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Posted: March 1, 2017 at 8:45 am

Well good morning everyone happy Saturday to you what a glorious beautiful day. My goodness she connection any better weather. If you were living on the North Shore or even on the self assured that you've. You're surrounded by some pine trees oak trees. You know list apart and trees and trees and starting to drop low pollen. And if you have questions about indoor air quality by no means that's certainly can put out there for discussion. That you heard from them or limit it deacons execution missed it. It's 260187. We can says attacks at 87887. We could talk about not just indoor air quality but also home repairs. Energy efficiency. Moisture comfort. Let's grow players plumbing painting. AC it's it's all up for grabs the advice is free. For the next. You know how half output from ministry now at 12 o'clock. And will go to. As we always do trying to to as many questions we Camelot when the radio or your electricity consists Texas 8770. And I'll address those questions as well. It may not be home from questions maybe you have a question about. It's safely setting up a ladder four when you kissed him on top of corporation today or tonight at bio means he gives Colin talk with that as well. Right look at take the early commercial break. I'm welcome back was to finish your questions nails a good time to get on a lot of we've got to Koppel spots available for you on the phone system. Salute you always want to get an on air that you question now is time to do it. Don't Terry because the longer you wait the horrors could be you know in the air 2601878. Home improvement show. Here on the big gates avenue will be right back after this. They get home from question has a good time to get on the air and ask you questions blog that number is 2601 point seven weakened since attacks at 87870. Let's go to the phone lines and speak with Damien 8 and good morning welcome to itself. Mort all you I'm wonderful thanks for calling I can help you. Molly I'd bet that the basic question I've got it all makes it exciting how much else in the that are put in some areas and agreed to debate seems to be this cement our report. There L Pete sells a product called Smart side yet that that looks almost identical what they can off. So from promote common sense their orders are in your opinion on whether or not the the Smart side or the party board makes the most sense for more report that apple want that. Well did I looked it. Sand of the long durable synthetic type products in the seem tissues board although not a synthetic it's it's pretty don't close. Meaning it's not would so. You know that. It can be difficult forward two to rot. Europe were to get destroyed. That doesn't mean if you you know we get a big huge went to bed you know. You know swing gore chair something you know goes against it won't crack it certainly you know although a lot more resistant than the most. It's it's due can be damaged by great impacts. In polls paint two very well termites don't like it. So you know public Utah fans who petition sport. It doesn't mean that Smart such a bad idea. How we cures to price point is a relation to assume that this is sport. And also a home. You know it's the it's ease for cutting it's to be users in the cement Portis. I just bark side of the ball equal which worked well. You know from our standpoint and you know that we need a little bit that direction it. It matches the bell two outs or not throw the baby bath water right I I think this side of Al's done actually via water damage due to a the agreement lack of a daughter know what I'm about what and its pilots and trumped up against the out. Noted that might attributed the of the demise not a again that was the baseline which I get to a virtually art class action lawsuit. Yes and they don't talk for the people party directly in that spot for the people and open directly. Into it to Kwon talks. The Olympic effort about our report it long ball that Ebert cracked when people placed latter's again that. That joint concern. I you know I've I've actually done quite a few projects of of climbing on roofs and doing inspections and for us investigations with Gladys and party. I have never had a problem. Doesn't mean he can't understand that the you know I have personally in my experience that now I will say I certainly agree your approach stand that it. You know the of the product of match up what you currently have. And it's gonna cut easy or anything special. From the stamp went about how you cut it now you nail it. Unlike the facilities sports news specials on special hood trim and also nails toilet you know fasteners like assessment. So that may be something troubling to a particular says the price points to say. Are there. You bet good luck with the project hey if you're looking to make some improvements behind that citing an amateur to take it off whole walls emerges segments of it. There's a great resource summit among remind you of we talk about occasionally on the show. It's it's. It's actually made by DuPont it's a good it's for type that which is the house wrapped. But DuPont and also James Hardy has a great site or in you