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Posted: May 9, 2017 at 6:45 pm

Good afternoon. And welcome to ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim mosque. Tim's here for the next hour to answer your questions about remodeling projects renovation you're working on. Ask questions some problems need some advice Tim has decades of experience and is here to help you. To submit those questions I needed was sent an email to him mosques and sons at Yahoo.com. The phone numbers 877499436. Want to make sure to visit him Mossad suns dot com. That's the website to find out all you need in all but Jimenez company all the different types of work they do. Photos of past projects a lot more again that is Tim mosque suns dot com. Tim let's get right incidents. Week's questions our first question asks. My I've been having a problem with certain people in my house taking too long of showers and depleting my hot water tank. Is there anything I can do to the plumbing to cut off the hot water after a certain amount of time. Certain people wanted to that they can do longer showers you lawyers about teenagers. Yeah parents in my teenagers take too long shower should pick up on to show him right. Or was around there was some sport emotional. And I don't know about just cut up hot water off. At a certain point. Enough maneuver that but I pay what we have done. To help people on the situation. Is put another hot water tank and in and so. You have one for the kids' bathroom and you have one for the parents spent the eyes of the kids. Use up all their hot water. It's not effective parent. So that's one way to deal with another way would be hot water on the main. And you never run Ottawa like thankless yet the tank that you put in a tank with system never run hot water which demy and ambiguity at the and here you might never get the most out. These guys but you know that's little opulent with the go to either a thankless. Or the almost all of her time in NC it was time for the kids. He uses up all his hot water in his tank that Digisette belief or your warm again and it doesn't affect the parents at all. I've never done anything out of that might be summed up there about Ronald anything worry you just. Regulate that this spat from under the same tank is gonna get so much how Waterman is that from some more. Pricey wayward. Really expensive and complicated even attempted something like that. Yeah so you know so sometimes you're better off instead of you know trying to restrict your kids water. Widget a prescription your own two is is going what do a tank system where you have as much hot water. Both you as much hours you want and those are more expensive initially at least they are us yet you know you can spend you know it's not accomplishment 2000 dollars and up a thankless or system. Were you know if you divide on just electric water heater with tank you know you're you're probably didn't stole four. Well depends where it is you know recently I saw a quote from blows to put him. Just a switch out when it was already there and it was over 2000 dollars. On and they were put one up in an addict. You know so they and their figuring they had to remove that expires tunnel stuff and we ended up doing considerably cheaper because we've we just carry out. Haven't removed their stuff. So it's but usually a minute those like extreme instances you know it cost a lot usually it's it's accessible place. You're switch and now you know electric a water heater between 500. But you know you go from. One what do tank to a tank with unity be spent 2000 dollars doing that as a difference in price between electric and answers estimate that the sorry Tom but tank cliffs or you're not yeah like if you replace him is like replacing gas. You know one more expensive and electric Watters pretty much pretty simple usually gases more expensive but it Lester a lot longer I don't know why Hulk. Looks up when there's not element senator burnout rate you know but even the tanks last. Longer. You ought to be able electric power water heater every about every seven years you complain on replacement. They don't remember long lifespan. Words you have a gas hot water heater with you know with tank. Have seen those things list thirty years are they just list a whole lot longer would of course is the elements aren't in there it. So. You know I see that element score but I sees tanks you know we'll just. Rupturing your water or XOR and with mine and I didn't do to change ran out of him because about every seven years to tank rupturing and a driver corpus and all kind of stuff because it'll. It's in a closet. Hi it's better to do for Europe yes it's better to do before it. Exactly you're listening to ask the expert. Remodeling and renovation just a mosque the other question you like to ask Tim I need to do is send an email to Tim mosques and science at Yahoo.com. Tim I have a leaky faucet that needs replacing is that something easy to do or should I call someone who knows what they are doing. Let the parents you know if you have water shuttle bells. You should be able to cut off your