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Posted: May 20, 2017 at 2:42 pm

Offering Free Termite Inspections for homeowners and realtors and free limited or complete inspections for multiunit and commercial properties in Greater Los Angeles area and most cities in Southern California.

In addition to all rave reviews on internet, we have extremely skilled workforce, highly experienced inspectors, carry all forms of insurances and workers compensation by far exceeding statutory limits as well as use custom-made and highly valuable and efficient equipment which you cannot find anywhere else! Feel free to call us if you just have a question or concern about termite, fungus signs or damage at your home or other property.

RATED #1 TERMITE COMPANY IN LOS ANGELES FOR 6 YEARS IN A ROW USCA, FOR 4 CONSECUTIVE YEARS THUMBTACK, AND FOR LAST 11 MONTHS YELP. WE THANK ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS FOR THIS! Prime Termite is often the first choice among smart shoppers who consider usamong very few, high quality and reasonably priced small termite control companies. This is a result of our world-class service, utmost customer care, and hard and very efficient work which covers the extra cost of the best pest control brands used by our company. Our customers do not owe us anything until they are completely satisfied! Particularly in this type of service- when most termite infestations and damage are invisible customers need quality and care assurances. We provide a warranty against wood damage for the entire structure- very rare in our industry and hard to find. Prime Termite offers premium quality, Free Complete Termite Inspections for qualified homes and other properties, offering our unparalleled 60-day Price Match Guarantee for our work! All of our work is scheduled and valid only after customers receive their state report and other documents, which include highly professional, very detailed and straightforward explanations. Above warranties apply to both types of our complete treatments- Green Termite Treatments and Traditional Termite Treatments. As a rule, we rarely conduct meaningless localized treatments.

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