Termite treatments for inside and around the home

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Termites are a wood destroying insect that can cause a lot of damage to homes and basically anything made with wood. Termites are important in nature because they help recycle dead trees along with anything made with cellulose. But when they invade our homes and eat away at our house, a good termite control program must be instituted.

At this time there are many options for doing a termite treatment inside and around the home. And though termite treatments used to be something that one would hire a service company to perform, the products being used are a lot easier to handle and apply. So if youre a do-it-yourselfer and want to save a lot of money by doing your own termite treatment, we can help.

First youll need to decide what type of product to use. In general, termiticides fall into one of two groups. Repellent and non-repellent.

Repellent products tend to last longer. They will kill insects that travel through the treatment but in most cases, they repel insects.

Non-repellents are not detectable by insects. The goal of a non-repellent is to get enough of the active colony exposed to the chemical which in turn can kill the nest. This approach is effective for insects which live in communities like ants, termites and bedbugs.

And then there are bait stations and local treatments for infested wood.

But whats the best treatment? And which chemicals are the best to use? The answer depends on which company you ask. In our opinion, they all can work when used properly. At least thats what our hands on experience shows. And the goal of this article is to share some of that information and experience so you too can decide what will work best for your property.

If you want to treat around a structure before you have any sign of termites, use CYPERMETHRIN. Termites will readily detect it and stay away from where its been applied. Mix 1 gallon of concentrate with 50 gallons of water (2.5 oz per gallon of water) and apply this mixture to a small trench youll need to dig around the homes foundation.

The label allows for a variable rate of coverage but in general, 1 gallon of concentrate mixed at this rate can protect any home which has up to 250 linear feet of foundation to treat if you apply 2 gallons for every 10 feet of trench.

Treatments will last 5-10 years and can be renewed if termites are found active or if the soil is disrupted.

The newer products for termite treatments include actives which are very differently. Instead of having to apply 50+ gallons to get a good barrier in place, these newer compounds rely on a stealthy approach. This means you can achieve success with very little chemical because the treatment is essentially non-detectable by foraging termites.

These actives are the better choice to use if you have active termites because they will assuredly walk through it. This insures theyll be exposed and share the treatment with the rest of the colony. Conversely, the use of a repellent like Cypermethrin may only chase them elsewhere and get rid of them for good. So if you have an active infestation, use a non repellent to insure the problem is handled.

The original non repellent is DOMINION 2L and is still a great option for active termites. Mix 1 jug per 50 gallons of water (.5 oz per gallon of water) and apply 5 gallons to every 12.5 linear feet. At this rate 1 jug will make 50 gallons of finished product and will be able to treat 125 linear feet. Treatments will last 3-5 years making Dominion a cost effective option for any structure.

Another popular non repellent being used by many professionals is TERMIDOR. Its easy to mix and like the other options, treatments will last 3-5 years. Use 20 oz per 25 gallons of water (4 oz per 5 gallon pail of water) and apply 5 gallons to every 12.5 linear feet. That means 1 jug can cover up to 62.5 linear feet. The average home will require 2-3 jugs and treatments should last 3-5 years. Termidor is no doubt more costly to apply compared to Dominion so depending on how much you need to apply, this could be a factor.

Another option commonly used by many professionals today are TERMITE BAIT STATIONS. These offer a very different mode of control in that theyre not a spray but instead a feeding station where termites will go to eat. These stations can be placed anywhere in the yard around the home and can be used as a way to monitor termite activity on your property. Treating around the home with a repellent or non repellent is still suggested and should be done. But knowing there are termites in the yard is helpful and for this reason, using Termite Bait stations in some areas is a good tool for detecting early activity.

Once in place, youll want to inspect these stations every 2-3 months during the warm season to see if there is any activity. And once active termites are found, youll want to bait the station with an active BAIT CARTRIDGE. This cartridge contains a slow working active (another non repellent) that will then infiltrate the colony and eventually kill it.

For termites discovered in floor joists, sill plate, fences or some other area above ground, spray all galleries with PHANTOM AEROSOL. This low odor active in yet another non repellent so dont expect the termites to die immediately. They will take a few days to die but again, this is by design. Allowing them to forage back to their nest and share the chemical with other members of their colony helps insure the whole nest will die.

Termites are a major pest here in the United States and are important to the natural balance and recycling of cellulose products in our environment. But once in the home they will cause costly damage. Considered a latent pest, its important to treat around any structure suspected of termite activity to insure there isnt an ongoing problem or lingering infestation.

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Termite treatments for inside and around the home

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