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Posted: November 17, 2017 at 10:44 pm

Termites are extremely destructive wood-eating pests that can devastate your home, and cost homeowners thousands of dollars every year. While most people and pest professionals will discourage you from attempting your own termite treatments, termite treatment cost and even termite treatment inspection cost can be so high, you could be discouraged from treating at all. However, it is entirely possible to avoid these bank-breaking costs. This article outlines a bit about what hiring a pest control company would entail, the costs you may incur, and problems you could run into, to help you make the best choice for your home.

Many people may be unaware of what a termite inspection entails. This type of inspection isnt included in a home inspection job, but is highly recommended. A pest control professional will come out and check the foundation of your home, making sure there is no wood in contact with soil. They are looking for any signs of termites (mud tubes, droppings, wood shavings, etc.), as well as any wood-damaging insects or organisms (mold, damp wood, or leaks.). You may get a free inspection, but the report they fill out that indicates problem areas could cost up to $150.

The main problem with inspections is just making sure you have chosen a very trusted and reputable company to do this for you. Otherwise, you may end up getting a false diagnosis and subsequently paying for treatments you didnt need. You may think youre not certified or knowledgeable enough to inspect your home, but it is entirely possible to learn quickly what to look for. Learn more about how to do your own termite inspection.

This is where the money really comes in. There are different types of termite treatments and most are based on the size of your home or area to be treated. Here are some key points to keep in mind when considering hiring termite treatment companies.

To save up to 80% on termite control by doing it yourself, visit our termite control & treatment products page to buy the supplies you will need.

We also have compiled an extensive how-to guide for getting rid of termites yourself. Since all the professional products and equipment are available to you, theres no reason you cant be successful at doing termite treatments yourself. From inspection to treatment, you can potentially save thousands of dollars and have the satisfaction of knowing youre doing it right.

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Termite Inspection Cost - Do My Own

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