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Posted: July 12, 2017 at 1:47 pm

Our Mission & Core Principles Tiger Termite and Pest Control was founded in 1997 on the basic principles of providing quality service, treating people fairly and doing the job right without cutting corners. We take pride in protecting people, property, and pets from unwanted pests and stand behind every job we complete. Termite Inspections As the homeowner we provide you with a quality termite inspection and let you decide which treatment method fits your unique situation. Onsite estimates and consultations are free in most cases, we also provide termite inspection reports for real estate transactions, escrow or refinances for a nominal fee. Pest Control Services Got ants, spiders, wasps, crickets, fleas or roaches? Whether you need a one-time service or would like the convenience of regularly scheduled visits, you can count on us to design a personalized program for your individual needs. Green Plus Termite Treatments Not all houses need to be fumigated; you may prefer a precision Local Treatment using Orange Oil Plus (XT-2000 is a botanical-based insecticide) Termidor (the worlds #1 pest defense) and BoraCare (a natural solution for eliminating termites). Termite Tent Fumigations If you have a severe infestation we can provide you with the piece of mind that a whole house Vikane Termite Fumigation offers. Termite Damage Repairs Rest assured if your property does have termite damage, our staff of carpenters has the experience to complete the job. Youll save time and money without the need to hire contractors and other trades people. Yearly Control Services Upon completion of termite service, your structure will qualify for a Termite Protection Plan. Under this Plan, we will perform an annual inspection for as low as $225.00 per year. If new termites are discovered, we will treat area (s) at no additional cost. Termite Prevention Regardless of which method you choose, our treatments come standard with a FREE six month follow up inspection to insure the treatment was successful and a CimeXa (100% natural and green) attic treatment to prevent new termites from returning. Commitment to Excellence We have spent the past 21 years perfecting our Termite Treatment and Pest Control Service Plans. No other company can match the level of service we provide. Call Today! Orange County call 1 (877) 958-4437 Inland Empire call (909) 597-6953 and schedule your Free Pest Evaluation, youll be glad you did.

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Tiger Termite & Pest Control | Eco-Friendly Pest Solutions

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