DeMarcus Cousins brings out the fighting side of Holley and Keefe (Round Two!) –

Posted: February 22, 2017 at 7:42 pm

Yeah yeah yeah. Sort of reminded him of the sun brickyard blues. I something loud something funky. You guys yesterday were loud and funky here and I liked listening to let that sometimes you know how sometimes it doesn't have that effect at that's right has happened both boiling over because we talked about the markets cousins on and off since I joined the show well Bowen one of us had talked about the markets cousins on and off. Since you joined the show it as bad to you yeah other big fan big fan and you're right but it. But he could lose your mind until he was traded because I was always there ally you know it may need anybody deep pockets right didn't lot today is being honest with the aussies is not gonna traders are gonna trade him. And that he did in inevitable. You know discussed that we're gonna we're gonna agree on this and that finds is there's. And I. Yeah it really it was it was not disclose agree adult conversation would not an adult onto college you know it wasn't I wanted to know why I don't see it could well. It is an adult conversation because it wants all of all conversations get to that point. They should. To a point where it will follow it and what happened. And in the safety of your own home and you know look at a conversation talking about now and when it gets to that point don't you fine. That allowed you all the wrong you are no all got I am when I'm when I get into one of those that my wife the latter I'd get some voice in the back line at San. Use in its liquidity I don't have that well I don't know I at that. I think people get emotional I think people get emotional you know if you're not really thinking. I'm wrong. So I'll get louder as loud because you're you're passionate about it so I make no apologies. I don't know not excellent analogy. All they guys I Madieu suggested that. But I yeah at Portland I went and I'm. I don't expect you account walked back want your comment that I don't have one I know pretty well until I I had I think having merely to go those caught up in the heat of it. There are let me ask you this. Who witnessed the coming here for it is Brad yes NASCAR penalized and that's the one that makes you sound like an idiot out that's the one and yeah. I. No no I would agree with the idiot I that the who'd you rather have and I am I just just. Before you go compare and India who would you rather have our Kevin Garnett or Doc Rivers. CK it's out when you think about it yeah I don't even think about it and Kevin is Kevin Garnett is is that because voters and that's Kevin Garnett but so I might my. Whole thing is it may be it is too far extreme in May be cousins. Has proved to be reliable enough. But as great as the coach is it that lead you need the players. And another coach. That in the next coach down. Might be able to get just as much out of Doc Rivers was on his way to being fired then they bring into more hall of famers they win the whole thing he's one of the best coaches in the league. That he doesn't wanna rebuild here anymore so he takes off he goes the clippers they have. Three all NBA guys. And they're fine they're not great. It out of there by the fire but they're not you know a title contenders so a coach that's either important but the star player or top ten player that's also where united. Disagree but he gets another player out tonight and that's of things we disagree 'cause if you think the top and generally so what I'm saying is a top ten player is more important. That a coach even when the coaches as great as Brad Stevens I don't want to come across the doping Stevens is a good coach he is but the players went in that league. Players who win the right players. Right in that yeah I would rather have the right player than the coach so Doc Rivers are who's more important Doc Rivers are Kevin Garnett talk Kevin Garnett. I don't even if she's eight it was more important Ray Allen. Or Doc Rivers I'd say Ray Allen. Rightly if they admit Paul Pierce didn't see I'd out Doc Rivers but see a doc. But it if thought Kendrick Perkins in CI I with a nickel our Turkmen we're gonna were a try to find another way you're right that there are certain players are more important in the coach. Here's a problem here's the problem with the markets cousins yes the talent of perhaps Kevin Garnett. He has the attitude of Matt Barnes. Who don't let go by the well you know it yet they got better idea in what is cases now installed because it's a couple of days ago were saying. How many times do you see a superstar. Traded. And the team gets better and my answer is zero. And this does not apply because market cousins that not a superstar so a guy got thrown into. Yellen Adam had any idea boil boil and out is that it's only hoping not superstars or it's all NBA player. He's got a superstar players superstars. You'd never and you've league we can disagree on this. You have never seen a superstar player in NBA history. I'll go back part of a bigger statement on this we have no superstar. In the history of basketball. Has gone six straight years without missing without