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Posted: June 1, 2019 at 12:45 am

Have you noticed signs of possible termite infestation in your Alabama home? Not sure where to turn? You might have contacted a termite company in the area to inspect your home and hopefully offer remediation. But, what if you still see signs of termites, or termites themselves after the company is done? Now what do you do? Its important to understand the various types of termite fraud claims you can file against a company for failing to remediate the termite problem in your home.

Reporting fraud is one of the most common types of fraud claims brought against a termite company. This occurs when the company is hired to inspect the home prior to sale. The company then provides false information on the final report to the homeowner. When this occurs the homeowner does not know the true condition of their home.

Inspection fraud occurs when an inspector, not always associated with a termite company, fails to properly inspect your entire home. Inspection fraud can also happen when you hire a termite company to inspect the home annually but it fails to do so.

The failure to honor contracts for repair also happens often when it comes to termites. If you have signed a contract with the company to repair your home or remediate it after termites have been discovered and nothing happens, this is fraud.

Treatment fraud happens when a termite company tells the homeowner that they have applied anti-termite treatment to the entire home, when in fact, this has not been done.

As you can see, theres plenty of fraud claims you can file against a termite company. Dont let termites ruin what youve spent years building at your home in Mobile, Alabama or elsewhere in the state. Dont let a termite company get away with providing ineffective service either. If you believe youve been defrauded, contact our office for more information about your options.

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Recognize these common types of termite fraud | The Mims ...

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