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Posted: October 7, 2019 at 2:41 am

sraymond writes...

No. Pesties are trying to convey the message that doing a termite treatment without sufficient knowledge, experience and the correct equipment can leave your property at risk. But other posters choose to label this as scaremongering blah blah. It's just advise from people who know. Others can choose to listen to people who reckon they know better and can save them money. We all know that sometimes cheap doesn't end up cheap.


I service around 250 customers per week, we encounter people with maverick-type attitudes all the time.

We try to inform and educate them but at the end of the day these types just hear what they want to hear, and we have to shrug our shoulders and leave them to it. But they and the DIY-ers always end up calling us back after a few years.

You see examples of this in other industries such as Mechanics, Roof-tilers, plumbers, and ESPECIALLY Lawn-mowing services. They are not threatened by DIY-ers .(My $800,000pa income is in no danger incase you were worried)

The OP percieves the information provided has been an attack when it is nothing more than advice.

OP, I'll say it again this time a little simpler:

You have done it wrong. Do it again and do it properly as described.

As you can see, I have not tried to give you my phone number or told you to get a professional in, I'm simply saying; if you are going to do it DIY , you must do it properly, which you haven't.( I know you won't as you've already wasted $250 on the 5lt Termidor)

Op's quick dismissal of the advice given is a standard example of why there is fine print in Termite Reports.I'm guessing OP and Maverick would ignore Mechanics advice too?

Always gives us a bit of a chuckle:-He takes the car in for oil change, spark plugs etc- Mechanic tells him his oil pump is leaking and will fail, he should replace it along with the bald tyres.- He ignores the Mechanic and declare him a scammer trying to fleece more money out of them.- 3 months later the crankshaft seizes due to no oil and is tyre shreds itself.- He rings the mechanic and accuses him of deliberately causing the failure.

Am I right?I know I am.

Give a little thought to the Mav, indictive of the customer who reads the first part about no termites on-site then throws the report in the drawer without reading the rest of it until 6months later when he finds Termites.

The most likely scenario and cause of Mavericks disdain towards pesties probably went like this:

- Mav calls a pestie for a termite inspect because he is concerned- Mav books a VISUAL termite inspection -Pestie does the inspection and hands him the report- pestie says no termites however there are conducive conditions on the property and he needs to read the report.- Maverick tunes out at this point as he heard No Termites and is no longer interested.- Maverick throws the report in the drawer as he incorrectly assumes it's all cut and paste.- 3months later Maverick finds termites, and rings to abuse the pestie- Pestie tells him to read the report again , because it's obvious he didnt- Maverick skips over the part in the report again which lists things like removing the wood pile from the side of the house, draining the overflow of the hot water system away from the house, removing the tree stump - Tells the pestie that stuff is just cut and paste'; it doesn't apply to him even though that's whats brought the termites in.- Skips the part in the report where an invasive inspection is recommended, because "it's cut and paste, designed to cover the pestie" - ignores the recommendation to have a chemical barrier installed because "just like the Mechanic who said the oil pump would fail, the pestie is just trying to fleece more money"

Clearly the pestie is at fault

if there were emoticons here I would add facepalm and eyerolls.

Thanks for the giggle.

Perhaps we should start writing the "fine Print" in crayon. Maybe then you won't ignore it.

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