getting to the playoffs no superstar in the history of basketball but in 1946. All about George and Mike and didn't do that now he's going iceman guy how to go about it I don't iceman made the playoffs everybody everywhere they're actually used to make runs though Western Conference finals against the lakers and Phoenix. They're helpless right now back I think opening him and so are not helping you or your of the iceman has run the viewer. Why can't I and Michael did know he brought up George might as well as I'm gonna. And I heard her letter right. And I think it sure none of the holidays like how right after all good you're hired George Georgia right in my my dad gave George Michael. And this anymore. Disrespectful so are not as clear is not over yet by the way. Right content crew is not over and over whether he can make the playoffs. And so I I'll also Yule. Must have less superstar like I think Kevin Love that the cards here superstar I cannot throw you and I guess he gets in on that. They are different their differences between all star players and superstar players yet about our superstar players are are are extremely. Special. Talents are transcendent. Talents and in my mind yet so it's two undergraduate all stars superstars called all NBA and that's what Kevin loan laws and that's what DeMarcus Cousins it wouldn't say that because you didn't did not Rajon Rondo make an all NBA team yet and that year it was these it was not a superstar. And I love them and I always defended Rondo. Just because you make an all NBA team does not mean you are he. Odd trans formative transcendent player if you're first or second team in major top ten that year it was pretty good when that season and people are voting on it and so yeah there are lots of their a lot of factors that that go into it you know sometimes. A people get the votes wrong but I think we know some harsh criminality to draw the Allenby I'm not darted all out of sync sometimes. You know you want to buy an area argument that's another thing you what you wanted to be either or it's not either or. It's a lot of things that factor into it so you know what a superstar player when you see one okay and there you see them different and employees were not all gonna agree on who has superstars or not but I will say that's your superstar basketball when you can affect. You eat at a greater opportunity to effect. Or your team of people around you. It's really hard to imagine a guy like that you're transformed their view this you're that and yet keep him and take it into the playoffs and you got six years six years and six. Coach is yet to do it yeah so and an owner who believes in cherry picking and also staff the bunch of bloggers to help him draft a first round pick. That's who's applying for a good luck to anybody well try to weigh in Sacramento funny you should say that because there are those who think that Magic Johnson. Basically between its way into a job as president of basketball operations for the LA lakers today dad's been got a great piece on last may. Basically magic had a two point a two part plan. To turn around the lakers this summer the para octave down short par won his first week Laker nation. The first freeagent the lakers should go after is camp and are that was. Our lives. They could even get there wrap up part is pretty got a got part two yeah plan yeah Laker nation yet. The lakers should call LeBron james' agent. We know he's gonna stay in Cleveland but they should go after her case you thought. It's the red and abroad he's going after Obama until Ed today. He's president of basketball operations for the LA lakers because he's got a wife and here I should start Sweden Moore heard good things are up. Your lakers ultimatum that was his two part plan. Disable lakers this past summer and I will say this it would have worked on talent he's got employee you those are two good player. It's gonna sound crazy so if it Magic Johnson. Brings on Kobe Bryant. I think that's a good hire for the lakers he brings if we if Kobe Bryant where I think Kobe would be good at G I was like a rare. Superstar players. Got me dessert and soda that would be that would be great. I don't think he would want a coach for just a team building I concede that that skill set him. Team bus today basically had a round game of throngs episode in the in the lakers office Mitch Kupchak gone. Of the team's PR director vice president of public relations for the last 25 years gone the team's. Chief operating officer dawn. That are. Our there the vice president of basketball operations you know I can get to do that anymore. Will be interesting and in so doing she she gets magic the job. And she said we hope to have an announcement about a new GM's soon which. I think it Weller I fairly close at hand right to your point Michael. There are and I we were talking about this in the office there are two. General manager of color in the entire NBA in a league that is 75%. Black there are only two. That you might be higher and number three don't you think America. Could speaker with Toby my question is. Will this drive Kobe not view high cook higher Kobe is the GM. And then what happens at