Four Steps Involved in a Termite Extermination Service …

Posted: April 6, 2019 at 5:41 pm

Pests could be happily munching away on your home without you knowing it. Termites are notorious property killers that tend to do their thing silently. Whether you have discovered signs of damage to your house or your annual inspection found a pest issue, it might be time to contact an exterminator NYC to ensure your house is free of any termites.

Professional Exterminators Proactively Inspect your Home for Pests

Rather than looking around your home aimlessly using a flashlight to try to find termites, why not book the services of pest control professionals? These experts can check for signs of a current problem. Before the team of exterminators arrives, ensure they can access each out-of-the-way hiding place where termites might be living. These places include closets, the basement, those with columns or beams, corners, as well as garage corners and walls. Professional inspectors will check for signs like mud tunnels, actual termites, termite wings, or damage to the paint.

Consulting with the Pros After Inspection

Once the inspection is done, a consultation with the professional inspector will follow so you will hear what they found out during the inspection. During this stage, the inspector will present to you their findings in the form of photos, a diagram that shows activity, and a description of the kind of termite that is in your house. They will also give you a breakdown of the treatment plan they are prescribing. If your home needs treatment, the professional will tell you all the procedures that must be done. In this discussion, you will also be talking about details such as pricing and time factors relevant to the services they are offering.

The Treatment Process

Following consultation, the pest control professionals will start with the treatment. You do not have to be home as they do their job. The team may use advance termite bait system that includes placing stations outside your house to draw in termites.

A Follow-Up Might be Needed

If your home has a serious termite infestation, it might need to be treated more than once. Reputable termite extermination companies will inform you about this upfront and ensure they will offer a follow-up treatment within a particular time period. This can happen if the first treatment is not enough to totally eliminate the termite colony. This is to help you prevent potential re-infestation in the future. Until the exterminators tell you that your house is complete termite-free, follow their advice.

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Four Steps Involved in a Termite Extermination Service ...

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