Termite & Pest Control Specialist – Terminators Pest Control

Posted: September 25, 2018 at 10:44 am

Termite & Pest Control Specialist - Terminators Pest Control

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Serving The Greater Delaware Valley for 40 Years!

Safe Ways to

Control Pests

Around Your Home or Business!

Indoor & Outdoor Pest Treatments!


(215) 727-0101 Phila(215) 781-3115 Suburbs(856) 482-7378 New Jersey(888) 996-7378 Toll Free

Our barrier misting program ensures a reduction in mosquitos for your continued enjoyment & safety. Our program includes a monthly exterior treatment to designated areas ofyour home or office for protection.

15% Off Our Spring Outdoor Pest Control Service

OUR HAPPY CLIENTS See what our clients are saying!

"I had a wasp and a flying ant problem. I called terminators and spoke with the owners wife and she put me in contact with the Owner Bryan. He was very professional and I could tell he knew what he was doing. He explained to me what was going to happen and how long it would take for the problem to resolve after his treatment, and he was 100% correct. Thanks again for the Superior service! I will be recommending this company to anyone in need!" - Robert C.

"We have been using Terminators for years. In addition to solving any pest control problem we have had, they have uniformly wonderful service people. Each representative who has come to our home has been so considerate, polite and helpful. I would highly recommend Terminators to anyone needing pest extermination services." - Ariel Schwartz Newtown, PA

"Best Pest Control! Thanks for taking good care of us." - Sundance Kennels, Inc.

"I have to thank Bryan Weiss owner at Terminators Pest Control, he came over and saved my life from a swarm of Flying Ants and also 4 wasps the size of a small dog! You really are first class service! Thank you again." - Bobby Condon

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Termite & Pest Control Specialist - Terminators Pest Control

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