all president of team player operations they make all the moves. Right because magic is said he wants control of the team has got to plan so hiring he dusted and edit them well thought out a way added if we all agree but. Hiring Colby or is he really have a chance to make moves or his magic gonna be the one trading in drafting. Things like I don't see it you know I think I think magic is and he's good addict he's really good. Just kind of making up making connections and and being the face of a franchise in and going around in being a goodwill ambassador. He's he's he's he's great at that kind of stuff and so. I can see. I can see the value of having Magic Johnson beat the face of the lakers but in terms of a rebuilding the franchise I can't imagine whoever he hires. To do some of the so you know that they're caps and you know making a lot of the phone calls and I've thought about making phone calls to make trades happen. But lots of work and there's ground work. Three months six months sometimes a year before trade actually takes place when they're going back and forth between franchises I can't imagine them over running or overruling. A guy working under him especially that guy is Kobe. Like if he got really out a partnership and we have the title and he's in control. But. Maybe I'm just reading what did I did this president's makes you want with such a basket. All calm you know history is going to be making the most yeah I don't know I think you have to know what you're strengths are. And you can't match it does post playing career well it's really no strength coaching talk show TV and hey it's been too busy turning around my doctor Q okay great photo right there on the pulse is terrible he's an incredible businessman. But it is you know he's a piece and that's part and I yeah I mean you I think I make the case and make the case that he is business career is more impressive than his basketball career I think about that really. Yes I don't know enough about that I'd enemies on the TV or reading is too well exactly about every movie theater in southern toe the line now. And Heidi he sounds like yogi aero here is what here's what Magic Johnson told ESPN last week. I'm guessing he's sort of knew what was common okay and in honor of Kennedy that's what he told ESPN last week quote first call I'll make it I'm in charge. Colby Bryant. Because Colby understands winning. He understands also the players you know and so why would call what you want bro. If you got a day just gimme that day I'll take that whatever time he has I wanted to come and be apart on equal. Eight I don't know this is still on YouTube about. Well I'll Arnold it's on YouTube and all I saw Locke but you know everything's on YouTube so maybe depart. As a while ago Coby. Days date one year they got bounced on the first round bye the spurs lost somebody in the playoffs so Kobe was. On the set TNT. Doing analysis. Watch out Charles watch out Kinney I if he wanted to do that he's done a look he's got my his basketball mind. Is exceptional yet so. If it's not like anything's gonna happen in basketball that he doesn't understand. Is very evident always translate to the front office is a very bright guy an and I know there are a lot of guys Jordan the best example there are a lot of guys who play the game and high level and you know can't duke can't be executives and coaches there are some guys who hurt you know terrible players but a great executives and coaches and semi and I don't Danny. If Danny Joseph to Mars so to mart's good for a while and account lost it but yet to build a championship team. And as a hall of fame player in which had been hoping. Back to get a good today yeah it's an all star player a good a good player. Who has got a really good job of building team and him and building a championship team as they are they are you guys like that we're kind of in the middle. We're not superstars. Not scrubs. And can make that transition I think Kobe would be one of the rare guys in back to bring them along I think magic it what a tragedy at magic. Can't just do this. By himself he can't but the question at all right he will look I don't think he will that would be a huge huge response. You call right now trying to get to as Randall just just good paid if there was there's great products sold. Terry try to flee some right now he's got a Wanamaker what was it on shake things out. A thought. Com column must bring up lies and and I know he's been their for a couple of weeks now in this advisory role quote on quote it's obvious this was what they were leading to what they were building up to right. But two days little more than 48 hours before the trading deadline. You basically lob this grenade into the basketball operations department your blog ready now to bring him in so who's making the decisions come trade down the grenade was magic. Yeah you have to if they would let the game that he probably told them they all know they all knew when he came in as an advisor. That was what they told the public. A behind the scenes it probably told everybody hey this is the guy that. Unlikely to make any moves though. They think two days you probably like you know