water shuttle off of the working bells' usually go to cut him off and get some tools replace your faucet parties. Now view of old pipes if cast aren't quiet she don't have shuttle Phelps the work properly. Then you calling a warning you know a plumber command tanker for. You know you're exposed to. You know. Have a plumber do that kind of work or the homework and do what you wanna call home handyman. And then they get into some. Areas that the rule and I spoke to get involved in. Licensed funeral I sit here and show you know any man can replace your faucet up to the water cut off self. If there's water cut off algae to get any mean to do it you know fairly inexpensively. Or you can do yourself. You could still do yourself do it if it goes beyond you know like water cut off fails. Any men are supposed to do with that point of the for the average home Oregon and to a lot more work. And you would really know how to do yet and then you would probably need some specialized tools not everybody has the kind of tools that takes the dual list. So what Tonya miles tools you Rivera in the former command. But a lot of us just commit and the woken up by Julia in a few of the new pacts and you have water cut offs. It's gonna go wrote quickie to switch so. All right now makes sense this is ask the expert remodeling and renovations with Tomas of this up and he liked asked him it's easy to do. Send your emails to Tomas and sons at Yahoo.com. Our next question Tim I have an unfortunate mama poison ivy around my house I've tried spraying it with weed killer but it doesn't seem to be working you know and effective. Wait Trimble's plays a night like he was one note was an idiot stuff. You've seen jaws before right yes quit the together Kennedy sharks more because of it I'm like that would who was just hate that stuff. I caught it's only times. I finally went and got shots for you because you get to work around the house and you and you really don't know what to walk and for true. I mean if you were paying attention all the time we went walking through would you care in the latter your scaffolding and where he reached down and them and pick up and now a film also you can be in it. I used to catch and so they had a falling followup with doctor gunshots and hardly catch it at all people out. But I still hate that stuff. So I even if I'm at a customer's house target permission for from them to kill the poison ivy. For that yet because I I just hate that stuff I mean it's it's it's bad kid you know some people can pull up with opinions. And don't get it other people. Like me I am I used to do or the week. I still spent about two days a year Killian among property. And what I use is a view ground up and all kinds of stuff before. And also seems to do is currently earn the plant and then it comes back with a vengeance. What I use now was is or fellow orphans got to concentrate. And if you follow I can't remember exactly what what concentrate formulas. Widgets which so many gallons of water for so many kinds of records of ortho. I doubled mixture. So is it used to work real well with a far follow the instructions. And then I got to be really weaken a formula so much. If I follow instructions in action flick around it just burns a little bit. So what I double. Or have the amount of water right double the amount of concentrate put into it yet and it works really well so just. I think about two weeks ago when all around my property. And a I have a sprayer on the hook up. To the tractor okay to a power take off and nozzles so I could sit on the on the seat and just put around. The property and bind nozzles sprayed that stuff up 2530 feet if I needed to race or get up the trees and through the fence everywhere. I usually spend two days a year Memorial Day I usually go out and spray them do one more time and that are clean up all the poison. So I was just checked him out yesterday the poisonous sprayed. It doesn't even exist the army you've been not a Trace the plant has long seen an ethical Bakken like. Pull out there you yet they're just I mean that they dry up and there are going to take a couple weeks yet you know as soon as you sprayed it starts to get droopy. Next day it looks even drew clear. And then we'll start after about a week stars turned brown and then it just disintegrates and it is it is great stuff if you have always and I'm it was a vote or was instrument or it's or thought usually get Home Depot some years lows will carry it my own people don't know leader's home people carries emotional. It's not cheap you know things like sixteen dollars twenty dollars for a little canyon. And I think that Kim makes about a gale. But I usually make about four in the what I make it I'll make about fifty gallons at a time. But in the big tank and that'll last me for. Now what you know when I first got my house and you know kind of for eleven years now. The place was overall what was the first first year sprayed a 150 gallons of missed only count. Yeah now why you you know I'm down to 2030 gallons off mix up for the Gallup national asthma for two years. You make good progress made good progress all right well we are making progress still on answering your questions here and ask the expert remodeling and renovation of Tim mosque a lot more questions to come. For something you like to ask him on any did you send us questions to. Tim mosques and sons at Yahoo.com the phone numbers 8774994361. Find their website it's a mosque and songs.com. Summit wants to know Abbas. 