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These guys really are the experts at removing unwanted pests and they also know a thing or two about treating their customers right.Fed up with an unwanted pest that had made its way into our attic from the outside, I searched on Yelp for someone in the area that could help us and they were the first ones to come up so I gave 'em a call. The guy who answered the phone was very quick to respond and personable; I had an appointment made almost immediately. He explained the price structure ($75 for the inspection/consult that would later be applied towards the service fee if you decide to go with them). I was very impressed at the thorough breakdown and their honesty.The next day - less than 24 hours later - two guys arrived to assess the situation. Although our attic is not walkway friendly, they were still able to get to the area and do the assessment. They gave us a thorough and documented explanation of what type of pest we had, the source of the problem and our options for resolution. They also expertly recommend best options based on their knowledge. As we we live in a condominium community, and the source was external, they advised us to speak with our management company on resolving the issue and we were also told that they were helpful in explaining the issue and situation to our management company as well. I later learned that they have been in business for over 50 years and I now see why: They give quick and prompt service, their employees are experts in the field, they have a strong business model and they simply get the job done in helping you get rid of your unwanted pest issues.

This was one Yelp search I wasn't looking forward to - finding a decent exterminator in the Jersey City area. After three years of living in my apartment pest-free, I unfortunately came across my first mouse experience and desperately wanted it to be my last. Based on the Yelp reviews, I decided to give Professional Termite & Pest Control a try. I'm glad I did!That exterminator that came was thorough and professional as he searched through every room in my apartment, searching for entry points where mice could get in. He marked them for me and even showed me how to check behind my stove where - SURPRISE - there was another dead mouse. UGH. Seeing the pure fear on my face, he quickly agreed to wrap up the mouse and throw it out for me. Thank goodness. What I really appreciated was how he took his time and how honest he was in his evaluation, and he educated me too on how to use steel wool to seal up all the open holes. Because it's only been less than a week since the service, I'm giving them four stars at this time to see how good their services really are after a month. I will certainly give them a call for a follow up check, if needed. But...I hope I don't have to!

Professional and quick service. I'm unsure about relative pricing because I haven't had the privilege of using other pest control services in the area. It seems reasonable, but then again, when you're skeeved out and someone promises to get rid of roaches and mice, anything seems reasonable.The technician and his partner was prompt and professional. The only gripe I have is that they have a 10 day policy on returning for any persistent pest problems, which we had after the first treatment. I understand that a first treatment might cause agitation in the existing pest population and lead to more sightings, but the 10 day policy was:1. a surprise, because the technician stated that they had a 1 month guarantee, but did not mention a limit on the return, and 2. seemingly arbitrary. Why 10 days?

Awesome service. The manger is really nice and helpful. I highly recommend people to chose this service. You will appreciate it.

Ask for William for your extermination services here -- he is the most thorough of all the professionals on staff. 16 years of experience and goes the extra mile.

Great service and extremely responsive. They offer a seasonal guarantee which really put my mind at ease. Highly recommend, great professional exterminators!

Used Yelp to find an exterminator and settled on Professional Termite and Pest Control. I had called others but found them somewhat unprofessional. PT&PC was friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I thought I had fruit flies that had multiple with a vengeance, but I had drain flies. The came to inspect, saw what I needed, came back the next day and flies are now with their maker. I was concerned that my cat and dog would be at home. They assured me that there products were safe for pets. Everything they said was accurately accurate. I'm a tough grader, these folks get an A++. Thank you Wilma and Patrick one rarely gets this kind of fair and professional service.

I would not recommend this business to anyone. They charge way too much for a service that does not help. They are more than happy to sell you even more though. I browsed Yelp for exterminators and looking at the reviews, I went with them. Getting a weekday appointment was fairly easy, but that was the only thing good about it. The exterminators came at the scheduled time, however they were barely there for 10 minutes and put very few traps. That did not help the problem at all, in fact it got even worse and we started seeing more pests after the services. I called to complain and the lady "Volma" I spoke to told me that she could schedule another follow-up service for me for $75+tax. I told her "No thanks!" Bad way to conduct business, she wasn't even willing to send someone to re-assess why they did such a bad job or if they missed anything. This business is NOT recommended.