we're also cause call to get to everyone appease follies there are penetrate you're really young. He had a second or trade De'Angelo Russell is not gonna trade Ingram talking to trade Randall Wright. A millionaire or any junior army all those guys have been and so I think I think he's kind of just look toward the draft already had a look around and start building a staff interest ago. So does our Magic Johnson Macon called the Larry Bird to discuss trading players. Weird that we think about that in a moment magic and Larry hey. I am making a DeLia what precipitated the tool home and a. And then where do you or do you rate Larry as an executive. Clear at like one of the best you know one of ten best players in the history of basketball Larry Bird. Was a coach of the was the coach of the year ticket team to the finals it really had no chance of winning it but took out the lakers in six games now he's an executive. I was at about it was a terrific coach. What is he is an executive with Larry. As an exact. Okay good yeah yeah they are as good a good deal that could be in the Eastern Conference finals of two or three years RO. I was near Eilat. McKay oh hasn't exactly the adds an exact I would save the better coach. But it well. He did it did draft KG. He drafted staff. Are treated Hillary it will while hatch you had to trade KG. Trades that cassettes that was. That's it was too cold Minnesota but it. Yes Leah you have your typical try to go to New York. Currently our call rather you know does that get out there now it was. It was good I was getting its act. Our great. Yen down country. Does change compare. HI RS and I hate you Barack Obama he's got the exact same title that that magic now yeah president of basketball operations while I spent the best that I better this is a better executive and built that builds her injury Saturday at better than material worst player out of the four vote on this yeah part of leather vests. President of basketball operations. So the question is that guy Danny change you know what what trade does he make it because that is it or doesn't make a trade at all. We talk to them on Friday won't will we be talking about a new member of the Celtics or. Danny explaining why he didn't feel comfortable making any moves and why he likes this team wears position. A well there will be a new member of the Celtics. It it may not be. A a player who comes on board at the expense of Brooklyn packed in other words it may not be a big the out in May be a much smaller deal. I mean now everybody let we are now at this stage of our sports evolution. That basically we build sports stories based on remote GI's tweeted out by players in the NB. So Isiah Thomas tweets out of mode GI's that your dad and then Andre Drummond treat tweets out a multi eyes pretty gut and went and Andre Drummond is at its its like now well we're now building the case because. And remember last summer. Because Isaiah Thomas out of GI's and and the next thing Joseph Al Horford was here he told Al Horford was it's like. So now that's that's that's how we're gonna decide 2000 thank you for madness there. Is that I want to hear that a secret code. So yes I think that notre. Her there'll be at least the new player here but it may not be. At the expense of a Brooklyn panic and I think my guess is based on the the fans we've talked to over the last couple of days. Celtic nation that the majority of them maybe not a vast majority but better than 50% will be disappointed. If one of those picks isn't dealt in other words you want getting up big time player in return yeah you're getting you know PG. Yeah I mean it's a the patient group overall yeah he's right Celtics fans are patient but this year were a little bit ahead of schedule you look at where they are compared to the cavs and also where they are. Compared every other team in the Eastern Conference Zabel. All why not you know trotted try to. Really improve the team this year and all other guys were talking about as solid their rentals you know some their contracts expire after next year but still you get a young player here. For at least a couple years with a chance of resigning on. I think you know you wanna think about doing that because you could only draft so many players they have a million picks. Last year we talked about the 88 picks three in the first round they had dispatched to overseas did a trade away. And sell off some of those second round picks you have more picks the next three years it's it's a staggering number. Policy of so many young guys you're actually how. The make trades. You know maybe don't have to make a trade for Jimmy Butler but you have to big trades or you're just going to be you know cutting first round picks before their of their contract even X. Or some guys on the roster now. Yeah straight out right will that be walking away I mean look at oh right I don't Amir Johnson you know you don't have to you know it's what what are your draft picks will replace Amir Johnson what are your draft picks will replace. Odds are repko so you'll start. Just have some of the guys who were here. This kind of move on as your team improves. So I don't know but you have to