254 framing. Tim Lance of that coming up after the break. Here and ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim Moss Sunday's talk 1110 WBZ. Welcome back to ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim mosque. It seriously your questions about those projects around the house from the roof down the foundation anywhere in between. There's something to like to ask Tim I need to do is send your questions via email to Tim mosques and sons at Yahoo.com. Their phone numbers 8774994361. Thing we can find the website it hit moss and suns dot com. Hates him let's get back to more questions I have an older home with truth to buy for framing. And I need to replace several of the two by fours is that worthwhile to try finding true decides lumber to replace it or should I just use modern science lumber. Do you want to refer to now I figured to buy forest or worse yeah. We'll to a force used to actually be two inches by four inches. And now a two by four is one and a half inches by three and a half inches. Policy it's smaller and smaller so if you poll and old tuba for route and put a new winning and it's not the same side. So what I usually do was that a trying to have stuff made me older and Velika. I'll just if if if I want to this you know a true forage wide to a four. You know they should have really doesn't matter but the thickness of the wall would matter. What all those luggage to by six and repent now. You know so you can get two by six road performances. What's even easier dues irregular tuba for which is three and a half inches. In and you could buy some half inch plywood and rip little strips pension and half white strips. And then attack them and for the good news tuba for show than your walls the same fitness as an old ball. If you're replacing the entire wall you can do issues only two to force a dynamic difference. But if you're replacing a section of the wall that you know he'd be off I have finch. So you just for a that's the way that I do it and I. Also gonna work you know homeowners didn't want any plywood in the wall which you know it's their house will be would have liked. We just take it to question to repeat them forms. But you don't you don't need to go do it all bill Matt amid some people would do that and it cost a whole lot of money. Procedures just to use. Regular tuba for or to us it's written now. Can that's easy enough. You're listening to ask the expert remodeling and renovation of Tim mosque. Questions for Tim is more than happy to answer it here on the show all you need to do send it via email to Tim mosques and sons at Yahoo.com. Are examined just bought a house and in the process of doing some repairs before moving and the water to the house had been turned off for several months now and I'm worried about blowing the water line when I turned the water on. Is there anything pre vents if I can do before returning on about water. Not that I'm aware. You know might sound odd why why in the world water lines slow news when you cut the water off the end what happens is and I that water lines blow when when internal water off just like replace it or odors phantom and and I turned it back on if you have old. Plumbing pipes for water pipes by cast you know the old iron pipes yet the old old iron pipes or some really old copper pipes. Win. They get like little holes little pin holes the minerals in the water will feel these well these holes. And the pressure over the water will keep the holes filled with a mineral so you cut the water off now waters and entering now. Then the minerals follow the little holes missiles there again yet the whole event that we eternal water on. You know those holes got their overtime they slow whistle that would minerals. But now you have a hole and no minerals in the hole it doesn't Philip quick enough and and and that water. Pressure goes through dispersed work and sometimes it'll actually break apart so that's what happens. If you have Newmark pipes it's not gonna happen just from water off the term back on. But you know whatever work and an older house and were turned off older parts outlook on don't know you know we might have a problem turning this off. We were gonna house prize fraud when some years ago now in it was a family friend. And may we talk we turn to water often we turn it on it was it would departure just weaken a little house. And armored that the won't choose friends and my wife and out from. She was so angry what did you do to break her pipes and a I don't know this is problems especially since it's different in there well win when the husband would ban came down. He explains it what you are so heavy metal pipes that didn't do anything wrong. And it's you know if