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Kenny and Andy's Termite's are the best! Super professional, knowledgeable and nice! You can tell they really care about you and your situation. Special acknowledgement of Kenny who I had the pleasure of meeting and he took great care of my termite problem. He went above and beyond literally and addressed some issues in the attic that I had concerns about. Thank you Andy's Termite's!

Andy's did a neat job for our initial termite service, however, there was a recurrence within 18 months -- while still under warranty. Had Andy's come out to inspect, the representative said -- "no, this is just residual 'dust' from the initial infestation, not a reinfestation." I trusted him. Big mistake. Just after the warranty was up, noticed the same 'dust', had to get the house re-tented. Very disappointed in Andy's. Would not use them again.

I suggested two other pest control companies to my 83 year old mother but she went with them. She's very trusting. Andy told her she needed "repairs" before he could start. Two men came. They went into the garage without permission and dragged out old house paint whose color you can see degraded from green to blue which they slapped all over 3 sides of the house. They also painted the wood piece outside the door ( it was in perfect condition) Then presented her with a bill for $1900. She didn't even check on all this. I did and when I saw what they had done I told her to stop payment on the check. There was a " supervisor " who was supposed to be there all day he spent about an hour total all of which was on his phone. The workers told me they were day laborers ( I speak fluent Spanish having lived in several Spanish speaking countries) Andy sent some people out to fix the mess then gave her another bill for $1300. Outrageous, right? When she said that was ridiculous he took her to court and won. When it took her a few weeks to come up with the $1300. she got a letter that he was putting a lien on the house she has owned for 55 years. Read his reviews this is how he operates. He is a sociopath. He got in with a local realtor group and none of them have used him but they recommend him which is a travesty ( except one who gave him a horrible review) but that's how sociopaths operate they charm people then screw them. I just posted a few of the photos to give an idea. They did this on three walls of the house then pulled off a large chip in front when I complained.

I highly recommend Andy's Termites. I recently used their services to spot treat some termites in my home.Ken came to give me a quote on full tenting and spot treating. He was very professional, kind, and knowledgeable and gave me an honest opinion on whether I should tent or spot treat.The prices were competitive and came in lower than the company I've used in the past.I am happy with their service.

Andy and his team are so responsive, professional and honest. I am always so happy, as a Realtor, when recommending them to my clients. Andy goes out of his way to stay connected with our office, and is a wonderful part of our team!

Horrible follow up. If you are requesting a quote, there is no confirmation or asking to meet with anyone to go over your quote. Customer service is a joke. Avoid if possible.

Kenny was fantastic explaining the procedure of termite tenting. However those who installed the tent were destructive to our roof and broke tiles. They were throwing rolled tarps and equipment all over the roof without any concern. When my wife addressed them they either shrugged, ignored her or said, "it slipped." Accidents and mistakes occur but gross intended negligence and destruction are completely unacceptable.How convenient as there is a roof contractor listed in the paperwork for repairs as broken tiles are not covered by their service.It's sad to see two retirees get fleeced by negligent and downright abusive workers.Kenny, you're a great guy and a kind businessman. The guys who worked on the roof are a pathetic excuse for construction and what's worse is there are two guys on the roof now replacing the tiles broken by the company and two retirees must pay them for it.

I made an appointment 2-3 weeks in advance to have my deck inspected. The reason I booked it so far in advance is that I had to book a flight to be present for the inspection. I called a week before to double-check on the appointment time. 1-2 pm, they confirmed.On the day of the inspection, I arrived by plane/was driving in my rental car and called the office again to ask if I could push the appointment back by 15 minutes. They put me on hold for an unusually long amount of time for a Yes/No question, only for me to be told after the long wait that my appointment was nowhere on their schedule that day. I said, "No, it's right here on my calendar with notes. I spoke with you, specifically, because I wrote your name down. I wrote the name of the inspector down too. You knew I was flying in for this AND I called to confirm the time a week ago."They put me on hold again, came back and said "This appointment is *just* to look at your deck, right?" I asked "how do you have that information if you don't have my appointment?" She paused and offered, "we have the information about your deck in our system. We just don't have the appointment." I'll let the reader decide on the credibility of that explanation.The best they could do was offer me a possible window of time between 2-4 pm where I needed to standby and wait to see if they could accommodate me. I told them I already had another appointment for 3 pm and if they couldn't come before then, it wouldn't work for me. They still insisted they weren't sure they could work with my schedule, so I just would have to wait for their call.I'm leaving 2 stars because they did actually call and try to get me to meet them before 3pm, but by then, I'd moved onto other to-dos and wasn't feeling eager to work with a company that had made such a basic mistake.I found another great local termite contractor in the area who did the inspection, found other areas of rot and fungus. They worked with my schedule (waited for me to drive back up from San Diego on the morning of the job) treated everything chemically and did the wood-rebuilding themselves. The crew was timely, polite, and their front office had their act together. Their paintwork was thorough. I'm happy with the other company.