make a trade I would say. Don't do anything there is there it's it's not worth moving. A Brooklyn tech. Some are. There's there's nothing out there. That. That intrigues me enough Brasilia Brooke what I do and it. It sounds like Paul Georgia's going on interstate on the other way Larry's going rattling hit bring somebody along with trying to help you out front page magic about a minute. Now he is just outstanding torch don't say in Larry LL having now very Reynolds earlier and see what I can get there but if he was available would you trade an ethnic for him. I see I would for him. Yeah. Mean that's that's. That's definitely guy you would consider you definitely considerate and I think he's probably the only guy. Yeah who won Alec titans ditches in and that we you wouldn't have given up Oprah compared Africa this would have. Were you listening yesterday I know it's not that I was no I don't even I wasn't listening I don't have words six months as the things that need to get out. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number believe it or not we're gonna make a connection between a lot of the Celtics stock which has been going on the last couple of days. With the other winter sports team and their trade trade deadline is coming up next week we'll do that as the afternoon what works on as well. It's still a Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W the. It's immigrants are. And deliver sound Andy. Pretty go DeMarcus Cousins last Friday a tear filled. Divide basically the city of Sacramento and specifically with the Children's Hospital. But he was involved with disease and I'll never on never not be involved in these kids and he was very emotional I saw a lot of folks tweeted out last night and many of those folks at character matters on. Yeah because I know he got a ton for the community there there are some stories like the last sponsor Christmas is he does the the Santa 'cause. They shivered at the Bolton Sacramento and in mobiles so I don't ever want to paint him as the worst guy in the world but he does he does it alone could charity work as well. And also I think I think I understand. From trauma take a stab at this is I think I understand what bloody Iraq was trying to say yesterday owe him. At eight and also say it's unfair it's unfair when someone is. I don't know how many languages bloodied about a diva knows probably bonds probably more than two short. 234 more than than we know yeah. I think what he's trying to say. Wise. I made a call. On DeMarcus Cousins two days ago. And I went back to that deal. And it wasn't there anymore had a better deal on the table I try to go I went to Pia did that deal again that deal with not their for me. So so I can't let that started it all recorded before the deadline when satanic panic don't know what well I think what he's trying to say you can. He panicked he he didn't make enough phone calls but I think. How I read it as a pig about it more is. He felt like the stock was dropping. So what he could have done two days ago he can no longer do that. Otherwise your bases that are otherwise yeah and edit they get a bunch of other general manager said get him or termite. But about that I'd call you I call you Wednesday and winning argument for this. What are you going to be for the Prius which it never did an absolutely love yeah Iran yeah I think what we're going to be for mysteries 500 dollars nine to track. Theoretically at for the second night I received break as they thought that I fail I thought if I think it is worth I vote now. Beautiful corridor. If you tell me 500 dollars an ankle and a combat teams operate fifty. Well it's not change something change so I think he is he had a deal in mind and or deals. In mind you don't really believe this is the idea of theory and I don't offending body IIRIR. Nathan I think that's wrong I think that's what he was trying to sad and and it the reason why did you wrong too many other executives in India in the NBA said. Could mean getting elected coffee yeah and the partner. That I don't really old rusty nobody's and it well Adrian the most mother and be together next. Week look. And as we can't make up is there aren't a lot of and hey they get a better deal two days ago that and they made this deal is wanna get into the process any trade him for days before a deadline but are they thought about what you're somewhat up again and did shooting here when all but I would love you're dependent. You didn't hear what else I had to say he's in saint. If you are shut up and then let let a year it okay so. Lot of diva. Who is on the record saying this as opposed to sources. Or according to. This executive this I don't know that that's it that's a bookie man vs somebody I've heard so many of you know you don't want no no. Who said it looks at what general manager talked in general I would think if you don't want. What are they say I was pretty point on what anybody says what's it as humans. I don't I don't know he didn't say it was a look at it next I don't believe did you rode out you this is know who you are making up stories to defend democracy. Don't read it I don't know they're dated a blue dragon you're not