know there house wraps up out of flash. The house traps to windows and also other penetrations of the lecture wall if you take off a whole segment of wall. Beat them to be some fuels alone proves that you volatile bracelets on and off. And what it's it's open it's available in UK you'll protect euros. So what we well we put some of some of the basin off those exterior drywall. Made by companies Arkansas. All the build as to what took what the police are that the climate there was no building code could be what are. Recently some literature on its other ones are good for water resistance of you know term might resist the level like but now not just our district about spoke off and competence not spoke all. Yeah so you can go with thought I was the apply what we using a cutting back well you know some of the site searching among the vote. What they have a lot worse or repression treated why would it yet that a ball that would speak. Cuba against below are a departure treated material is term might result that. And offered batteries as the walker. What are what are probably steer drywall. On doubt. Around where the window frames are. In the windows were out last improperly your unit which Israel what was behind that was that there was no dollar. And now so. I'm open in the warms and in reality you know the structure of the house seat that. Even Anixter trouble spot pepper one reports years. Isn't that bad shape my concern would around that is like so what else eventually will. You know what would home inspectors say it reporters and open society. And all that drywall spoke. They'll look at Libya a big problem or as a grandfather and so while most of the people might subdivision were built using not a. Yeah so it. The exterior chip ward used for. Lecture wall shark sighting or she'd rather. I would say it was commonplace necessary but I see houses with it and it was actually very common in the Baton Rouge area and a lot of folks discovered that. In the August flawed. As a nominee you know I had to run it in there yeah and in in most cases he choose a lot for commercial properties. It is allowable encode. Eight you know although you human echoes in the house is built it you know it depends where you're house built him when it was built. But it is allowable in today's cut so. If it's not a terrible product. I'm not a fan of it beat because of those we get so much rainfall here that. Who wants a clean their room robust must like describing in their bottom eighteen inches amusement park strip club wouldn't bother on the go to different cheating. You know I think this was to do that I think it's also was that you you do how trapped into proper flashes to you windows. A while you have this off. In Indian you see anything wrong in sought the stay cavities to improve air filtration. Installation I mean this is a good opportunity that jump from a peaking at Q talk a little bit and spend some money but. One other time with other event. You could have this accessibility of full disclosure that wall to make these improvements. Not Ahmad choke but monsoonal. You know all right yeah beyond a lot of new houses being constructed in my area. There's like a waiter fall between not yet between the slap the ball so in my case or not but underneath that much. Or. OK so that is for air filtration. The the bottom plate and the slab or perfectly flat on the southern doesn't prevent air from coming in. So you could do in your scenario since there's no way you could duplicate that foam gasket underneath it. Is she connects to take it good quality texture of polyurethane simulate in a call him. They cleaned it get a good dust free clean dry. Space between that bottom plate on my plate and that foundation and ceiling caught it. How would you be Sheen in fact I'll even go as far is. Putting a beat at that probably your thing Selig on the face of that bottom play. Before you put your war. Your bottom eighteen inches of your first reply would make it completely airtight more proof of anything getting in that walk him. And so we all know we got some of the so often particular. Victor drywall law. That bestowed were for first aid they'll sign that it term water on the roads. We did we did pull section of insulation all round exterior Watson. And pelvic Deco. We'll so little you know eggs in there I'd step on. While so we knock them out that the real difficulty witnessed how the top for the proper weight for watered the kitchen sink. Thomas or else it actually what brought up from the slap. Not like he carried it and in the group and brought it down and brought it up. True the slab. Right copper plate itself is outside of the sort of the start. Oil we wondered why the sliding around that are eligible people. You know no bigger than. Look at her that we knew it flat. There's or so would like to be with that that the street and I'll want to were all about that out there copper plate and so agreed to water. Is it stoke bitch at Microsoft copper. At its heart once arc proper soft. Well around that it will work out for me. Kinda discussed and typically when he wondered oh you are now. Well any copper coming up the slab from from that point dam was to be softened and where he