Palace invasion: When the gods go on protest – Guardian

Posted: October 30, 2020 at 7:56 pm

The plundering of the Oba of Lagoss palace in last weeks statewide riots here gnaws the mind. The sacrilege, both to the stool and Lagos cultural heritage, is condemnable in its entirety. A thorough investigation by the police and a panel of inquiry can work out empirical details and bring the philistines to book. But in the interim, there are moral and socio-cultural issues that should not be glossed over. Let us ask: why was the palace invaded? Where were the gods and residents when the kingdoms heritage was being plundered and brought to ridicule? What is the affinity between the monarch and his subjects? Certainly, there are dimensions to these inquiries, but I find the theoretical explanation most convenient in this regard.Video footage of the invasion making rounds in social media is quite disturbing. Aggregate accounts suggested that the riot began as a street protest by residents, staging road-blocks in Lagos Island including Iga-Iduganran (the official residence of the Oba). Apparently displeased by the disturbance, the Oba allegedly called in the police to repel peaceful protesters. It became a faceoff, shots were fired and two of the protesters killed. With more rush of blood to the head, irate protesters went for the police station and subsequently for the palace. Eminence grise, a retired police chief, had to scale a fence to escape being lynched. Further angered by the flight, the mob in broad daylight descended on Iga, ransacked every valuables including artefacts and opa ase (staff of authority). They brought the palace down in mindless acts of desecration.

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Palace invasion: When the gods go on protest - Guardian

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