into other things that's. Everybody. All of my unnamed source says yeah so it happen. So their target general managers are 25 of them who wanted to get boogie cousins but body until there was now back. That's their own act would. There was no plot it said that that's what a story. Okay acts of life that he had a better Yeltsin is go to didn't get it and you'd think. Now all of a sudden it DeMarcus Cousins stock went into the Portland over the course of two days but he couldn't make another deal because I I'm I'm the NBA trade deadline happens you get something worse on the item that thing again ordinance. And that's okay worldwide leader Biden what he might have been I think it has more to do with the owner and blog today. Doesn't wanna take full blame but he knows that he has to take some of that because that's the job I think the owner said. Hey Alec but he he'll outline. Because your parents on the reports that that's the case. Arnold the sources are they don't have a name attached and they won't believe it but they're saying they like but he healed the pedal maybe that's the only team that he could. That's what he could invite maybe I didn't wanna make the deal. That makes more sense than he thinks that he's gonna keep getting laughs as the days. Along. Richey please everything you reach from sources. Agent rocky great order out yes I'd like to think everybody pretty good track record. Or bust them what is wrong pocket and Chris Broussard word for it well he had a lot of stuff about the Celtics from the past what he said. You know that Celtics are gonna trade make a trade or Rondo being traded to Detroit. Yeah those being traded away. He is out over the years of course he's not all she's been so I don't think it'll have been wrong. You find it hard to believe that a reporter using anonymous sources is sometimes wrongs and I got number I got traded to Detroit startup that. They rated the piston that's the point you're pro. They're both wrong as is many times that he was I don't know why people would hold them up and I think many times that we did you ever been wrong did an example. Okay so I double figures were fork over even go to an ally and a lot of people even though if you go through his tweets over the years you'll find. That sometimes you miss is just like anybody else. But but generally speaking doesn't make up OK I don't know I don't I don't know. I don't know I don't know right now I know you didn't stop Augusta might not I don't try to got that something's got my point if he said. Other NBA executives have told me they couldn't get him to return they couldn't get Blondie to return phone calls. I know he doesn't make stuff up you know he doesn't if he says that I believe that other NBA executives told him. Even though he doesn't identify those NBA comments I don't know he said exacts I don't know the number. Eastern Conference Western Conference organized and what does it matter if it it. Give me more information I can easily plotting I can easily it's it's funny because it supports what you are generally not enough for you but it doesn't support milk because the thing I did not know why it's an anonymous source. Rich it's an anonymous source so you that's kind of the catch at the business is that not well it's the nature of the business but you have to look into it you can't just take it at face value you have to say. Why is someone saying this right now. What's their agenda. When is the last time I talk to the kings. Had they been talking well with a lot of anonymous source. Don't you just kind of say art why is this person giving an information. And what's their Rangel. Don't you do that now apply. OK I have not I hear answers deviate double latest from from Adrian watched around quoting this was eleven when only eleven minutes ago I don't believe here's my point. Agent rob polling that has emerged as a front runner to become lakers GM under Magic Johnson sources tell the vertical. He represents hardening Colby among others declared for the fab five for the lakers to hire pulling cut or any agent he'd have to divest for misrepresentation business. That process can't happen overnight self. Sources have told quotes around ski that this guy has emerged as the front runner to become the GM he has named sources. My guess is he's probably pretty. Other sources how many sources though it is not a lot of questions nobody had conference Western Conference college what's the deal here on the above it I'm not planet I'm not playing that game well obviously the game that your plane. I'm not only in the game there sure about it everybody wondered but it does not mean I got literally take conversely no but it's not it's why not it's not a real conversation when I'm trying to say they are. What kind of what I'm trying to say here is that I'd I'd know Adrian what Ross. I know I know agent no doubt that off of let's I'm not done but the point at a point is I know the guy. Followed his career for a long time. Before he was a basketball insider gives an excellent columnist and New Jersey is fantastic. And he does not make up information the larger point is trying to make is. He's talking to all these executives