I called at 4pm on a Friday and got voicemail. I left a message that I need them the next day. Wilma called me back and I was surprised as they close at 5pm and it was a Friday. Today Jack came at 11:15am and he was courteous and knowledgeable.

Outstanding service! I would definitely recommend this business to anyone looking for trustworthy professionals. Great service for an affordable price. Thank you so much for all your help.

5 stars is for excellent customer service. Wilma was understanding of my disagreement with my condo board's actions which left me out of entitled treatment for mice extermination. I already had a very good exterminator (Paramount Exterminators, Jersey City - 5*s) but the condo board did not inform me that they selected Professional Termite & Pest Control which would be covered by the condo reserves ($0 cost) until after their personal units received the initial treatment. Wilma promptly coordinated appointment with my tenant & followed up with me to confirm. I asked for the condo board for the entire building to be treated as of last year but it was denied. I readdressed the issue 9/6/16 & the condo board agreed to act quickly because the mice eventually got into their units. A single unit in a condo building cannot be treated for mice unless everyone (all units) participate in the extermination because mice travel between walls. I will repost review after scheduled treatments. This review is for my personal appreciation for Wilma's prompt & professional customer service.

I highly recommend these guys. Jack was fantastic. He was professional and courteous and gave us an honest assessment. He gave us a quote and then performed the work right away. He was upfront about everything and took the time to really explain what he was doing and why. I would never use anyone else.

Its our first time using an exterminator and so far I have had a great experience with this company. The customer service over the phone was very professional, detailed and helpful. The Exterminator, Pat, came to treat our home. He was amazing. He was very detailed and explained everything step by step, as he did his job. Overall I was very pleased with their service. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an exterminator.

Had a little situation about two years ago at my home and I'm so happy I called these guys. They came over the next day, found the problem, did what they had to do, came back a week later for a scheduled follow up and my problem was solved. Great service! I highly recommend them!!!

Very professional and courteous company. They are knowledgeable in their field and cater to there customers' needs. I would highly recommend them. There prices seem very competitive as well.

If you're in the local area and you want experts, these are the people to call. From start to finish it was an excellent experience; Wilma is great to deal with and efficient with scheduling, and the exterminators Pat and Jack are top of the line. They do a thorough inspection (an "initial service") at an affordable price, and propose a number of recommendations to you that can make a big difference. No job is too big or too small for these guys; they do service on our apartment building which has over 50 units. They're efficient, organized, thorough, and most importantly, they get rid of your unwanted guests and help you to make the changes you need to make to do the same. Highly recommend these guys, make sure you ask for Jack and Pat (though I'm sure the others are excellent as well)

As a follow up to my last review, I called the company to find out why I hadn't heard from anyone. I spoke with Wilma, who apologized, then proceeded to work out a quote as we were on the phone. She also sent a quote via email (as was requested since this is a condo and was needed for the Board of Directors.) She also followed up with a phone call to make sure I received it, then another follow up call today. She took the time to answer questions regarding my specific situation and remained courteous and helpful throughout the length of the conversation which probably lasted 10-15 minutes. Quote was a bit high but hopefully they're worth it.

These guys have taken care of us for past year, had an issue with a variety of pests. They always arrived on-time, were quick, clean efficient and everything was done courteously and of course the problem has been resolved.

Outstanding service 100%. This company is way better than terminex or orkin.. They literally do whatever they need to to make sure u are pest free. I have a small studio apartment in a building that is infested with roaches.. No matter what I do, they keep coming back! Jack gets behind very inch of the apartment with this super strong bait stuff & explains every aspect of exterminating roaches. I definitely recommend them & have asked them to pitch to the management office of this building because paramount sucks.

Nothing is more important than the cleanliness of your own environment. I happen to be very picky with who I allow in my home & office because you can't exactly trust anyone. I have been with professional termite and pest control for the past 5 years and could not be happier with their services.They are extremely reliable, affordable, genuine, knowledgeable & respectful of my belongings. I am so pleased with the work they have done and highly recommend their services. It took a while for me to find the right service and I am so grateful I finally did

Professional Termite & Pest Control - Yelp

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