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Motosure is a trading name of Wallace Risk Solutions Pty Ltd (WRS) AFSL 353275 ABN 93 130 907 253. WRS acts on your behalf and not the insurer. WRS is remunerated by way of commission and/or fees which is detailed on all invoices.

Tailored Underwriting is a division of Cerberos Brokers Pty Ltd ABN 61 106 769 886, AFSL 260668. Tailored Underwriting arrange policies for and on behalf of Underwriters at Lloyds and Berkley Insurance Company and actsacting under a binding authoritiesy given to it by the insurers to administer and issue policies, alterations and renewals. In all aspects of this policy Tailored Underwriting acts on behalf of the insurers and not for you. Tailored Underwriting are not the insurer for this contract and they are not liable for any loss or claim. The Underwriters Insurers are clearly shown on the Schedule

Before you enter into an insurance contract with us, the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 requires you to provide us with the information we need to enable us to decide whether and on what terms your proposal for insurance is acceptable and to calculate how much premium is required for your insurance.

The Act imposes a different duty the first time you enter into the policy with Us to that which applies when You vary, renew, extend, reinstate or replace Your policy. We set these duties out below.

You will be asked various questions when you first apply for this policy. When you answer these questions, you must:

If You renew, vary, extend, reinstate or replace the policy Your duty is to tell Us before the renewal, variation, extension, reinstatement or replacement is made, every matter which:

You do not need to tell Us about any matter:

If you do not comply with the relevant duty, we may cancel the policy or reduce the amount we pay if you make a claim. If fraud is involved we may treat the policy as if it never existed and pay nothing.

If you misrepresented any fact to us before the insurance contract was entered into, and if we would not have entered into your insurance contract for the same premium and on the same terms and conditions shown on your Policy Schedule but for the failure to disclose or the misrepresentations; Then our ability in respect of any claim may be reduced to an amount which would place us in the position in which we would have been but for your failure to disclose or your misrepresentation. however, if the non-disclosure or misrepresentation was fraudulent, we may avoid your contract altogether.

Advise us immediately of any change to the risk of your circumstances e.g. change of vehicle, drivers, location, modification, accessories, licensing conditions, etc.

You may return this policy to us within 14 days of the date we enter into it provided that no right or power under the policy has been exercised (eg. No claim has been made). When you return it within the above 14 day period we will cancel the policy and give you a full refund of premiums paid. Please note that you still have cancellation rights that you can use after this period expires.

After cancellation and subject to your cooling off period rights we will keep the premium for the period that your policy was in force in accordance with the short rate table detailed in the policy.

We are committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with 10 National Privacy Principles. To enable us to provide our services to you, we collect your information and disclose it to third parties, such as insurers, premium funding companies, banks, claims assessors. To enable us to maintain correct records, please inform us of any changes as they occur. You have the right to request access to, and correct any of your personal information that we may retain, subject to law. Further details about how we collect, manage and use your personal information, can be viewed in each Product Disclosure Statement or our Privacy Policy (located on our website). You can also call us for a copy.

If you have any complaints about how we handle your personal information or about our service or advice, please let us know. We have internal dispute resolution procedures in place and abide by the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice and subscribe to the Insurance Brokers Disputes Limited, an external dispute resolution facility for insurance brokers and consumers. As agent to insurer/s, any complaint about policies and associated services may also be handled under the relevant insurers internal dispute resolution procedures, and the external dispute facility for insurers and consumers, the Financial Ombudsman Service. We also abide by the General Insurance Code of Practice which can by viewed at Further details can be viewed in each Product Disclosure Statement and our Complaints and Disputes Policy, both located on our website. You can also call us or the insurer/s for a copy of the relevant Complaints Policy

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Pest Control and Termite Inspection Insurance | Wallace ...

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