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Posted: September 27, 2018 at 12:42 am

I bought the Spectracide Termite Detection stakes like this at local store, 15 stakes first, then the 5 stakes for follow-up. With the first 15 stakes, I placed around the perimeter of the house. The first 5 stakes placed in my flower bed attached to house, and they all popped up within 3 weeks. The rest of 10 stakes were placed in the planters surrounding the fencing perimeters (5 to 20 feet away from the house). About 5 of the 10 popped within 4 months, and the ones popped have at least one other stakes nearby. The area worried me the most was the flower bed attached to side of the house, as the moisture in the dirt next to the house can nurture termites. I bought set of 5 stakes and replaced all the ones in the flower bed.

Then 1 month after the replacement stakes the first of the 5 replacements popped (with this follow-up pack), and the rest popped within 1 week after (total 5 weeks). I first was suspicious since it does get wet of the sprinklers, and some reviewers here claim it's the moisture that cause the stakes to pop. However, the rest of 10 that didn't pop were all in planters with flowers, fruit trees, and cypress trees that got watered on daily basis. So if didn't quite fit the explanation of popping while getting wet constantly...

Anyhow, I decided to get another 5 replacement sticks as third replacement batch, but this time no flower and no watering in the attached flower bed. Just dry dirt. Within 2 weeks all popped. Looking inside the sticks I see some empty parts. No termites found while I pulled these sticks (perhaps I reacted too late and they moved on!)

While it takes simple intuition to guess where the termites might live, it's nice to have confirmation. I'm not taking any chances on termite in the flower bed attached to the house! So I have removed all dirt from the flower bed. Luckily no cracks in the stucco.

In the meantime, I recommend these as a mean to detect on your own. (No idea how many bugs they really can kill) Probably works best during dry season or stop any sprinkler/flower planting. But again the 2/3 majority of areas with non-popping sticks and sprinklers seem to suggest the poppers can withstand wet dirt.

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