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There are many factors that go into the termite treatment cost. It is traditionally considered to be one of the more expensive aspects of pest control, but the costs that come from the damage they incur are even greater. If you live in an area where termites are prevalent, especially subterranean termites, termite control is a necessity. Understanding the costs and what factors are used to determine the cost will help you make better, more informed decisions regarding termite treatment.

Termite Treatment Cost Breakdown

You might pay $200 for an initial treatment or you might pay thousands of dollars. That may seem like a huge variance but you can get a better idea of what you would pay by taking the most common determining factors into consideration. The average cost is around $558 but that number will go up or down depending on several elements. Termite treatment costs depend on several factors:

If you find yourself with a termite infestation, the cost of getting rid of them depends on many factors, including these:

The Real Costs of Termites

Most people do not give much thought to termites until they discover that they have an infestation. National pest control giant, Terminix, estimates that the average cost of eliminating termites and repairing all of the termite damage is $8,644. When you look at it from that perspective, the cost of taking preventive measures or even eliminating a termite infestation in its early stages, the cost seems much smaller.

Guarantees and the Termite Service Agreement

Many companies claim to offer a guarantee on their termite services, but in order to determine if the guarantee is good, you must also assess the termite service agreement. Check out the company to make sure that it is reputable then carefully read through the agreement and guarantee. As you evaluate the agreement and guarantee, ask these questions and make sure that they apply to your situation:

The first time you schedule a termite inspection, always get the estimate in writing. This protects you from any unfair practices and locks in your cost (although it can go up or down once service has begun but your technician will explain any additional charges to you). Make sure that all pertinent information is included in the estimate, such as type of termite treated, proposed treatment, and any guarantees, limits, and exclusions.

It is smart to get several written estimates so that you can compare services and costs to find the termite treatment that is best for your situation. You may want to get estimates from both local and national companies.

You should also ask the same questions that are outlined in the guarantee and service agreement section. This will give you a clear picture of what you can expect regarding service and just what you will get for your money. You will also have written documentation so that if there is a discrepancy in what the company promises and what you receive, you have proof of what the company is supposed to do regarding termite treatment.

Many companies offer free termite inspections. This may seem very attractive on the surface, but beware of hidden costs or limits. Always get a written estimate though. Any reputable company will not have a problem providing an estimate of their services and costs in writing.

At a termite inspection, you will schedule an appointment just as you would for any other pest control service. The technician will come to your property and inspect your home and property. They will look for signs of termites as well as termite damage. This takes around 15 to 30 minutes, although it is not uncommon for it to take longer.

After the inspection the technician will discuss with you whether or not he found termites present, what your options are for treatment, and an estimate of how much it will cost. Get all of this information in your written estimate. After you vet two or three companies, you can make your choice and begin your termite control or get rid of termites in your home.

Typical Termite Control Cost

Information is subject to change due to rising or falling costs for termite control services and other factors that determine the cost of termite control in any given area.


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