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Posted: April 6, 2018 at 10:40 am


I had my first annual checkup thus week and......termite free.Granted, u was a little skeptical if a spot treatment would work, but no issues so far...much better than when the termites were active.The office and field people have all been great. I have one more year on the warranty, but all seems good so far and I am more than pleased.

After my review, I promptly received a message and a phone call from a manager.They thoroughly heard my problems and talked about possible solutions. With their prompt service, I am willing to give this place another try. Unfortunately it took such a disaster to get to this point.I had spoken to 2 people prior to speaking to the manager. 2 people who really just weren't trained properly and gave me incorrect information which escalated quickly. The first gentleman I spoke to gave me the wrong dates. The second woman I spoke to gave me a very vague description of the services we were supposed to be receiving. So to clear this up for anyone wondering:- Their new 2018 policy is to call you 3 days before your scheduled appointment. (The past was just 1 day before) The calendar notification list was not ever followed through because it was too difficult for them to maintain. If they had sent out a mass email to their customers in the beginning of 2018 with their new and "improved" updates, a lot could have been avoided. I appreciate that they don't over flood our inboxes, but I feel like changes in their terms & policies is an exception. - If you had a quarterly service like I did, the interior is upon request only. I was mostly upset because we had an ant infestation right after our last treatment. Had I known that interior was included upon request, I would have requested it since ants are particularly busy in the winter time for us! We did get through it with some store bought traps and some borax, but a lot of trouble could have been saved with visit.- If you see problem areas in your house that need extra care, REQUEST IT. Such as particular places where you've noticed webs/nests. Problem areas in the past. We recently put up a new shed that's pretty large and haven't had the time to put chicken wire around the foundation to keep it safe, so I requested to make sure it was serviced as well. We pay a pretty penny for our service so making sure no stone is unturned is upon your discretion. Try creating a list as you see it on your phone so that you can address it for your next visit. We had a supervisor come to do our inspection today. Hubs has seen this gentleman before, and remembered him because of his thorough service. I was really appreciative of Planet Orange for sending him out. I was waiting until after today's service to decide if we wanted to continue. With another little one on the way, keeping the home safe is our number one priority. It's easy to buy the stuff yourself, but I have a better peace of mind when we are on a scheduled service so you don't slip up.

Updating the post: The CEO called and promised that I was an exception to the rule and that she is training her team on their customer service skills. We will not be charged a cancellation policy because as we both agreed- this situation was not a good fit for either party.

I've had this service for several years. The initial consultation and service was very good. The following service was unverifiable as they did not have an appointment time just showed up that day and never made contact with us- you also could not smell the product like the initial application. When I contacted them they said they changed the product and sent a service report.I've asked for several routine inspections and the only time they return my calls is when they want me to renew my maintenance package.Unfortunately that person can't make/schedule a service. She can only give them a message or transfer me to voicemail. None of which results in them calling me back.I would recommend you find another company, I'm still finding evidence of termites!Money not well spent:(

Immediately after my negative review about the company, I received a call from Scott Mendenhall which is the Vice President of Operations the day after. I didn't pick up the phone the first time because I was busy. He persistently e-mailed me and called me until i returned his call. I wasn't ignoring his call but just busy with work and caught me at a good time.During our lengthy discussion, we talked about my experience and concerns as a customer because it was a hit or miss with service for 1.5 years. I told him what my expectations are and hope that it would improve because I like the thought products they can use that are not harmful inside the home. Ive been giving bad reviews for other companies and it is rare that someone like Scott takes the time to call the customer and listens to their pain points. That's what customer service suppose to be. Just last week (July 28) Saul which I worked with a couple of times has done a great job servicing our home due to fleas and does a thorough work. He listens to the customer pain points and does what is asked from the customer.

We love this company. We use them at our home and for our rental properties. They are eco friendly and best of all their treatments work, (contrary to dire warnings from their competitors) and every one of their service people who have come out to do the actual work have been above-and-beyond nice good and honest. Our rental was built in the 1930s and is tricky to work on, including a very tight crawl space, and a hole got punched in the Sheetrock accidentally, but they repaired it right away and did a perfect job. We were so impressed!We have signed up for their warranties, which means they give us yearly (or more often if necessary) inspections and free treatments if needed.

Spent over $1k for 1 inspection and 1 spray over 2 years. No followups jusr a reminder to renew. Wow really? Not recommended.

Poor & Rude customer service after several months.Service tech did not knock on the door when he visited the house and the interior needed spraying. Went outside and saw that the exterior was treated, then called the office to have them send the tech back to the house but they said NO, and were very RUDE.Time to find another company...

