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Recently bought a new house and during escrow we had another exterminating company do the inspection, but due to a few reasons we chose not to use them, instead our agent suggested using Suncrest (she's used them in the past) so we gave them a call. I called and spoke to I believe was Gabby, and we set up an appointment for someone to come out and inspect our future home. As we suspected some termites and dry rot were found around the house. The previous exterminating company would not even consider tenting our place due to having EagleLite Concrete tiles. Suncrest on the other hand was willing to give it a shot, as well as offer to replace a certain number of tiles (if broken during tenting), then over and above that number we'd pay the cost. Come time to tent our home, it was confirmed that although our tile was in great condition, it was pretty fragile, and the number of tiles they figured would be broken was pretty significant, so Marshall (owner?) who was out at the site immediately called me and discussed other options. We decided to go with spot treatment rather than tenting, although we preferred tenting, having to pay for a ton of tiles was just not going to happen. Marshall understood this, and to make us fell comfortable with that decision he gave us a great deal and also assured we had a solid warranty, as well as gave us a great price on future years of treatment. Already being in escrow and being limited in time to get all this done, Suncrest really came through for us. They didn't try to gouge us knowing we were in a bind, instead they understood and helped us work out an excellent solution. The treatment went perfect, after escrow closed and we moved in, we did the wood repair to the dry rot and termite damage. It took the crew one day, and when I returned home they were just finishing up, and I have to say, they did a fantastic job, all the areas they worked on came out perfect, they even removed some large pieces of wood and patched the stucco and painted with some paint we provided. The whole experience could have been a nightmare, but thanks to the patience, compassion and willingness to go above and beyond to assure our satisfaction, Suncrest achieved every aspect of customer service. We dealt with Vy, Gabby, and Marshall, and maybe a couple other folks, but sadly I didn't get their names, but I'm sure whomever you speak with from Suncrest, you'll be extremely happy with the service. I highly recommend Suncrest to anyone seeking quality work and quality service.

The only reason I had to dock a star is due to project re-work. Had that not been the case, this is a strong 5-star company...After learning about my experience, the owner (Marshall) contacted me to make things right. He personally came to my property and reviewed the structural repairs with which I was unhappy. We chatted, and at the end of the day I think there was a bit of a disconnect between his sales rep and myself during the initial inspection. He agreed the craftsmanship did not meet his expectations either, and scheduled the same technician to come back out and make the fix. The rework was much better, and he threw in some extra linear feet and painted for the trouble. Suncrest is a family company, and Marshall proudly runs it as such. My original comment about them subbing out the tenting turned out to be incorrect. Suncrest does business as FumeCo for termite tenting. After researching I found Suncrest and FumeCo are two licensed operations under the same ownership. At the end of the day the Suncrest sales rep didn't conduct business in a way that originally made me feel valued as a customer and came off as sleazy. However, the owner quickly went out of his way to right that wrong. I will 100% do business with Suncrest and FumeCo again for any future exterminating needs.5 stars for: business integrity, competitive pricing, skilled craftsmanship, and an owner the truly cares about his customers.

Update: Had some issues with my prior rep from Suncrest but Marshall the owner reached out and took my complaint serious. Although my initial interaction and impression was a bad one, Marshall showed integrity and care and offered to cover the price for the tenting. This is a family run business and he definitely took charge and ensured things were right for me. Will be tenting the house in a couple months and Im hoping for a smooth experience.

We had a wonderful inspector, Kevin, who was very professional and very informational. Wendy, who works in the office, emailed us our written estimate and was available to answer any of our questions at any time. She too, was very professional and informational as she knew it was our first time getting termite tenting. We are in the process of selling our home so we ended up getting 5 estimates, mostly from Yelp. This company's estimate was very affordable and they accept a check or credit card. As homeowners, we just had to remove and/or bag all food from the pantry and refrigerator; all medications, and valuables. They also repaired and replaced all termite/damage rot wood prior to the tenting and did such an excellent job, I give them 5 Stars!