you want mom when she got to brigade straight through the urge him so he was pretty cool about it that's but that was a good experience from mile an eye opener so whenever. I go in were were cut off water to hold her house. I was explained before cut their water off what might happen. That way if if if the pipes do burst. They'll know that we did do you're crazy you can give an affront warning. But that's always a possibility if you got old pipes in your house. If you cut the water off and and turn it back on you could end up with some weeks and I don't know of any preventative thing that you can do. Other than if you know that there's a section applies to sped. When you cut the water up Gordon replaced before it turned back on yet I think I told you in my house was built 187 forced upon in the seventies. They put plumbing. You know modern plumbing. So that's kitten won forty some years old now yet. So whenever we we cut the water off for anything and at last Oz to repair a week as we get these little pinhole leaks all over what we're slowly. Replacing all of our pipes sections at a time we're going from old copper. That's almost paper thin the pecs is over we're change now seem to simply your house. You know if you if certain sections enough you look at the big short mr. Warner replace all the pipes again. You know who wants to take a vacation time replaced all the pipes ruptured so whenever we able a section that goes out. Will just replace that section. And slowly over time we're replacing all the pipes that way and that would be a good way to do it if you know you have a problem area if you seen weeks or any kind of moisture. When you cut the water off to plan a replacement section which returning war record. Good good idea there this is. Ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim Moss there's a question you have to TM. Just send it via email to Tim Moss and sons at Yahoo.com. A squeeze one more question in here before the break Tim. Is attic or crawl space insulation more important for heating and cooling. Well that they're both good to have but if you were doing could only do one or UN a budget we're doing one at a time. The attic the biggest bang for the buck. You know and a lot of people Bjork or how do you figure all one way we know this is true because in in the crawl space in the floor you'll need or nineteen in the attic you need or 38. But I know from firsthand experience in order told them criminal files. I didn't I didn't insulate the crawl space but I pulled the installation of a crawl space. Because we're in the country and we get a lot of critters coming out. Space and they were making that insulation near their home you know so we got rid of all that we didn't put it back as we didn't want to come back him it was kind of them as divisive. The idea. Oracle looks career coming yet. But the attic we went in insulated attic and we really. Drop or her heating and cooling bill. By insulating you know we're brought up or 38 and I CNET time and again yeah you see a lot of older houses. And will blow insulation in the attic. And their bills really drop and we've had in the same houses we've gone in and replace the insulation to crawl space. And they really don't see a difference what you really see a big difference if you slip. You lose most of it heat after roof now up for. So. That would be the way to go to sleep at the dorm both if you can but if you only do you wanna do the attic are for Arlington you can get into an all over. Do the other first RX savings. Rate back if you cut you off balance or. I know you're terrified. OK well let's not go to a break now and will be back with a lot more of your questions at the south and you like to ask him. I need to do is send your questions is Tim Moss and sons at Yahoo.com. Their phone number 877499436. Month. And on the way it's a mosque and songs.com. Our next question asked is somebody that had eight termite outbreak at a crawl space in the lancet that coming up. Right after the break. It's ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim mosque and then stopped eleven sand WBZ. Welcome back to ask the expert remodeling and renovations with Tim mosque. Tennessee you're answering your questions if you're working on projects around the house have been a problem. Needs of a phys. Tim is here and happy to help deal on you need to do is send those questions via email to sue Maas and sons at Yahoo.com. Their phone number is 8774994361. That you could find their website at Tim mosque and sons not count. Right so let's get back to more of today's questions. I had a termite outbreak in my crawl space and at pest control guys come out. They showed me where termites had eaten on my floor joists and caught some wood to fall. Does that need to be checked out by a contractor the pest control guys want to fix it but I'm reluctant to let them do all the repairs. Well. I think you're good to be cautious on this you know you wouldn't call of homer Kerr got acute your term electric. I don't love you want termite killers who replaces grunt would read it and it has a I've actually I