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Posted: May 4, 2019 at 9:50 am

I don't see a pic of the product (?)

Not a problem. The product name, manufacturer or pretty much anything else that differentiates DIY termiticide treatment products are irrelevant. The vast majority all rely on the same strategy: Deliver a termiticide bait that individual termites will be exposed to when foraging. The expose transport the poison to the colony. Over time, if everything goes right, the entire colony collapses due to the effects of long term exposure to the bait.

That's the idea anyway. The problem?

The category of products available OTC to the general public are generally ineffective. Contributing to this are a couple of issues: 1. Instructions that fail to adequately inform the typical homeowner on the many site-specific criteria that determine optimum treatment applications

2. Packaging that appeals to the shopper's affinity of a cheap and easy fix to a potentially bad problem. The graphics generally portray the use of the product so simple a child could do it and achieve desired results.

3. Most importantly, OTC products contain a tiny fraction of the active ingredient by volume as compared to the products available to a licensed pesticide applicator. Properly applied commercial termiticide and follow up are extremely effective in achieving long term remediation.

Simply put, save yourself some time in traffic and a trip to a big box.

If you have, or are likely to have a termite problem, drop the coin and call a vetted local pest control company.

Opinions On Termite Stakes For DIY Pest Control - Pest ...

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