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Posted: September 22, 2018 at 2:40 am

Outdoor PestsRichly landscaped with a mix of wet and flat land, Orlando, FL, is home to a diversity of pests. Some outdoor insects in Orlando yards include:

Tawny Crazy AntsWith extremely few or sometimes no natural predators in the Orlando area, the tawny crazy ant is an invasive species that increasingly encountered locally. The pests do not bite people, but they will gather in giant colonies in lawns, gardens, garages, and homes. The insects also are attracted to electricity, so colonies of these ants can short electronics, including air conditioning units appliances.

Yellow Jackets & HornetsHome to three species of this brood group of pests, central Florida deals with regular yellow jacket and hornet issues. Yellow jackets often build their nests underground, so they can come in conflict with homeowners as they mow the lawn or do yard work. Hornets usually construct aerial nests that sometimes are located in dense shrubs and small trees where they can easily sting pets or homeowners. Yellow jackets and hornets have a painful sting and can cause medical emergencies to individuals that are allergic to the insects venom.

FleasThe flea is an outdoor pest that rapidly becomes a problem indoors. Fond of warm climates and high humidity, these insects thrive in Orlando. The pests attach to pet fur when animals go outside, then hitch a ride indoors and spread to pet bedding, furniture, and other areas. Fleas may also bite humans.

Indoor PestsOrlando residents must watch for pests that prefer to live indoors as well, such as:

Carpet BeetlesCarpet beetles do the most damage to local homes as larvae. These pests dine on fabrics, clothing, decor, and sometimes pantry foods. The bristly hairs of carpet beetle larvae can even cause skin irritation.

Brown Recluse SpidersMost common in warm, southern cities like Orlando, the brown recluse spider has a bite that can cause tissue death. However, the pests arent aggressive. Encounters with this spider are most likely accidental. Brown recluses prefer dark areas, such as spaces under porches, woodpiles, outside storage sheds, and around cardboard boxes or accumulation of clutter located inside.

CockroachesThere are several species of these pests in Florida. Homeowners in Orlando may see German, American, Asian, or smokybrown cockroaches around food and moist areas in homes. Fixing leaky pipes and cleaning regularly are good deterrents, but removing an infestation is hard without help.

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Orlando, FL Exterminator, Pest Control & Termite Inspector

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