see this'll how to be more than a lot of the pest control places. Are trying to expand what they do yes so they're telling people that the put it vapor barriers are column that would drain systems are one replace rod would. And I'm sure some of them do a good job. But I know a lot of them down as we've we've been in in and work behind him. You know whether the homeowner paid a good amount of money mean paid a lot of money to have the at the pest control companies come in and do things in a crawl space besides kill bugs. And then they still have problems and then they would call. A contractor company out. And then they and a painting him for for what that he should be done pain for. So. You know I with a with thank the guys for alerting you to the problem. But then give contractor come out and and actually fix that problem. We were Eddie House not too long ago. That it was almost identical to the situation. You know that the term my guys came out and it was a company debt we've used a lot. Now is real surprised that the homework called and said you know this company wants to do all this would repair my crawl space and you come check out. So I came out looked edit. And they were correct about it needed repairs. But they just caught a fraction of what they should cost him you know there was there was a lot more expensive damage that they didn't even see. And they didn't realize the significance of the games it was on girder. You know so they they wanted to put some shams in under a girder where they actually should have been replacement. So you know. You know keep a freer pest control guys. And you might wanna give a little bonus for fine in the term advantage yet but I would make sure that a contractor did the work. The contractor that you're comfortable with. And not the termite. You know maybe. It'd deter my guys got a contractor's license. But no I've never met one had a contract there's questions. You know you really want someone that's confident in their field to do the work absolutely you know folk like I tell homeowners you know I can't kill your vote Republican fixed it would. And I wouldn't count on the guys peculiar folks the picture would. Yeah that makes cents. You're listening to ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim Moss. Got a question for Tim just put it in an email and send it to this address Tim Mossad sunset Yahoo! dot count. Move it along to the next question sit I have several leaking faucets in my house. They're all about fifteen years old and I don't know would be better to replace them or try repairing them. West morals depends questions. You know is it actually vote accessible. To get to you know at the water coral channels confidence. Everywhere also while policy like shower faucets. And you can't get to the shower faucets you have to cut a hole in the wall to get to the Fossett's past we have is that what you yes so. You know usually in that case is better to try to repair the real Fossett but now it depends on the faucet. If you have like a delta faucet. Usually can go around your plumber shot get all the pieces that you need to replace. You get other faucets. And I think it was in my own Fossett we bu we got what am I wanna put a bathroom. And and the things you know world it was weakened after about a year are confined replacement works. Saddam and replaced it with open. I know all of our performers that we use always wanna get delta faucets and whoever else communal why wouldn't when you have these other faucets that. You know that they have more features or visually nicer. Better price whatever it is for a reason when you do to Foster. And they always Tommy why can't always get replacement part for these built you know when you get this far traditionalist when she just replace the insides. And so for talk about foster's what a lot of people don't know is to Foster is that you get at home people on those the big box stores. They're not equivalent to the faucets that she would give like if for some supply. The outside looks same but the insides the guts of them they're cheaper and that's how Lowe's and Home Depot sells cheaper. And there's a lot of products like that you know if you go to new era. They Dick's sporting news or. I'm trying to think yours. There's a big coached order sure government and the name escapes me. But like if Winchester sells them are gone they're gonna Salomon it's gonna heaven my stock it's real much better grade. It might be the same model but then you go find it at Wal-Mart and there he is like birch American used a good would. So that's not apples to apples even though was called the same model. So it's the same way and it's the same with some bikes you know when they sell bikes at a standalone shop as as opposed us on Wal-Mart. It's like a cheaper version. Or John Deere tractor to a lot of people don't know if you get it John Deere tractor at Lowe's or Home Depot. It is not a tragedy negated if you go to a standalone John Deere please you know they're they're pretty much disposable tractors what for selling. Where you go to a standalone place you replaced parts in and