Termite Inspections, Extermination, & Damage Repair …

Posted: April 4, 2019 at 4:47 am

Structural Termite & Pest Control Inc provides Riverside Homes and Businesses with quality termite inspections, detailed reports and expert advice on correction and prevention of termites and fungus related issues. Our crews are licensed, trained and continually updated to provide quality service in treating and repairs.

Structural Termite and Pest Control, Inc would be proud to make you one of our satisfied customers. We hope that you would choose Structural Termite and Pest Control, Inc for the services that you may need. Please give us a call today. 951-687-7413

Termites are one of the worst pests to deal with because they do so much damage so quickly. Luckily, our termite extermination services dont stop at removing the bugs. We offer wood repair and replacement to make sure your home or business looks as good as it did before the infestation.

Wood replacement doesnt have to be another pest-related headache. The experienced team at Structural Termite can repair damaged wood efficiently and affordably. If wood is severely damaged, well help you select new wood and install it for you.

We pride ourselves on going beyond what other pest companies offer their clients. When you choose Structural Termite, you can count on professionals to eliminate your termite infestation from start to finish.

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Termite Inspections, Extermination, & Damage Repair ...

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