Andy's did a great job on our house. They explained everything patiently and thoroughly and they showed up on time. Once they left, there was no trace that they were there in the first place. We were very happy with their work.

Andy's should be ashamed! I pre paid for fumigation a month before the set date. They had me sign a contract and everything was good. Then on the day of the fumigation no one at Andy's communicated that we needed leave the gate unlocked for the Gas company to turn off the gas, so they had to cancel. Our entire house was boxed/bagged up and we had booked a hotel and boarding for our animals. We were stunned that no one at Andy's would give any type of courtesy call regarding the gas company coming that day. Remember folks, Andy's makes the reservation with the Gas Co. to come out and shut the gas off. You would think that Andy's would call to make sure on the day of the fumigation everything was prepared and ready to go. Now they're charging me a $300 cancellation fee. I find this absolutely ridiculous and hope you avoid doing business with them. Do yourself a favor and call a more reputable termite company that doesn't have to charge absurd fees if you cancel a service they don't provide. If this review helps one potential customer to Andy's then I've done my job!

Andy, the owner, is the most knowledgeable pest guy I have ever met. No only did he spend lots of time inspecting our home inside and out. He also took all the time necessary to explain everything to me in detail, show me our home had no issues, only minor cleanups. After all that, he refused to let me pay him for his time. He advised me "we don't charge for inspections". I will NEVER use another pest control company. Even if I move to another state. I will pay Andy's Termite to come to me.

These guys will Charge you hidden fees like "Convenience Fees". Id be cautious using this company again.

Do not hire them if you have a Spanish tile roof! They broke over 75 roof tiles costing us over $1500 in repairs! His workers are careless and have no clue how to walk on a spanish tile roof. The seller of the property ordered the tenting during escrow but did not pay for Andy's $600 insurance policy on behalf of us (the buyers). Now we are left to deal with Andy's damages. Even the roofer who is doing the repairs agrees that while some broken tiles are expected during the tenting process, Andy's crew was extremely reckless to break over 75 tiles.

Very happy we chose Andy's for our fumigation service! They made the process as easy and smooth as it can be, are professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.

Kenny is the best! With the free house inspection we scheduled, he showed up on time and carefully inspected the whole house including attic and crawling space. Offered us professional suggestions and answered all our concerns.

As a client and as a realtor I do not recommend this company. Andy damaged my blinds and refused to take responsibility He repeatedly changed his story in conversation and emails.Our HOA hired them I think because they were less expensive than a reputable company.Also find it strange that my prior review has disappeared who is responsible for that?

My HOA hired Andy's termite to fumigate our entire condo complex. Bagging, moving things, getting your home tented for multiple days can be a stressful experience but Hannah and Andy's termite could not have been easier or better to work with. They went out of their way to make sure we were informed, gave us tips as best ways to go about everything and truly cared and understood what we were dealing with. If you have to go through this... use Andy's termite. Thanks Hannah - appreciate you!

I don't know why this business has less than 5 stars. Quick appointment, they called to confirm and Keny was on time. He did a perfect job, gave us great feedback on what was discovered and we moved on. I would definitely call them again. Highly recommended

This company is extremely professional, cost effective, and HONEST! I was particularly impressed with Don Paulsen, the inspector that assessed my house for termites. There was another company that was hired by the sellers and came back with all kinds of termite issues. but Andy's showed no such issues. I called Don and said I found that hard to believe that such an old house would have no termites, so he came back out at no charge and combed through the attic and subfloor, using the other company's report and photos. He found no such termite evidence! Apparently this happens all the time in the real estate industry, so BEWARE! I would highly recommend Don at Andy's Termite. I love doing business with honest and professional people!

I hired Andy's to tent a 34 unit HOA that I manage in Hermosa Beach, they where so organized, professional and on time. All the owner where completely satisfied! They have a great Team! Thank you Andy for your assistance with this project!

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Andys Termite and Pest Control - 23 Photos & 55 Reviews ...

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