who hey he didn't call me back you can call me back. Where were these guys are good I don't know who they are is it five executives is it too was it a league wide epidemic I don't know that. He's excellent at what he does the best basketball reporter out there we all know that. He has been wrong before. But he's excellent at what he does that's the only thing I'm not saying everything Adrian puts up here is suspect in that he makes up information. Will love when we come back just a minute we'll get the calls that you guys but will play some of lot a.'s comments from yesterday. And C upon a a second better hearing. Will get a a better grasp of what it was he was trying to say we'll do that coming up next we'll get your calls as well yeah Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WB. Lugar program you most like to look at us. Because. Very good two days ago. Do we got now go. And then you yeah there are good for those we'll close real close socialization is good news this so what. Oh boy do those sort of discuss the vote. The process it was a big process for us. I here's what I think lot A saying. He had enough I'd get a better opportunities they'll by the way I'll take him to work for the sake of this discussion he did. And here's what I think happened I think he ancient spurt DeMarcus Cousins were basically telling other general managers. If you acquire he's not gonna sign just so you know. He's not gonna sign there he was driving the price down the agents work. One plotting it already that agents servants that. Right because he says he's got to earn money are a million dollars from Sacramento the agency Sam you know we really got to keep you here and that sort of thirty million dollar efforts here you stay here right I think the agents went Blondie was trying to say in any backed away because he realized. He's making charges here he might any dialogue would the process but he said ask the agents. I think the agents were telling other GMs looking if you do get them. He's not sign and we he's not he's not gonna stay there so Jesse and that's a point driving the price. They're matched that yesterday about the agents line that's important to the first Cilic will isn't between general managers are president of basketball operations and what does he mean by agents and so. That could definitely be a big market that has been mentioned before his agents have said even on the on the record they've said. Hey you know the because he's gets traded you know he's he's not sign an extension so it expected definite factor. And the that monies are coming back. Well I I thought that thirty EU you're never he just lost he lost nineties. He's going to be fine he's gonna get a Max deal from somebody right but. Only the only way he was gonna get that money was by staying in Sacramento and it's not I like that's what the agents were trying to do not like you what are you stay there. Yeah. Early he said that but again are tricky you don't says. Reds at the pad look if you're still on the team have demonstrated it out and out. Listen may be EU that the money. Doesn't really matter to him he says a 180000200. Plus million what's different this more money it matters everyone by yell loud and I. I don't know and I emperor some guys maybe if they aren't I just wanna I wanna get out so badly I don't care if the if the cost of leaving Sacramento is. A leading thirty million dollars on a table. I'll do it but most of the time that's not the case most guys today right. I'm not gonna do that with him because I don't think. He's in any kind of deals and opinions and can endorsement deals. And have you seen him. Not rationally I think god you got Maryland on cannot I had an Angel wanna jump into that day indoors thank you marry guys you know. Live birds gotta dealing Kevin you see all these and Chris Paul. All state farm yes I've never seen. Anything from DeMarcus Cousins so. And then bring that up because if you don't lose thirty million dollars that way you can exit woman can make it up in an endorsement and I don't I don't think that's part of his profile. So I was trying to it took to Michael's point about what Blondie was trying to say and I was saying if you went back and listened to little more carefully now. Maybe that's what he's talking about that the price was going down. And and may even be that the offer he had two days ago all of a sudden that GM a single in the agents tell me Zachary sign here. I'm not gonna give you that package now but I thought although prices down down here the last couple of months though cousin says said he wants the say the agents have said that he's not gonna sign an extension and Lott and said they're not penetrate them. And then you know an avenue vehicles of the trade deadline I do more willing to believe you know what happens though GMs call the agent yeah say hey listen and talk and a what about docks and the kings about Russia. About about buggy you know if I get them here with what you know it would Willie sign here yet Eddie guarantees and the agents go on and on down. Now we're reckoned that C at least every year to play whether it's not like he's. Or else the article for more money can't now you offer them the most money powered you know equal with the with the most money so. I still I would give slotted more credit or are what led him as much I guess. If he made the trade on deadline day and said yeah I had a better deal two days ago it was gone we had to trade number this is the most we get for right now. He everybody around the league for the most part the guys were plugged it in the league say they did not get very much form they're like even even if the markets cousins they malcontent even if he hasn't let his team to the playoffs. 