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Hired Nix Termite to fumigate my home due to a bed bug infestation. Very professional outfit. Noticed the tent that went up even looked better than others I have seen from time to time around our neighborhood. Very reasonable pricing based on my research.This is actually the 2nd time I've been in contact with Nix Termite. I called them a couple years back to check my home for termites since it had been 7 years that we had been in the home (and last tenting done upon sale of the home). No evidence of termites back then so no work done.I also noticed that there was no strong smell upon return to my home. Was expecting to smell something from the warning chemicals that are added (I know the Vikane gas is oderless).Anyhow, highly recommended and would use them again.

We are very satisfied with Nix Termite. We needed a termite inspection for a refinance of our home. I had gone through a previous inspection with X Termite (the orange oil guys) and felt that they were trying to rip us off. They said they found active termite activity and wanted to treat the attic and a spot in the garage with the orange oil. They quoted us $1500! Eek! The house was tented just over two years ago (I find it hard to imagine that there are active termites already, plus we have been diligently watching for them and have not seen any new evidence). I am so grateful that I followed my gut instinct and decided to get a second opinion. Hector from Nix Termite came out yesterday and did a thorough inspection. He found no active termites and cleared our home for the refinance. They were quick and effective in providing the report for me in order to close escrow. Thank you! We will be using your services again!

Service by Ricardo was extremely helpful in explaining the details of the termite damage in my home. He showed up exactly on time of the appointment and was patient while I distracted one of our dogs who likes to bark at strangers. Ricardo offered several options for repairing the damage and recommendations on how to stay ahead of future mite damage. Excellent customer service! I look forward to the repairs being done by Nix Termite.

I'm satisfied with the service, good team and response on any questions quickly. Will recommend this company.

It has been a stressful adventure as is the case with all construction projects but overall, I am satisfied because of the way the owner manages issues and because the subcontractor assigned to our project did quality work. Unforeseen things happened on the bidding and the project execution which were anxiety provoking but ultimately, I am glad to have had open communication and negotiations to resolve concerns from both parties. The staff are all very efficient and friendly. I would recommend Nix for value and quality and decent customer service. I saw great reviews re: inspections but was wary due to my big project & bad experiences in the past but in the final analysis, it all came together.

I had the pressure of working with Veronica. I called about an inquiry and she helped me every step of the way. She was very professional (friendly, listened, attentive, followup) The same goes with the guys who tented the house. They were very helpful and friendly as well. I would recommend this company to anyone. Thank you Nix Termite!

Jeanette and the whole at Nix Termite team is just amazing! The office team are always nice and very helpful! Jeanette is just awesome when answering my questions through email and she provides excellent service. The guys that do the inspections are courteous, on-time and do a thorough job! The crew that came to replace the damaged wood were also very courteous, on-time, did a thorough job and they cleaned up after themselves.You will be very happy with the service you receive if you use Nix Termite!

VERY IMPRESSED with their customer service!!! Currently in the process of refinancing, we needed a termite report to complete the refinance. Due to my situation, they found an inspector the day i called and provided report the next day. At the completion of the assessment not only did Travis Stradley (Inspector) let me know what repairs were needed and provided a competitive quote, he informed me of a rodent he found on the side of the house. Chris(owner) provided options to assist me through the process of repairs to complete my refinance. Not many companies will do this for a customer. Thank you for excellent customer service, time and assistance. Highly recommend NIX Termite!!!

Needed a quick Termite inspection as a mis-communication with my refi lender had me at search for a company that can knock it out asap and with in a decent price range. I explained my situation to Nix Termite and had no issues. They sent out Ricardo the next day. Professional and thorough throughout his inspection, we noted my problem areas and allowed me to address them on the spot. Ricardo and Nix Termite provided their report quickly and hassle free so that I can close escrow just in time before the long holiday. Thanks to Ricardo and Nix Termite for running a great show and providing professional customer service. I'd have no problem contacting them in the future for any pest control issues I may have.

Great company and service!!Tenting went as expected, on time, and on price.

Wow! We had another company come out and give us a quote after watching their TV commercials over and over again. They said they found some termites up in the attic. Gave us a pretty hefty quote. So we decided to shop around and get some more quotes and Hector from Nix Termite came out. VERY professional and stayed in contact as to when he would arrive at the house. Provided a full house inspection and inspected thoroughly were that other company marked that there was termites. Hector found nothing. Something that might be confused as termite remains but it was not. Hector gives you that old time feeling of when people were honest and would only try to take care of a problem (if there was one) as opposed to those that just try to sell you stuff you really don't need. Needless to say I highly recommend you use Nix Termite for your insect/termite needs and I would recommend asking for Hector by name!!! So glad we found him!!!

