Preparing for Tent Fumigation of Your Home

Posted: September 28, 2019 at 5:43 am

Every year, thousands of homes, schools and commercial structures are tent-fumigated to control dry wood termite infestations. Although such fumigations must be conducted by pest control professionals, there are a number of preparation steps that need to be taken by thehomeowner, or thelandlord and tenants, before the fumigation can be done.

Thispreparation is necessary toprotect your personal property, foods, pets, and landscaping; it is also critical for to ensuring the effectiveness of what is an expensive periodic treatment.

Your fumigation service provider will give you specific instructions on preparing for the fumigation. Some of these require moving food and items off-site and finding a place for you, your family, and pets to stay for a few days. So all residents will need to begin to prepare for the fumigation service well in advance of the day.

Following are some of the general recommendations and instructions you should be prepared to undertake:

You will need to make plans to stay out of and away from the home during the fumigation and during the aeration period that follows.Although your preparation will likely require two to three hours, the fumigation and aeration periods will mean two to three days and nights away from your home.

Your pest control professional will advise you of the amount of time needed for your particular fumigation and any other precautions and actions you will need to take.

In order to complete the 13 steps listed above, there are some items you will need. These should be gathered well in advance of the fumigation day so that you are not held up in the middle of your preparations because you are unable to complete a step.

Preparing for a tent fumigation is not easy, but the method can be the best way to ensure the termites are eradicated. Always do your homework before selecting a pest control service.

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Preparing for Tent Fumigation of Your Home

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