Pre Construction Termite Treatment

Posted: May 9, 2016 at 6:18 pm

It is also possible to do a pre construction termite treatment while the building is under construction. Georgia and Alabama requires this treatment be done. If you are building a home or even a storage shed in the back yard you would benefit from a Pre-Construction termite treatment.

Treating your home during the construction phase is not usually a DIY treatment because of the guarantee and other requirements your mortgage company requires. A pre-treat is usually fairly inexpensive even having a professional do it. Plan to pay between 20 cents to 45 cents a square foot. But

Because the articles you store are usually too valuable to throw away, you need to protect them. Sincework benches and shelving are usuallyconstructed of wood, not to mention some of the stored wooden items. If there is wood inside and the termite pressure is strong in your part of the country, sub-termites or Formosan termites will find it and eat it. I stored bags of concrete in my concrete slab floored shed and termites came in though an expansion joint and ate the paper off the bags. Then moisture madethe concrete harden into giant 100-lb concrete door stops. Wasted money. I dont like to waste money.

First mostshedsareconstructed one of two ways, on a cement slab or over a crawl space with a wooden floor. It is very important to make sure none of the wood parts of the building are touching the ground. Before you attempt to build a backyard building check out the *foundation tips from Id like to thank them for the use of a very demonstrative photo used in this article.

Pouring a slab for the flooring is popular with sheds built on level ground. After the setting the form boards and the grading the groundyou are ready to mix and pour the concrete right, NOT! First spray the surface of the ground using an old fashion repellent termiticide like Tengard SFR or a newer most effective non-repellent like Termidor SC or Taurus SC. Youll need to sprayone gallon for every 10 sq. ft. of concrete floor area. (EX. 100 sq. ft. = 10 gals.. 400 sq. ft. = 40 gal and so on)Then cover Slab area with 4-mill poly (Lowes carries it) then pour your concrete. After the concrete has set up remove the form boards. After the removing the form boards you should trench around the building right up against the slab and put in 4 gallons of termiticide per every 10-section of building. Thats it, mission accomplished.

After the piers are in place. witha hoe or mattock to trench around each pier. a pier made of hollow blocks will measure approx 2 feet in circumference or 2 Ln. Ft. This requires8/tenths of agallon or almost 1 gallon per pier. You can use one gallon per pier and be OK.

*foundation tips from Id like to thank them for the use of a very demonstrative pre construction photo used in this article.


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Backyard Shed Pre Construction Treatment


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See how easy it is to do a pre construction termite treatment on your backyard shed. See how to protect your storage shed from termite attack.

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Pre Construction Termite Treatment

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