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Posted: April 24, 2019 at 12:46 pm

Just hearing about bed bugs is enough to make anyones skin crawl. In our area, occurrences of bed bugs infesting peoples living spaces are still an epidemic. An infestation doesnt only happen from unsanitary or dirty conditions; even the cleanest homes can become a bed bug breeding and feeding grounds. No one can guarantee that bed bugs will never be introduced into their homes and living spaces, and it only takes a few of them to multiply into an itchy, disgusting infestation.

Not only is an infestation unsanitary and uncomfortable, the sleepless victims of these infestations end up with awful, itchy rashes from the bites, and in some people, severe allergic reactions can happen, causing further damage. Desperate families turn to the internet and try home remedies or go to pest control companies that dont have proper bed bug expertise. All of that can be costly and inconvenient, usually to no avail. Or, in the few cases in which the treatment seems successful, they are disappointed to find out later that they had missed some bed bugs, and the cycle starts all over again.

Bug Evictors, Inc offers several services to help with the bed bug epidemic, including the Bed Bug Control Treatment Warranty and the Bed Bug Preventive Warranty.

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Bed Bug Pest Control Services Jacksonville FL | Termite ...

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