makes connection above us typically hard but I'm. My concern here is visible. And of pushing themselves all these years you have certain long history of it. My concern is. Freezing big because it's it's actually touching outside citing. Howard are going near it and also. The risk of doing construction. And rebuild on the wall in the sobbing campaigning and everything else. If you move that might have been such a matter what you brick assault a joint war but unfortunately a treadmill goes in it. You're done so I think I will be worth your time. Two of relocate that to sit in the interest so into that cavity that wall would move our long way. So we're up by under renewed while. You know if this is a soft copper and you have enough soft copper you can. Probably relocated to get the nuts out some would be able push it in which quarts at the center of the home. Up. I was certainly tried that any and it's if you don't have that abruptly than a plumber would be able to that point yes there are. No good look at the project sounds like it has fallen. But he is a good time you to do it you're you know it's it's not the middle of the summer so. Yes well it probably gets all those in replaced Byrd bought with Procter and that was before one. A while Allah the front lines of what it's yeah it's nearly impossible slow it yes or more of the responsibility by Goldman. They ought to order the book is not that the bowl. Configure line and desperate what's more important what are. On civil war not that typical. Street absolutely ego or degrade unit. Thank you appreciate the polo. Hey if you have correspond to home approve of bombings you got one with two spots available for you on the phone system it is Eric coach filed 04260. 187260187. In what can also since the Texas heat 7870. That means one meet look at a couple of text. Says I have what looks like the B mold on the ceiling. Near one of our air conditioning vents it's an of all the silly and I can't tell what's mold or dust who would you recommend in the North Shore to take a look at this. And to know what to do with the dismal package. Hey Peggy good text in fact I was at a house on the North Shore in the last couple days and hit something very similar. Where they they were anticipating was bold but being quite know what smoldered Austin. You know holes it would go there and to identify that hate us this was it was able to turn out to be dust and also we looked at. How and where the dust was it would take you into the air conditioned dock system here distribution system. So that we can mix and repairs and prevent this from happening in the future you know once you get to keep Mon is that if it is dust. That is typically brought in with. Heat and moisture and particulates. In nosy getting through your supply duck system and when you register. But it's also getting your indoor recognition equipment. Contaminated. From giving in developer recordable motor dirty it's affecting the machines capacity and also. It's efficiencies as well so. You give LaGrange consulting call Monday and make an opponent will be happy to come house and help you make that decision. And he is is that dust is bold wouldn't repairs. Column and we don't do mold testing. However it. I can certainly look at and determine its organic growth wars that dust. And it may have some connection to cathedral ceilings well escapee to ceilings are problematic stay in the lead in lots of heat. And also of some moisture in if you get colder commonalities supply register. You know it could definitely currency and become saturated. It'll all organic growth to a car. Assume that that's that's always a possibility but bombings on on Monday your after Monica are you called greens consulting. Will be given the numbers nominate five. 8452148. And will be happening helped. Are we could go to CBS news break immigrant come back right after this. More than a group showed left to do. Welcome back to the show here in the Bill Gates having you have a question in this is a good time gives call the numbers 260187. Ain't. Would instance attacks at 87870. Ripe for that the news brick or talk with stand. And he had a house that. It's a moment sites sightings being removed. There were quite a few homes that still have Mason right citing that is still integrity signing. He's actually in good shape. That then the main site itself again from mount big huge fan of it cause like things that are you know there are working outside. An and you have to think about it's you know it's twenty polish years it's I would say it's got a pretty decent track record. Although for sonic heroes who likes open longer than. But for the citing really could be. But the main site specifically talk about what we've long lasting it really goes back to the original wave was installed. It was this hole is usually. Constructed in that was that something was prominent Pena on all sides before it was put points. I saw many sites outing that was only com. From the paint on the exterior not on the backside and on in the edges in its last you know 67 years with Mark Harmon the ghost of climate. Lots and lots of you know ring annual rainfall of you know fifty to 6860 inches in the hot in the cold and