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Posted: December 16, 2019 at 11:43 pm

Just about the only thing good you can say about the Deep Staters who have come out of the shadows to wage war on Donald Trump is that far more Americans are suddenly aware of the power that federal bureaucrats wield sitting in their cubicles far from the prying eyes of we who delude ourselves thinking that when we vote for presidents and senators were electing our actual leaders.

At best, were electing figureheads who will be allowed to make certain decisions for a few years. But whether the most powerful leader of the free world is Barack Obama or Donald Trump, he will have to deal with a House, a Senate and a Supreme Court, that may very likely be out of sync with his agenda. But the bureaucrats are forever. The Civil Service laws guarantee it.

Those laws were intended to protect the bureaucrats from being fired just because a different group of political partisans were taking over the reins of government. Now, with the unveiling of the Deep State, weve discovered that its the rest of us who need to be protected from their partisan machinations.

It can best be compared to a house. The house can be sold, but the new owners will be plagued with the same termite and rodent problem. And even if the new mortgage holder moves in with every intention of fumigating the place or draining the swamp, as some would call it its a plan doomed to failure.

As the pests see it, theyre the only thing holding up the structure. The machinery of government would grind to a standstill without all those egotistical bean counters and know-it-all paper pushers counting and pushing.

There is a way to eliminate them, but at this late date it would call for burning down the house.

As bad an idea as the Federal Reserve was, it has only gotten worse over the century it has existed. As pointed out by C. Mitchell Shaw in a New American essay, former New York Federal Reserve President Bill Dudley called for the Fed to tailor its policies to hurt President Trumps re-election bid.

In the piece printed by Bloomberg News (no surprise there), Dudley insisted that President Trumps trade war with China keeps undermining the confidence of businesses and consumers, worsening the economic outlook and the Fed should refuse to play along.

He went on: Refuse to adjust interest rates and set an economic policy trap that will spring on Trump, to make it abundantly clear that Trump will own the consequences of his actions, including the risk of losing the next election.

Talk about burning down the house. This schmuck wants to see the U.S. economy destroyed just so the blame can be laid at the Presidents feet.

I dont see how people like Mr. Dudley can look at themselves in the mirror. Or, for that matter, having seen Mr. Dudley, why theyd care to. But how does a person urge the Fed to destroy the economy and then claim that Trump will own the consequences of his actions?

On top of all that, everyone but money expert Dudley seems to be unaware of the fact that in spite of a trade war with China, along with sanctions on Turkey and Russia, the Stock Market has set all-time records.

Can you even imagine what his enemies would be saying about the President if the Stock Market, unemployment and wages, were still at the level they were when Obama turned off the lights and left the key under the mat?

By now, I would think that any Democrat who doesnt have a rock for a heart would have begun feeling sorry for Trump. No matter what he says, no matter what he does, he knows that 99% of newspapers and TV networks are going to devote their undivided attention to libeling and slandering him.

When hes abrasive towards the media, Joe Biden, Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi even though they started it hes called undignified, unpresidential and a boorish oaf. But then, when he goes into his diplomatic mode by saying nice things about his geo-political foes Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un and Xi Jinping they accuse him of cozying up to dictators, even if a few insincere compliments just might help keep us out of war for a change.

So, no matter if he speaks softly or loudly, whether he carries a large stick or a bunch of carrots, the man just cant win.

Except, thank God, when it comes to elections.

Being such a fan of President Trump, I was hoping that his rally in Kentucky would be enough to put Matt Bevin over the top. But in an election in which 1.4 million votes were cast, Andy Beshear won by 5,136. I then hoped Trumps rally would carry Eddie Rispone over John Bel Edwards in Louisiana, but again the Republican came up slightly short.

It had me thinking that perhaps Trumps coattails were as short as Batmans nemesis the Penguin or even Barack Obamas.

But it occurred to me that these were local elections. Its just possible that Beshear and Bel Edwards ran stronger races or had more attractive personalities. I still would have preferred to see the Republicans win in states where they certainly had a shot. But 2019 isnt 2020, when Trump himself will be on the ballot.

In 2020, the people will not only have the chance to send a message by re-electing Trump, but senators and House candidates who are either with him or against him. Thats when well be able to see what sort of coattails he has. Lets hope for the best.

The real misfortune is that when we re-elect Donald Trump, we wont be able to un-elect the bureaucrats who will continue gnawing away at the foundation of this Republic.

Im wondering if the NFL has a death wish. It doesnt really matter to me, one way or the other, as the idea of spending over three hours watching a game with a 60-minute clock strikes me as an absurd waste of time.

So, my interest is merely sociological. I mean, how is it that a sports league that so recently spit in the eye of its fans by kowtowing to a schmuck like Colin Kaepernick, and see its revenue drop precipitously as a result, have a similar brain fart this soon?

In case you hadnt heard, the NFL has decided to add Michael Vick to its list of four honorary captains for the 2020 Pro Bowl. The other three are Terrell Davis, Darrell Green and Bruce Smith.

Unlike the other three, the former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback isnt best known for his heroics on the football field, but for having gone to prison for killing a dog and promoting dog fights.

Furthermore, I know that if the four co-captains had all been white, there would have been an outcry. But the fact that the League couldnt even come up with a single white ex-player to add to the mix strikes me as odd. It does look like they really werent trying too hard.

When you add this to the capitulation to Kaepernick, it makes me wonder if the N in NFL now stands for Negro.

I came across a few words written by Louisa May Alcott 150 years ago that might well be assigned to the President: If I can do no more, let my name stand among those who are willing to bear ridicule and reproach for the truths sake, and so earn some right to rejoice when the victory is won.

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