fix it up mentally contractor yet it's the same way with these losses you get but. A faucet from lows around the Pope is not nearly equality even though looks the same as what you gonna get elect for some supply its it's a matter of the insights. So if you give as good a good faucet you should be able to change at the insides. So you know for this person won a notion the replace these lawsuits or. You keep from just rework them. I would have and be worth the money to have a plumber command to tell you. Should you replace the insides and it will know what what replaced with or should you switch from now because if if if it's not say it's like glacier buyers at least 1415 dollar Foster to be of these she Fossett's. And in the if you're gonna keep your house for a while in the long rest reaching for just that change out your faucets and have a faucet that lasts a long time if a cartridge goes out you replace. It. This is ask the expert remodeling and renovation of two months let's look at you like to ask him. Sent an email to Tim mosques and sons at Yahoo.com. It's on its short and sweet tip of what is stamped concrete. Have you ever seen at a driveway and it looks like it's made of stone yes. That's usually stand concrete. OK so Los that I haven't you know bring general stone it it'll end up look and when that when they're down with a concrete reflect a little form. But the put on Time Warner work and a concrete. And a maker of markets don't recover whatever product that you want. So that's what its regular concrete but then you have Stamford Richard who come in you know and make it look like if something and it's not. So that's cheaper than actual by in the stone put that stuff yet it's going to be a lot less expensive but it's still fairly expensive process. I usually see it nicer homes. And then you know a nicer house you might see you on the whole driveway. And then. A nice house but not as much as the whole driveway or else you might see you on the apron yet the very beginning the driveway and deters a regular concrete. What it's all concrete. And that's that's was stamped concrete is receipt. Concrete that looks like it's stone corporate shall announce they they use a stamp process to do it. Are right. Well let's go to a break. And come back with some more questions here on ask the expert remodeling and renovations with Tomas. The question you like to ask him I need to do to send it to the email suits him mosque and sons at Yahoo.com. The phone numbers 8774994361. And the website this two mosques and songs.com. Somebody wants to know what type of appliances Tim would recommend it they bought some new appliances and some of them are already breaking down. Here it's him has to say coming up after the break here and ask the expert remodeling and renovation just Tomas. On news talk elevenths and WBZ. Welcome back to ask the expert remodeling and renovation just sit mosque. Tim Syria answering your questions about those projects from the roof to the foundation anywhere in between. There's a question you have for Tim on you need to do is send it via email to Tim mosques and sons at Yahoo.com their phone numbers 877. 4994361. And visit the website which is Tim Mossad suns dot com. But the questions to him I've bought all new appliance is less than a year ago including a refrigerator oven microwave and dishwasher. The refrigerator is already broken down and now the dishwasher is acting up. I thought I bought a good brand but now I'm having second thoughts what appliance brand. Do you recommend. This person was kind of hot and they they actually name their appliance for him so. It's we've answered that out Jack has that yes. Because you know every brick and can show you one you know absolutely. Who has won here in basal level huddle Evans. And it's really not that good of a brand is is what they bought. You know a lot of a lot of clients places though have the build up a good reputation. And I saw this with the G. It used to be that g.'s stuff you know 2030 years. And that's what always saw grown up so. I bought she stuff and that it was going out every seven years or so and they were purposefully elect compressor and refrigerator and things like that. They would they would make it last like seven years they didn't want you keeping your appliances 2030 years they want them to Wear out yet. And they don't make sense because it is here keep it 2030 years I mean you're not get money third in the money. So. What some companies will do with that dole like build up a good reputation. And companies or dislike people what people can have a healthy period of him and unhealthy period you know what's you know different windows and and your wife. And companies to do that to use it again Sione will. Will make some money on a good reputation. And they might introduce a more of a budget line. So you still have the name that everybody's thought of as being a really quality product and then Ayers a budget line. I see this in all kinds of manufactured when the manufacturers. Open all kinds of places do stuff. But you know bill bill might make a lot of money on