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Posted: September 13, 2019 at 12:44 pm


Termites are little terrors that wreak havoc on many buildings in the world. They can cause untold damage to buildings and structures. They can even destroy the foundations of a building! That is why you need to ensure that your foundations are 100%termite-free before any building takes place,and that this is done professionally by termite extermination specialists.Make sure you follow the soil poisoning process when in the construction phase of your home(read moreHERE).If youve found a termite infestation in an existing building or structure, soil poisoning will be too late. Luckily our experts are equipped and experienced in dealing with these kinds of situations.

How We Exterminate Termites in a Building

Our expert termite control team drills into the foundation from the outside wall of the building with a specifically sized drill bit. We space the holes 1 1.5m apart and make them all around the buildingand into its foundation.Next, we pump anti-termite pesticides intothe holes. The pesticides are safe and wont cause health problems for humans or animals. Once the holes have been filled with pesticide, we seal them with cement.This process destroys termite colonies and all termite activity in the building immediately. You wont need to worry about termites for up to six years! We provide a certified 6-year guarantee on the indoors area of the building. Should any maintenance be necessary in this period, we provide a free follow-up for the problemareas.

Termites in all their Glory and Terror

Although termites are a nuisance, these creatures date back thousands of years. This is probably because they areclosecousinstocockroaches. They have outlasted many other species and are so difficult to get rid of, just like their cockroach cousins.Termites areknown assilent demolishersbecause they can nibble their way through wallpaper, floors,and wood without us even being aware of their presence.There are over 2,000 different types of termites, and they have been around for millions of years. In fat, the gene they share withcockroachesdates back 300 million years!

Termites are rich in fatty and amino acids, proteins and iron which makes them (believe it or not) a very nutritious snack!Unfortunately, you cant eat your way out of an infestation. Termitesnever, ever sleep and build their colonies day and night until they die.Even if you could get hold of most of them, their colony will flourish long before you can devour them all.

Ants are the biggest enemy of termites and sometimes they wage wars against each other over food and territories.Ants wont, however, fix your problem. In fact, ants are just as pesky. Your pest controller can advise you on ant control methods.

10 Fantastic Termite Facts You Probably Didnt Know

The largest termite colony ever recorded consisted of over three million termites! Call in thepest control expertsthe minute you decide to lay down your foundations to avoid an infestation of these hardy creatures before they can wreak havoc and turn your dream home into a nightmare situation.IF your structure exists already, dont panic! We can still help exterminate these pests in a safe and efficient way.

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Termite Extermination and Prevention I Contact Us I ...

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