Well, I call Nix for a termite inspection and they scheduled someone to come out between 10am- 11:30 the next day. So the next day at 10 O'clock Ricardo showed up. Unknown to him this is a second opinion inspection. After doing his thang, he tells me he found cricket poop & some termite wings. Well the first inspector found this , that & everything else but no cricket poop nor termite wings. I believe Ricardo is truthful and honest because for the last two years we have had problems with crickets! The other inspector exaggerated the problem! Trust Nix Termite, and their expert inspector Ricardo Rodriguez!!

We were in a time crunch during our refinance process due to some miscommunication with our finance team. Nix Termite stepped up and made sure we got an appointment right away for our termite inspection and then also rushed the repairs to assure we could keep our closing date and were not charged any additional fees. Thank you so much for working with our time deadline.

I am doing a VA Refinance and I needed a termite inspection. Time is of the essence to keep my locked in interest rate, so I needed to get someone out ASAP! I had called one place that was located nearby and had actually scheduled with them; however, I called and cancelled when I looked through Yelp reviews and came across NIX Termite, ) of Bonita who quoted 1/3 of the price I was quoted by the first pest control I had called. I was able to get someone out immediately. Ricardo Rodriguez was the Field Rep who came out and he promptly arrived at the time I was given. He was extremely professional and very friendly. He immediately handed me his card and introduced himself when I answered the door. He did a time efficient but thorough inspection on my condo. He explained everything to me as he was inspecting, as I initially thought a termite inspection was just for termites. He educated me on the other things VA requires and what he inspects. He informed me the report will be sent to me first thing tomorrow so I will be able to get it to my loan processor in a timely manner.I was overall extremely impressed with Ricardo Rodriguez, Field Rep. If you are in need of an extremely timely, thorough, professional, courteous and competively priced Pest Control and/or Termite Inspection, I highly recommend you call Ricardo at NIX Termite of Bonita.EXTREMELY SATISFIED CUSTOMER who will be calling Nix for future needs and will recommend to my friends, family and co-workers! Thank you, Ricardo!!

I never thought I would be recommending a termite removal company; however, here I am. We are in the process of selling our home and this is the absolute best business that I have worked during that process. They are quick, reliable, affable, and supportive. They know that tenting is a pain but they make it painless. Their inspector, Hector (he rocks!), walked our property and was thorough. He explained in every detail where we had accrued termite damage and the repairs needed. We were up against a hard deadline, so Hector arranged for the tenting to take place two days later! TWO. DAYS. LATER! Other companies told us it would be up to three weeks. TWO. DAYS. The workers who tented the house were wonderful; the costumer service representatives were always congenial (shout out to you, Jennifer!); everyone associated with Nix is great. Nix Termite gets my absolute wholehearted endorsement. We are believers. Please support this local business. If you are a real estate agent, put them in your regular list of recommendations. They are the real deal and the absolute best in San Diego County.

Needed a termite inspection for a condo we're selling. Called on a Friday afternoon and got an appointment for Monday scheduled.Ricardo was exactly on time and very professional. He did the full inspection in ~15 minutes.We've used other companies for termite treatment. I wish I had called Nix the first time based on their timeliness and pricing. Highly recommended

Great service, Veronica is on it. Always calls to remind me of my scheduled appointments. Affordable and great service. Love the yelp coupon!

Just had a termite inspection for our Condo we are sell. Ricardo came in and did an amazing job really nice and very professional. If we were staying in California I would of had him come out to our new house and work on that one. I would recommend him any day.

Ricardo did a termite inspection at our home today. He was on time, polite, and professional. Luckily we did not need to get any treatments, but if we did, we would feel 100% confident going with this company. We will also be using Nix Termite in the future for any needs. Thank you Ricardo. I highly recommend Nix Termite.

Thank you Ricardo for being so forthcoming with your inspection and the diligence and honesty of your service. Ricardo showed up right on time and was very professional. There were no termites but he took the time to explain to us the tell tale signs of termites and told us what to look for in the future. We are purchasing a home and now we can rest easy that we are pest free! We will use NIX termite for any future termite concerns. We really appreciated Ricardo's honesty and integrity it was a welcome change when so many business out there today are just about the bottom line. If you are purchasing a home and are curious about termites, Nix Termite is the way to go!

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Nix Termite - 63 Photos & 214 Reviews - Pest Control ...

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