the good name that they build. Then they'll take a little bit and then they might build a better product begin to build their name back. So. It changes so often you know want Tom Mota told you jeez the best ones to give the vote come mama told Jamaica. And a lot of appliance places. You know you who Euro by the same company. You're you're by and a different brands and really you buy it from the company with a different name on it. The best thing I can recommend you do is before you body. I mean rate in the time period that your gonna buy is go look at some reviews. The heroics from consumer reviews. Of the appliance that you want like right now. Right now I'm looking for an elliptical. I don't know much about the pickles I know the first woman bought I just bought whatever assault on Craigslist yet. And then and that's not a you wouldn't wanna do this appliances but you know someone with a going at this elliptical just bought Craig's list. Wore out after a year and I figured out what features that I want. So the way don't find in that my new elliptical or regional and reviews. Anderson many people now on the Internet. That they're not afraid to tell you what they think I saw that I thought I would do the same thing with the appliances because it changes so rapidly you know the models. And this model might have a problem the next one doesn't so I would do a bunch of consumer reviews on the appliances that you want like right now. And if you're looking a year down the road now not the time to do because she reviews. Look at to review right before you buy it is that the models change over time. Indicative abet production you know you know where we're at whatever serial number of from those of us. They're not so good you know maybe maybe a plastic solenoid housing or someone that goes but if there's all kinds of things go wrong with appliances. So that things change so rapidly in business that wouldn't be comfortable saying this is the brand to get right now. I know I've had a lot of success by him Bausch kind of stuff you know bosh products. But I know they've introduced. A low and Maria. So they're kind of marking off earning right now when Prius models to map with those appliances. You could name almost. Any any appliance brand and a one time they were shown a good product you know solar cycle theory give a good product you their product here. So I would just keep current with current reviews. Capsule and you're listening to ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim mosque. Got a question for Tim just send it via email to Tim mosques and sons at Yahoo.com. Our next question Tim I have an arched hallway in my house and it's in need of sheet rock repair. How can I put sheet rock on a curved surface. Well look good. They're they're going to be able to ways to do it but I tell you that two different. Ways that I thought OK. I've cut. Strips. Or maybe three or four inches wide. And then did a whole series of strips. And that'll follow the porch. Instead of one big sheet as well yeah she's going to be flexible true so if if I have strips then I cover all those seems up with joint tape and then use a lot of mud. That's one way to do it Delaware about it is actually used the sheet. But put a bunch of relief cuts in the sheet and then it makes it flexible. So you're not gonna get the perfect arch. You get a complete a perfect art which she rock month you know too much work. But that is the way you picture your Chirac Igawa. And I've had a aspires to Olympic and special were reads from sheet rock. That would go around arch ways and stuff. But it's for me it's not worth the Kuwait. I would rather an and the guys that the issue rubble proton that's always seem to it to either cut it strips. Over the to reap relief cuts and then a while and then she rubbed with that want to go. Objects couple different options there. All right well let's move along to the next question on ask the expert remodeling and renovation to still mosque at the south and you would like to ask Tim. It's easy to do is send it via your question via email to Tim Mossad suns at Yahoo.com. Tim I'm gonna have some overhead lighting installed in my garage. I'd been planning to go with canned lights but with something else be better for providing more lights. If you allow light can't you know can't linesmen and provided a whole lot lot alike celluloid but not you know really like things up. Are like Forrest. And I know what electrician he likes the wouldn't. You know those what porcelain pictures and you scrolling ball went right he likes that Freud and that does throw off with a metal like you can put you know. I. What a hundred hunter ball winners of the sixty yen in LO throw a whole lot like what I don't like about organization and a for now. But they got these new Lola bulbs that are supposed to west quite a bit take awhile to kind of warmup oil habit or yeah. So I have these new balls in mind Jim. You know I took my bar and made the big exercise yours right at this nice big gym work or it. And it is so bright with a bold that I put in there and it's just a porcelain