you know it's just doesn't work well for a spot. It was installed right it was kind of an all six sides before installed. And you know didn't do it flooded. Most Thompson mesa exciting actually as who last that are pretty decent time. So that comic plays into week talk about a lot on his radio show is. Most times when I do forensic investigation. Or from fall to leak case and serving as a as an expert. Four for either the plank of school or for the defendant. It's not that we choose to Rome product although that's sometimes the case but the majority of the time. When a building failures has not that we chose well product it's that he was installed. Improperly. And and I can't stress enough the need for. You to due to research and ask the right questions. With c.'s Internet there's a easy access. You manufacturer's. Guidelines on almost all their products there's videos of Punto but by the manufacturer. Of ball or about other experts. How be very careful we are you got your information just because it's on and it does make it always true. You know that that's a good spot fair about it texting a man right there that everything in the and is that true so. But if you were going to the manufacturer and they haven't posted their site. On how to properly install their product. The testing that is done and that passed. And that it's Coke compliant. In there's videos. There's guidelines mean in multiple languages to take. So if you if you're crew using doesn't speak English they speak. Spanish due content looted Spanish document and you can hit it to communicate with and saying what these products installed just like this has so. It really comes down to you called a product that is was designed engineered the and it was a really installed the way the matrix says it was and you go far and that you'd get some. Version won't useful life on these products in the could be happy in your expectations been met and you'd be happy with the wave forms. Most times lunacy folks. You know the Internet satisfied with the results. Is again or built for those problems again is back to who was installed. Or sometimes it was a sales pitch. In it didn't you know the truth you know like like Paul are these seniors are here's the rest of the story right. So by all means call Wallace and will be happy to help you with the rest of the story. I am not the sell you a product. I am really did you view the information so that you can make an informed decision. Who was at work best for you your family and your project in your budget you know was his face sometimes and can't buy everything we wanna buy. When we need to buy it and we we have to do some some compromise and in the pits Davis likes Joyce's economics to lose this choices to do that. All right. Let's seat will be. On the north text look back to tax. Driven facial out of brick house in true room windows or low quality would much of fraud and he needs to replace an old meets meaning. Would options available to repair pain otherwise cover. Well it if you have your rotten wood I wouldn't this conference I would remove it in that would replace it. And they or some synthetic products that are out there today. That you can use that have some. Different focuses and different styles of profiles for. Around windows. Around the wars. You can also do some synthetic products. What consumer tissue spacious and soffit which just talk about that with the previous project with the and so you have lots and lots of options that you can have many years ago. However I'm almost say. Would doesn't. Rot or dictate just by itself across the case because of moisture so you'd also determine how encouraged trying to determine what's the source of moisture. And what can you do when you replace the wood around that when do with the war that patients off it. To prevent this from getting wet in the future. In its okay for our wood to get wet as close it dries. It tries in a timely manner. You know it's it's which causes problems in the gets wet in the stays where it for an extend period time because Politico suffered its what the community. States little bit longer and a little bit longer than the case starts. In. Unit yes it doesn't Stoner and I'd note it takes months for their car. Many you know launched in record time what you need to a law all the wood to draw in order to keep it. He would product than termite food or to care reform so. Right hopefully that that helped you in and gave you some options and then consider if you go back would. Nobody saw in the bush problem which also painted on all sides with good quality. Exterior thing or it wouldn't go to a commercial would come back. You have questions give us applause would love to talk to you 2601870. Could you back here and advocates have rather. Welcome back to the show happy you're with me and under the you listen to the home crucial it's a court to stay outside. Great day for indoor and outdoor projects. Let's go to the phone line and it's a couple more questions and let's go to mark hey Marc good morning welcome to show. Good morning I go to. Quick question. Well. Some type account from the retailer that thought out of it. And I want to update you on a Teddy is in effect act good