11 round pick body healed is off to a tough start and a couple of guys firfer you know cap number like that there's no way they should gotten that little. This is what I would like to know. Elected know what they could have gotten. I like to know from from some you know you don't have to tell me. America I guess you could figure out somebody that organization. It in in power in the know. Would the messy exit would oppose it even after this guy for a long time yet to the mavericks have awful proposal know where they say definitely how this this idea let's look at their roster. You know everything that is better than the what the world's. Top one Harrison but no. They have everybody's gonna trade Dirk. Brought Wes Matthews their pick is better than in this pick it could also offer multi politics they're they can offer seventy in 191 from Texas still more than just what they got. I don't know if it would if Dallas is offering something to Sacramento is going to be an equivalent of what. New Orleans gave I'm not only Dallas but not my place I like to hear. What they could something tangible. Art and of people are art card killing them like I am yes and give a they could've had if they had returned a phone call they could have had just don't and I know this is not true but they could have had a Jalen brown 2018. Brooklyn tech. And Jae Crowder. Then I'd be more comfortable with that if I had an idea it's easy in other words it's easy for an organization to do this all the time and all sports. A deal is made it's easy to sit back and and the throw rocks at the organization that you think is in disarray about the dog more details. Also the captain so that's another option you know your game out of the playoffs or wherever they are the third they didn't have to treat them so that's why I said yesterday something happen. And maybe something was said. You know is people are talking about and yelling at the at the Golden State fans going off the court the other night. You know with the F bomb please is not a nightly occurrence that's got to Harding is and that's I mean the money's done that practically every night that he's been in the NBA practice that hasn't. And and Kevin Garnett would have been traded every day of his career. Let's get calls pats on the cell phone hey pat I you don't. I hear what's on. I'm not trying to worry too much into it like that you know keep saying it would interest me now additionally. Which I now lead a little bit more here it is Drummond after he retreated or not treated back at ice gators with the same ice. This Twitter feed you stick out like Detroit Pistons aren't agent now that's gone. And then Jae Crowder had responded to a to a couple street muggy and known. Thanks a lot. That's illustrate that like why would they. They're gonna have you tweet I signed by one to take down on the team at their client. You know that I pick him a little bit and treatments I won't hurt and there were treated pretty terminal day. Like I I freely admit that that it's these little pieces of of instant it flu like following the bread crumb trail out straight and in all women. All of a sudden Carmelo the Celtics started following Carmelo one on Twitter why. That the minutes should review the figure this out at this point and yet. I hope you die in a fire. We broke it all down a couple of weeks ago on the madness when we know that being. They can also mean drugs. I could also be drugs if I hole a multi cold going on in the NBA I think your ugly. That's of course the fraud of quality send me naked pictures and I can. When Isaiah was looking forward Maria big big big coldly I don't mind gosh her reactions priceless really good sign of it naked pictures on my yet. You think that it means. Nothing. However I I think I remember you know Ochocinco. Right before he was finally let go by the patriots he had you know knowing the pages but receiver in his bio on Twitter. And then somebody's at all it's not there anymore and had a few hours later as a denounce these cut so lake is silly is that is sometimes you can. Reader remember Isaiah tipped off everybody with the lucky and exactly but he sort of gave us a clue maybe and Al Horford so late it it's dumb but there might be actual real close and. Our a couple weeks is that a few weeks ago we were in Houston the day before we heard the news or started following our sister station on Twitter and. Think well I got that what happened 6777. And I don't 7937. This telephone number it's dale and Holley with key. Sports Radio W media when that being. They can also mean drugs.

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