fixtures. That I have to keep the lights off life. You know could you look at a bright light and easier brightly were real look exactly miner that bright so with a high ceiling garage. You know if it if it's a lot worse feeling garage it might be too bright for your work. Specially as you get older when you see you bright light it's it's it's kind of hard on your eyes yeah. You know Obama one on my exercise machines and and I have a white sort of pressure that bright light now look at the TV that's flying you know what I'm running or whatever. If you see TV so you could have the same situation you brought were can be too bright yet. But if you if you just want plane bright you don't have my problems like like I do wanna see some bright. Israeli balls work really well. I like fluorescent light things up when it's soft enough that it doesn't. It's like if I can still see everything I need to see enough even. The excellence that's exactly what I would go fluorescent if you just you know you're young and healthy and you don't have any problem yet. And while the brightest way possible and you could just go with you know what portion of pictures whipple's. It all right well lets us squeeze one more quick question in on this week's ask the expert remodeling and renovations with Tim mosque. I have an old brick veneer that this crumbling on my house would I be better off replacing the brick or is there something that I could put. All over it. Well you know that's what happens will brick over time if it's not inclined crumbles it crumbles you know so I'm not picked on for not maintain battery thing is just it happens over time doesn't mean your floppy. In and negligent. Just region and no. I guess you could have been slow for him and it didn't. But you know most people are sparse to crawl and they don't notice anything going wrong with a brick and -- first crumble you know sometimes faced perched on off and then it's too late. Yeah Bennett can be too late Ben Ben you replace it brick. Or. You know if it hasn't gone to bet if you catch it soon enough. What some people do painter brick at that point. Paint it via built built built solar they are a pain it and they don't have to worry about picture anymore. And I really like house that's that's pain you know britcaster I think that would ruin lives. You know some people right from the get go when they have their house bill though by a brick that they know they're paying. And I think it looks really really nice. Other people. Especially some older people that are from Bollywood bricks probably and alleys decode bricks. Think well which is probably Brooke it's covered up yet and they don't like the look. You're gonna Mexican restaurant mammals mural on all share in your senior girls were they have like a brick surface. And then it's been covered with went more or urged bako yet. You know while while the older brick that's what they do want to we start to crumble then they would plastering. Him with Stucco. Or some kind of quarterback's eyes. Once you get to that point. You know that that's the whole mortar mix over time breaks down to. But it those preserve the break. You know so. Some puzzle were in old neighborhoods. You know housing rebuild the twenties and and they were done in brick and maybe sometime in the forties they were stuck code yet. Well that has to be responsible for every every so often. But it keeps the brick brick and so you don't have a whole lot of options you replaced the brick if it's not broken down too much. You can paint the brick. You know and you might even. Lot of houses is not the whole house at the same time. It might be like the shady side of Allison. You know her you know Norris house. It gets wet Nadeau and trial like the rest of fabric what a lot popular stamp brute force. You know water runs into that mortar rounds into the break a minute stays in there and it can break brick to brick down over time. So. You know might be a matter just replace and I want size house for certain section not the whole thing so you might wanna do a section of it in the paint the whole house. Or you you might wanna go stock most people are doing Stucco anymore. You know the brick starts ago. I think you put siding over the you know for I wouldn't recommend that but there's there's different things that you can do on the side or on the yeah brick. Including side so you wouldn't have to complete tickled with Brcko. All right well we are on a time for this week's ask the expert remodeling and renovations of Tomas get a question for future show. Just submitted via email to Tim mosques and sons and at Yahoo! dot counts here's their phone number 8774994361. Again 877. 499436. Went make sure to visit Tim mosques and songs.com that's where you'll find out all the information about Tim and his company. Different types of work that they do photos of past jobs and a whole lot more again that's Tomas and suns dot com. And join us again next Saturday for ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim mosque a new stock eleventh sand WBZ. Eight.

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