. Very interesting, mysterious place but you pause for more than 10 seconds and a local will sidle up to you with something to sell. Had one youth who refused to leave me alone unless I paid for his tour guide services. Had to put up with this human mosquito following me through the streets for 20 minutes until I threatened to complain to a policeman at which point he quit abruptly.

Similar complaints were made about nearby Egypt, also poised at the northern tip of Africa.

Michael Preston: Anywhere in Egypt. I've only been to Cairo. What a filthy dump full of touts and conmen.

Thomas Walton: Anywhere in Egypt, but especially Sharm el Sheik airport.

Jeremy Hill: Luxor in Egypt. Outside of the hotel there are masses of pushy beggars who come and almost assault you if you open a wallet. Got food poisoning from eating a pita bread stuffed with veg.

Destinations closer to home didnt escape without a slating.

Sarah Curtis - Milan is absolutely awful. Pickpockets, robbing gypsies, ghastly architecture (apart from the Duomo). Left very quickly.

David Myring: Paris could be quite pleasant if it wasn't full of Parisians.

Mark Goodwin: "Anywhere in Germany just boring."

Tracyann Neville: Amsterdam. I loathe the place, full of embarrassing Brits thinking they're doing the most original thing possible.

Sue De Nimm: I got talked into going to Lanzarote years ago. Hated it. It's barren, ugly, and so unbelievably windy. Heaving with the worst kids of tourists, (mostly) dreadful food and drink. I tried to find a real Lanzarote but couldn't.

Gordon Neale: Leros in Greece. Rats due to all the cats getting poisoned. Food poisoning from the very first meal. Wife examined in a filthy hospital by a doctor wearing a string vest and smoking throughout the examination. Told by travel rep, get out of there, if they give her an injection she will die.

Quite the Marmite destination, it would seem.

Michael Preston: The foulest place on earth. Why people would go there on holiday is utterly beyond me, unless they are prostitutes or sex tourists.

Tony Balazs: Forty degree heat or ferocious aircon; signs everywhere forbidding anything enjoyable, including holding hands; and the whole place seemed to be a dusty, stifling building site, except for the souk and waterside, which were distinctly average.

Michael Reid: Milton Keynes with sunshine.

Manx Man: The Skegness of Asia.

One of the most characterful cities in the world. And not for everyone.

R James: New York is the only place I have ever been that I wouldnt go back even if someone else was paying.

Neil Cave: Home of sarcasm, hostility and sheer rudeness. The only holiday destination I have ever left early; half-way through my visit. The last straw was when I was told by a shop owner to eff-off out of here because I was just browsing. I did indeed eff-off; back to the hotel, check out and straight to the airport for the next flight back to London.

Adam Nixon: One of the most overrated places on the planet. It brought out the worst in me, as rudeness seems to be the standard, and you don't let bullies get away with it.

Andrew Macswayed: The big Apple rotten to the core.

Some travellers swear this is the best place in the world. But its a country that divides opinion.

George Dunn: The most overrated tourist destination that I have visited was India. Romanticised beyond belief (principally by the English middle classes and the BBC), it revels in the lack of sanitation and basic hygiene. The sumptuous pictures of the Taj Mahal do not show the rubbish dump of Agra it sits in.

Marcus Reece: No privacy, dignity, hygiene, democracy, equality. Termite mound with a lot of motorised traffic and moustaches comes to mind. Also add a permanent grey mist covering the sky.

Terry Farrell: Goa is the Bognor Regis of India.

Dave Clement: Noisy, congested, filthy, plus awful food. When two weeks later, I crossed into Nepal, I thought I'd landed on a different planet.

Michael O'Flaherty: Unfortunately many Asian beauty spots have been trashed by a combination of local corruption and greed and massive oversell of these holiday destinations.

A country which hasnt been getting the best press of late...

Alun Poontang: The naked greed of everyone who dealt with me, constant attempts to cheat me, the extreme unreliability of transport, the horrible cruelty to animals. To be fair, these trips were late 1980s/early 90s some things have improved since then.

This holiday does not sound ideal...

Dave Clement: Getting stabbed aside, it simply does not live up to the myth that travellers peddle. Also home to the laziest people I have ever met. My guide had to be cajoled/guilted into taking me to a medic to have my stitches removed. I'd have done it myself but could not get a suture cutter. Just one example of many.

London got a fair few dishonourable mentions but, broadly speaking, many of you sung the praises of spending holidays on home turf.

A pristine beautiful field in England is better than anywhere I have visited overseas, and I have visited a huge number of places, said J Classic.

Will Hide: Im looking forward to exploring more of the UK. Theres so much lovely stuff on our own doorstep. If one good thing comes out of all this maybe it should be to slow down a bit and look closer to home.

As for Telegraph Travels Hugh Morris? The first place hell be heading once this is all over is into the Scottish Highlands.

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