column that would. May come back out. The line is now. These are still favored Brit Evers would rather. That I'm. Not. You know not are you treat or. He's. And that's it that's a tough one mark. It could be elevated off the rail and how far leadoff ground. Are. Those who directly to a country yet. Yeah and I. Yes she concludes Steelers you can actually. Go really robust. Oxy sailors. And in Ridley. Number I'm saying epoxy to part of proxy because. Officially sings over are gonna rot if you're there would they're gonna decay to rot so trying to get as much long life out of mr. possibly can in RT. You know sealing all sides of it you can go take a clear. I you can have a machine elect is set Norcross. It's in the it's a two part epoxy products you be looking for. It's not could be. Inexpensive but it's really probably don't think I do to. Try and get some wood chip longevity out of that. Can go to. Like a local held paint store in and tell what you look at it gets and and they keep that stuff and stocks such problems so. That you don't give up the project would have you don't take some pictures in cinema one outlook to see it or are you that have a great day. IQ the question he gives call at 2601870. Will be happening in your question or since Texas they Sydney civic. We look to a commercial break and come back and get straight to your phone calls. Welcome back to the home for the show let's go straight to phone wants to see who can help mark before we have to get to the top the hour. Hey Marc good morning. Mark. Well I have a question about don't work. Or is out pricing on how to clean the scene and if all crazy how well. Or clean news. Opponent. I'm well doesn't work. Mark do you have flexible block or rich it's sheep and duck. Okay you can't clean flexed its it's impossible. It nailed that doesn't mean you can't clean. The metal the iboxx deflect that connects to or the plant bombs that the flexed or connect to it. It doesn't mean you can't clean your your shepherd cool and you blow motor into equipment so the something you can clean. And there are some duct leaks you can repair. In order to prevent it from eating contaminated again. But to actually send a brush a rotating brush or even brush from a wind. You know that in a vacuum minute and the camera you know down the doctor makes you get everything. You can't do that reflects the I know Aussie Lotta people advertise it and promoted. I. I'm afraid the first folic it's very challenging student. Asked means it's not been done very well look it's it's extremely challenging. And the bigotry and utilities that inner my Allard jacket which is which is a real thin plastic. Mahler classic with the air travels through. Can be pierced very easily. By putting in. Brushes and vacuums and everything else. So. It flexed I don't recommend you need clean because penalty can be done. OK and so by the rest of ought to stop. And beat. Which as. Yes Jessica what this year politician Activision. Them. Well. It it not eat that every AC technician does it every company does it. There are some that do but there are some companies that are specializing. In. Duct cleaning and duct sealing and indoor air quality of improvements such is that so. Yeah me fuel to reach out some of those folks you can certainly do that as fact you can Paul's house web site. His pulse house dot com you can search under the indoor while the area and there's some folks and it was that there that have been in business for years. And indeed good quality work. Oh quite welcome mark I appreciate the call but a great question. It'll argue don't occasionally and if what Libby discussed the other side of of the the equation that is that if mark didn't have flexible duct but he hit rigid metal sheet metal dot. Then most time to can be cleaned depending on the shape. And the size of the dock in the list of the dark so if you if you have some Richard doc work that needs to clean. By all means you're a decent candidate. Depending on the complexity in the shape on the size you don't system. Where are you concerned brushes and and hammers and of vacuums in the fact. You can actually decent ceiling from the inside this some air soup products you can do in the inside. He sealed duck leaks that you may be having to dock plus it also gives you the other opportunity to. You know. It into your indoor equipment remove your proper recording clean it removes you blow motor clean it. How prepared the leaks in the supply in return on him. In the rich and chase as a lot of excessive returns that are contributing to a particularly contaminants giving anti recognition system. And getting dust and mold and just focus in this stuff in there so you certainly have a lot more options when you have reject a system. Or here but the board system as opposed to a flexible system when it comes to cleaning and repairs. Our folks that's the first power the home improvement show who got a hold on our left to com. By all means don't go to where you have a question those habits on the gonna Lanka's nobody's there to get one or two spots available. 2601870. We'll be right back after this national news break don't go anywhere.

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