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I panicked when I thought I had discovered what appeared to be termite droppings around my arbor. Called Grayson based upon favorable Yelp reviews. Receptionist was very friendly and helpful. She arranged for Michael Carpenter, the Regional Manager, to come to my home the next day to do an inspection. Michael and his son arrived on time as scheduled. They immediately recognized that the droppings were from crickets and not termites. They both were very knowledgeable about all types of insects and their habitats. They sprayed the entire yard and didn't do a hard up sale on future services. Additionally, Michael and his son were very courteous. I wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend them and their company for your extermination needs.

They did a great job tenting our new house! The team was very professional and thorough there was no trace of them after they left. I would defiantly recommend them to new customers!

We had various locations within our home that had potential Termite activity. We chose Grayson to tent & fumigate.Very professional - very friendly every step of the way.

Thorough, honest inspection at a fair price. Quality repairs. Friendly. I would recommend Grayson to anyone. Thank you.

I called Grayson to inspect my parent's home and their rental property. Morgan did a thorough inspection and I appreciate the follow-up phone call asking if I had questions. To date we've had the necessary repairs and fumigation completed on one home. They were exceptionally clean while performing the work and the overall cost was reasonable. The entire process was as stress-free as could be expected. We are highly satisfied! In fact, a friend texted me yesterday asking for a recommendation. I was happy to send her the contact info. for Grayson Termite!

We had several areas showing signs of termite activity. We called Grayson for a quote. They were comparable in cost to others but they were very professional, helpful and nice. They answered all our questions and concerns. More importantly, they did everything they said they would do. We highly recommend them.

Great company used them twice highly recommended!

I have been recommending Nick Grayson for 11 years now. Nick is reliable as he always shows up on time if not early to inspections. Grayson Termite is honest and takes time to clearly communicate the issues and the options to tackle those challenges. Nick is honest and is more than happy to tell you that the home is free and clear of infestation!Bottom line; Nick Grayson takes pride in this family owned business. I know my clients are well cared for when he is on the job!

My tenant arranged an inspection. An appointment was made and my tenant took an hour off work early in order to meet Grayson at the house,but Grayson did not show up. No call, nothing. Tenant called Grayson. Grayson claimed they had no appointment scheduled for her when the appointment was made by telephone with a Grayson rep just days earlier. An appointment was made for the following day. I will check back with my tenant with hopes Grayson showed up this time.What is it with local Camarillo pest control companies? Grayson, O'Connor and KastleKare are all flakes. Someone should start a local pest control company that actually has their act together, returns phone calls for service, honors their scheduled appointments and shows up. You'd blow these 3 out of business in a blink.

A 5-star rating is not sufficient to describe Nick's & Grayson Termite's follow through, integrity, honesty, professionalism and dedication to the customer. Thank you for everything guys.

Grayson exceeded my every expectation in the speed, quality and professionalism exhibited in first, inspecting my home and then performing the work. The office staff was very responsive and cooperative in scheduling both the inspection and the wotk to meet my needs. I feel confident in recommending Grayson to anyone in need of termite or pest control

An amazing and trustworthy crew of workers. They not only handled the termite problem but cut away the dry rot and skillfully reinforced the structure with new primed wood. So grateful for their time, professionalism, integrity and work.

This company has the rudest owner! They give you a price and then don't complete the work! We had to have them come baxk multiple times to get the job right! Buyer beware!

Great service, very responsive to my calls. Only broke two roof tiles, which is amazing (I expected at least a dozen broken tiles) I don't know how they do it! The fumigators actually showed up a little early, that's unheard of. I would use them again and recommend them to others.

I called them a few weeks ago to inquire about their quarterly service. Told the lady who answered the phone that I was interested in booking a service but asked if they would waive the $150 initiation fee since I was already been serviced by a competitor. She said she was gonna have "Michael" call me to discuss. One week later and Michael never contacted me. I called again and spoke with a second lady and she also said that she was gonna ask Michael to call me. Never heard from Michael. I guess they either don't need any more business or Michael just does not know how to use a phone.

What can I say beginning to end had a great experience. Domani and Daphne are so nice and efficient they took care of any concerns and got me and inspection and fumigation appointment quickly. Domani also helped with gas company issues which btw she knew more than the person from the gas company !!!!!They came put tent up 3 days later Yayyy no more termites! They are very honest and good with their price. I would definitely use them again in the future! Thank you guys for getting rid of the nasty termites!

This company went above and beyond, scheduling a service quickly so the home we were selling could close on time. The added bonus was the price was very reasonable compared to other estimates. Great service.

Still haven't heard from Grayson about their warranty terms. : ( Not good follow-up customer care.

Fantastic service and amazing coordination as it pertains to the gas company, direct instruction with respect to how to bag up our food and drink. Grayson employees were available and returned phone calls as we were preparing! We live on the coast and termites ARE part of the environment, just like the sand and the waves, we have already highly recommended Grayson to our neighbors down at this end of the county! Thanks again!

Good communication through the entire process. I asked them to protect the bushes close to my house, and they went out of their way to get the tent to fit right without damaging them. Would definitely use again.

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