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Posted: May 9, 2016 at 6:18 pm

Pay full-price, get half-service! These guys are total con artists. They might stop by three or four times per year (though you pay for seven treatments), and you have to call and request service to even get that much (and you're not supposed to have to call, so they say...)

According to the customer service girls, they've had to fire a few employees for lying to them about actually performing lawn treatments, when in fact they were just filing the service ticket for it. As far as this customer can tell, the problem has yet to be resolved...

My lawn is full of weeds (roughly 75% of total surface area), and the "lawn tech" was a no show AGAIN last week. When I called customer service to inform her, she said that they'll "get someone out that way by next week." Unbelieveable.

If we weren't under contract, we'd go with someone else immediately. As it stands, we have to put up with a lawn full of clover, wild onions, and other weeds for the next few months. Totally unacceptable.

I would recommend using ANY other lawn service in town, rather than TurfCo.

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Turfco Termite & Pest Control in Cordova, TN | Citysearch

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