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Posted: September 14, 2019 at 4:40 pm

We Are The NJ Termite Control Experts You Need For Your Termite Extermination Job

With over 80 years of experience providing termite treatments and inspections in New Jersey, including Bergen, Passaic, and surrounding counties, you can count on our team to get rid of termites fast.

The first step is for our termite control professional to make sure that you have a pest problem that needs termite treatment. There are many insects that appear to be termites and some even swarm in the spring as real termites do. For more information about termites, please visit our termite identification page.

Our termite inspectors in New Jersey understand termite behavior and even think like termites and are ready to provide you with a thorough inspection of your home inside and out to identify the extent of your problem. The termite control inspector will look for:

When our termite control inspector comes to your home, he will evaluate your pest problem, identify that you do have termites and then present a price estimate and service agreement, all in the same appointment. Your termite eradication appointment is promptly scheduled to solve your problem without delay. In some cases multiple technicians may come to treat your homes exterior and in other cases only one termite technician will be needed for extermination.

ChemTec Pest Control is an Authorized Operator of the Sentricon System. The Sentricon System is an eco-friendly, termite baiting system that requires no trenching, drilling or digging. Our technicians will strategically install termite bait stations around your home or business directly into the ground. Termites foraging for food are attracted to the bait in each station, which is then carried back and shared with the rest of the colony. The end result is the death to entire colony, including the queen. Along with eliminating all active termite infestations, continued use of the Sentricon System will prevent future infestations from occurring as well! Little maintenance is needed with the Sentricon System; we only have to check bait stations periodically. This helps us to determine where termites are most active to ensure proper termite treatment.

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Termite Inspection, Treatment and Control in NJ | ChemTec ...

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