Marshall, There was no confusion, just dishonesty and greed on your part. We have been in business most of my life, we have never treated our customers like this, there is no need for this. How many more customer have you screwed over. ???? Remember this Marshall we had a witness in the garage that over heard the quote, so stop lying about the price.

Fumigation is the WORST but this company made it a breeze! We have a 7 unit complex in Redondo Beach and we needed Fumigation. I was so stressed out trying to coordinate the HOA. We needed signatures and everyone to agree. Suncrest came out and had a very fair estimate and a 4 year warranty which is more than anyone else was willing to offer. They were extremely responsive to all my emails which there were MANY. They even offer wood repairs which we took advantage of. They held a class which we all attended and provided bags and answers to all of our questions. On the day of our Fumigation it was scheduled to rain! We had to cancel and reschedule which was also a breeze. They arrived on time and were so professional. They were timely with the tent removal and we had NO damage. Overall would recommend them to anyone! Reasonable, great warranty, professional all around. Great experience!Wendy, in their office, was always so nice and so eager to help. A+ for customer service.

Termite free blissSelling a house is a bit stressful, having professionals help in that process is priceless. Suncrest is one of those companies. I knew I had a termite problem and was dreading the process. Our realtor recommended Suncrest and I'm glad they did. Marshall (owner) came over to do the inspection. He was friendly, professional and explained the process in detail. He provided us with a quote on what needed to fixed and the tenting. The price was more than reasonable. To be honest, I thought it would have been twice what we were quoted. Needless to say I was happy with the price. His crew was awesome!!The next step was replacing all the wood the termite damaged. They were Fast, coordinated and meticulous in their work. It was like watching a symphony, everyone had a task to do and they all moved as one. I provided them the paint to match the color scheme of the house and when they were done, I couldn't even tell where the repaired items were (and it was a lot of damage). Awesome work!!Tenting time:It's 3 days, so we evacuated to Legoland Hotel for the duration (rough living, lmao). We were so busy right before the tenting that we didn't wrap all the food items in plastic bag as we were instructed. We just figured, we would throw away everything when we got back. When we got back, to our surprise, the crew had placed all of our food items in plastic bags. ALL of it. The cupboard, the pantry and even the refrigerator!! Yes the refrigerator!! Awesome!!If you need termite extermination, give Marshall and his crew a call. You'll be impressed by their work. I was =)

We called Suncrest for Termite fumigation service for our 2 story home. The tenting was done on a Thursday and was off on Sunday. Suncrest contacted SoCal Gas Company for turning off the gas, and we called SoCal Gas on Sunday to schedule the gas to come and turn on. The SoCal Gas Company doesnt work on the weekends, so our gas was turned back on Monday morning. Our family booked a hotel on Thursday check in and Sunday check out. The tent covered our entire house and everything went well. Our stuff wasn't really touched, and the workers did check our fridge for any leftover food we forgot to take out. Before the fumigation tent was put on my family prepared to bag all of our food. Suncrest provided nylon bags for bagging. Our plan of attack was to take most of our food outside in our yard. If anyone steals our food be by guest because it was just condiments like bottles of ketchup, seasonings, soy sauce, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, etc. It was a lot of hard work to bag all of our food. When in doubt just bag it or take it out. We used big storage tote boxes bought from Costco~! To take all of our bulk food rice, oil, soy sauce, fish sauce, lots of rice, etc. out of the house. Definitely took a couple of hours to bag our food. If I need to fumigate again my advice before fumigation is to eat all the food and do a deep cleaning.My mom and dad is Vietnamese, and Suncrest does have a Vietnamese lady that was able to speak to clear any language barriers. Of course this is a favorable and convenient for my parents. We also called Suncrest for Pesticide control for pavement ants around our property of our house. The technician was professional and friendly. The spray treatment only took 30 - 40 minutes because of our 2 story house. We have been using Ortho Home Defense spray bought from Home Depot or any other store to try to get rid of the ants, but the ants keep coming back every summer inside our home. Suncrest explains that the pesticide control treatment spray is sprayed around our property and the ants will eventually pick up the chemical and bring back to the queen ant. Hopefully, the ants will minimize and we will see less ants inside our home.