My real estate agent recommended me to get a quote from Planet Orange after we close escrow and to compare with the inspection report we got from the seller. Making an appointment for the inspector to come do the free inspection is easy. The inspector came on time and we got the report fast(next day). After reading all the reviews here, I've decided to ask them if they can give discount if I agree to do the job right away. This is why I gave them 3 stars instead of 5. The sales lady replied to my email and said if I can do the job the next day, she's willing to give $100 off. I told her I can't do that because we are currently doing a construction, but I can sign an agreement to have them come in and do the work after the construction is done. So we set up a time, she sent me some documents to sign. I thought since she sends all the documents and we've set up a time, the $100 discount would apply. Fortunately I checked with her to confirm that she will honor the discount and she came back telling me that she can only offer $50 for that date. This was really a turn-off for me, not because of the $50, but the way they are trying to trick you! I told her no, thank you and that I will not do the job if that's the case. She immediately replied back and said ok, she'll do $100 off!!!! THAT IS SO SHADY!!! I was ready to just tell her no, but my husband reminded me that if we get another inspection from a different company, it will delay our moving date even more. So I signed the contract. After that she never followed up at all. She didn't even give information on how to pay and never responded to my email. I had to call twice(they hung up on me once) to confirm that the job is still happening!The 2 people who came to my house and did the job were very nice and professional. They even helped me reach out to their office to do the payment over the phone. They explained how the 2 years warranty work as well. If not for their sales team, I would've easily given this place a raving 5 stars review.

Service time Aug. 2017-Oct. 2017: Unfortunately, I have to leave a poor review for this company after giving them several opportunities to correct several customer service issues. I really wanted to like Planet Orange due to the environmental chemicals they use, but we didn't see a diminishment in our pests AND their customer service was horrible. Our first appointment was fine; the technician came within the time window provided. We had requested through Chris (he has since left the company) to schedule us automatically for the same day (a Monday) every month with the same 4 hour window and we wanted the inside and outside sprayed each time. For our second appointment, the technician was 3 hours late after the 4-hour window we were given - we literally waited all day. I did not receive a phone call from Planet Orange informing me that the technician was running late, rather I called them to find out what was the hold-up. I was given an additional time he would arrive, and he missed that time too. I called back again to find out where he was and was told he was still running late - ultimately he arrived around 3pm. When he got there he asked if he should start outside, and I said yes. Then he left without doing the interior of the house! So I had to call back AGAIN to schedule another appointment with the technician to do the inside - I spoke with Heather? and was informed Chris had left the company and she offered me a 2-hour window for our monthly appointment time. For this extra visit to do the inside of our house, the technician arrived on time, but when he arrived without so much of a hello, he demanded, "Why didn't you tell me to do the inside of your house the last time I was here?"; I shared, "I didn't realize I had to. I thought it was in our notes from my conversation with Chris." To say the least, we felt this response was unprofessional, especially since he was late the last time. Additionally, we noticed that in one of the areas he sprayed, we had spiders building webs the next day in our house (granted, this could be due to the use of environmentally friendly chemicals vs. other types). For our next monthly scheduled appointment, I called to confirm the date and time and also shared that we didn't see a diminishment in our pests. I was informed they had a different date than what I scheduled and was also told that we couldn't have a 2 hour window - this was impossible and there was no way someone would schedule a 2-hour window for us since they only had four hour windows available for scheduling. I was livid at this point. The woman who helped me, her name may have been Sabrina, or someone who is involved with the customer service/complaint side of things (my apologies - I'm writing this review after we separated service several months ago) shared she would send a manager out on Tuesday to review our pest issue - she specifically scheduled this appointment for Tuesday (we only had Mondays available) because her manager was in SF on Monday. She also said if I had any more problems with scheduling dates and times, I could call her directly. Tuesday came and the individual who arrived was not a manager (I think his name was John), but he was super nice and helpful - probably the best person in this company, aside from Chris, who left. He apologized that he wasn't a manager and that there were no notes indicating they were going to send a manager to our house that day. After his visit, we still didn't see a huge change in our spider issue, but I liked the last technician so I thought I'd give them one more chance. For our next monthly appointment, I called them to see if they were coming because I didn't receive an appointment confirmation from them and found out they had the wrong date AGAIN. I spoke with "Sabrina?" aka customer service person, and said you guys have gotten our appointment day wrong every month. You shared that I could call you if we experienced this again. She said to me (I kid you not, but am paraphrasing) essentially, this is not my area to deal with anymore. I canceled our contract mainly due to the poor customer service and the fact that our pest control issue was not under control. They made us pay the contract severance fee, and to be honest, I would have paid $500 to leave this company. They never got our appointment dates correct, they were extremely late at least once, they had a very rude technician, and their customer service side wouldn't take responsibility to help after we were told we could contact them directly if we had any issues. Aside from that, the environmentally friendly chemicals did nothing to get rid of our spiders. We have since transferred to Citra Pest Control - their customer service is top notch. They have never mixed up a date or time, their technicians are knowledgeable, considerate, and friendly, and we have no more spiders!