I wanted to once again give a shoutout to Suncrest. They "debugged " my house and a friends house a couple of years ago and at a great price. Marshal, the owner checked in on us and didfor another inspection, once again showing his company's commitment to service. Highly recommended Suncrest

These folks do a great job! Just had my place tented - Hugo was in charge - and came home to find they had double-bagged a bunch of items from two kitchen cupboards that I had not understood needed to be. Talk abought thorough! My Suncrest office contact, Wendy, was also extremely helpful. Highly recommend!!

I have used Suncrest for my house and investment properties at work. They have done both exterminating and repairs, even working with my tenants.

I highly recommend using Suncrest! They did and excellent job fumigating our Duplex rental property and provided a great competitive price! I am extremely satisfied with how they handled one cracked window caused by a small incident. I called Stephanie at the office and she sent her supervisor to inspect and photograph the cracked glass. And the next Day Suncrest arranged for Tiffany Glass to come out and start the repair process. They stand by their work and we are so happy with their customer service. Suncrest promptly returned all our calls and immediately sent someone out to repair the damage. Do not use Terminex! We had a horrible experience with them. My husband and I used TERMINEX a few months ago for our own residence. We thought we would be in good hands because they were a well known company. However, TERMINEX left $3600 worth of roof tile damage, broken pyramid heater, and broken expensive umbrella base. TERMINEX will not return our calls! We even called the corporate office and they could care less what ever happens with their franchisee. We will switch all our pest control services to Suncrest 🙂

I have been subscribing to Suncrest's maintenance service for a couple of years now. Matt comes out every couple of months and sprays the exterior of our home. He will also spray the interior, if need be. But since the initial interior spray a couple of years ago we haven't had the need. Matt is always friendly and professional. The lady in the office, who calls to notify me of our impending appointment, is also friendly and professional.After fighting ants inside and out, for a couple of years, with the cheap stuff I bought at Lowes and Home Depot, I noticed that my neighbor had a service, so I asked him about it and he said he had no problems whatsoever inside or outside. He recommended Suncrest, and so we gave them a try. No regrets. We are very satisfied with their service. It's affordable, and worth every penny not having to deal with the headache.

Professional from the first phone call, to the inspection, contract, pre-visit, tenting, invoicing, and the wrap up. They kept us informed of every step and the timing to get back in our home. No more termite! Hip hip hooray!

This is a great place that is reasonably priced and got the job done with wonderful customer service. I also recommended them to a friend in Pasadena and she was happy with them too.

Professional customer service. They kept us informed of every step from start to finish. The fumigation team has done a very good job and very reasonable prices plus other discounts.Thank you, Marshall, Furia, Mai and Vy-CN

Mr thach, the tech helped earned the single star. Their scheduling is horrible. Push out out the first scheduled date at the last minute. " our tech is out for personal issues"First actual appointment with them no one showed up. ( they claimed no one answered). Second appointment again is no show. Finally after two months since we bought the deal from Angie's list, work was performed.

Termite tenting went well for me. Having never done this before, they put my mind at easy by making it simple to understand what we needed to do to get prepared for the job. Everything they said they'd do, they did, and the job was completed without any hiccups. Good price too. They own their own tenting service so they can offer more competitive rates than other pest control companies that outsource.

Just got my house fumigated from Suncrest. Outstanding service and priced well. Staff was great to work with. Now comes the unpacking and getting the house back in order. We were referred to them from a friend and couldn't be happier.

I have used several termite companies in the past and have been very disappointed about their service after they suck you in. Suncrest was recommended to me by a neighbor who has been using them and happy with them for years. I am very grateful for the recommendation.

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Suncrest Exterminating Termite & Pest Control - 23 Photos ...

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