I'm so sorry I signed up for 6 months of pest control service. I continued to see spiders around my house for months after they started coming out. I get better results using Home Defense . Don't waste your money here.

In A Nutshell:-I've TRUSTED Planet Orange to take care of my house since 2011.-One of the benefits of using their services are the free annual inspections (up to 3 years).-My latest inspection performed by Ricardo and his junior partner was impeccably professional and thorough.-They both were prompt, honest and took their time inspecting my home inside, outside and under it.Overall, I had no signs of termites and that's always a sigh of relief. If you are looking for an eco-friendly & great termite company, call Planet Orange!

Nick Miller is absolutely amazing. Very fast service, he came out on the same day. He is technically a termite specialist, but handled the issue of a dead rat stuck in my bathroom vent quickly and professionally. He even helped to clean the gross mess left behind. My experience was excellent, and I highly recommend Nick!

Update: it has been about a year and i just realized i never posted the review down belowArmando and Fernando just finished treating my house and garage for drywood and subterranean termites. I have yet to see if their work is 5 star worthy but these five stars are just for the fact that Armando thought he smelled a gas leak in my yard as he was walking through and advised me to call pge.I had always thought the faint odd smell was from the dirt/fertilizer since it has always been like that since i bought the house a year ago, but turns out there was a significant leak from the gas pipe running underground. Thank you Armando for your bloodhound nose and alerting me to a potentially dangerous situation

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I signed up with them in April, they told me that I had to do a monthly or bi-monthly option (those were my only choices) and said I could cancel at any time with 30 days notice. Well, after using them for several months and finding MORE spiders and bugs in my house and yard I called to tell them I wanted to terminate my service. Turns out, in small font on the last page of the contract it says that I agreed to an "annual term." Okay, my bad for believing what the sales person told me on the phone and not reading the entire contract in detail. First warning, DON'T made the same mistake I did here. If you don't want to be locked into an annual agreement go elsewhere. What I am most upset about though, is the fact that it doesn't even look like my house has been serviced. In my contract it says that they will remove spider webs in reach, on the day they came to service my house. I went out after they left and saw at least 5 large webs within reach (on banisters, window seals, and other obvious places). I also couldn't even smell the stuff they spayed. This was a far different experience than my first service where the smell lingered for almost 2 weeks. Just last week I found a black widow (not cool!) in my yard and a ton of ants. So my husband and I decided to use a new company that was recommended by a neighbor. Yet, when I call to cancel today, to my surprise I am stuck with this joke of a company until April. Great... Don't make the same mistake I did and pay attention to what you sign. Rookie move on my part (although they told me verbally I could cancel with 30 days notice).UPDATE: They JUST called and said I could cancel my agreement without penalty. I am keeping my main review, however as a warning to others to read the contract before they sign. Particularly, the "Term" provision on the last page that is in relatively small font.

Had some swarming termites in my roommates room. Nick Miller came by to inspect the house. Really friendly guy and gave me alot of honest information and options. He was great. Could not ask for a better inspector. Then Raul and Tidus came to treat the house with a big truck. They were very professional and friendly. They did a really thorough job in treating all the places they think where the termites live. Had a great overall experience with Planet Orange. Great staff and pricing is a bit expensive but for a 3 year warranty not so bad. Would highly recommend Planet Orange to anyone.

This company was completely professional--from the initial review to the treatment and follow up. Jaime and Anthony, the technicians who did the work, were polite, pleasant, efficient, and on time.I will recommend Planet Orange to friends and neighbors alike.

Look, PO got rid of our ants, and for that I truly am grateful. The service people have been kind and quick. So they're doing something right. But I'm pretty sure the office is run by drunk teenagers. It's astounding to me that after asking nicely three, four times for them to give me a head's up when they're coming I get a call at 5:30 p.m. on a Friday telling me they'll be here Monday morning (for example). I haven't actually managed to pay them yet, either, because on one occasion someone just "forgot to run" my card and apparently on the other occasions my (totally valid) credit card just never "went through." I can't tell what's up on the back end at this place, but if you do choose to use them, beware that you'll probably spend a little more time than you should on the arranging/billing portion of things.

We had a rat problem and hired them to solve it. After a year of spraying and setting traps, they did not succeed. In addition, they only identified areas to be addressed or blocked off, but did not do the work themselves, so we had to hire someone to block various entry points.

Terrible customer service, canceled my contact because they were billing me but not providing service. Required me calling for over 2 weeks and threatening seeking fraud charges to get a call. Would never recommend this company

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Planet Orange - 22 Photos & 493 Reviews - Pest Control ...

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