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How to Prevent Termites: Prevention Checklist | Terminix

Posted: November 6, 2021 at 2:15 am

Termite prevention checklist

The following are some recommended practices that you can use to help prevent termites from invading your home. However, this list is not comprehensive. Every house is unique and it's always advisable to consult a termite control professional for the best and most effective ways to help prevent and treat termite infestations.

Most common termites across the U.S. are subterranean, making areas of contact between wood and soil in crawl spaces and other areas underneath your home a key entry point. Dr. Michael Potter, Entomologist at the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, suggests the following as effective methods to aid in termite prevention:

While we all love having plants near our homes. Some plants can provide a pathway for termites. Plants can also make it harder to notice if termites are attacking your wood siding or exploiting cracks in your home's foundation. To better protect your foundation, Potter also recommends:

Termites love moisture, which can often exist in the foundation and crawl space of your home. To keep termites away, take the following steps recommended by the University of Minnesota to help keep these areas dry:

Termites eat the cellulose in wood and other paper products. Taking these steps to cut off access to their food sources can help make your home less attractive to termites.

Different materials like wood, metal, concrete and PVC shrink and expand at different rates over time. This settling process may lead to cracks and gaps that create other points of entry for termites. Because termites can enter a structure through a space as small as 1/32nd of an inch, you should seal these gaps when you notice them appearing. To help keep termites from entering your home:

During the early spring, flying termites may swarm to establish new colonies. These tips can help keep termites from swarming into your home:

While using this checklist can help with termite protection, it's always a good idea to have your home annually inspected by a trained termite professional. They should be able to locate points of access that aren't immediately apparent or identify early signs of infestation in your home.

Concerned about termites? The termite control professionals at Terminix know how to check for termites and can provide you with a strategy to help remove infestations and keep termites from finding their way into your home. Get started today with a free initial termite inspection.

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How to Prevent Termites: Prevention Checklist | Terminix

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Battling Wood Rot & Termites With Borate – Old House …

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When the 1827 Dominguez Rancho Adobe in Carson, California, was expanded from kitchen quarters to a comfortable six-room house and chapel, the builders placed wood beams next to the ground, leaving them prone to undermining.

Heres how borate might work in practice. At the 175-year-old Dominguez Rancho Adobe in Carson, California, termites had infested veranda pillars, ceiling beams, and floor beams. A no-no in todays construction, the wood in this section of the six-room rancho was in contact with the ground. The original floor was 46 beams covered with 1x oak boards that sat on earth, says Andre Ocampo, vice president of South Shore Exterminating in Huntington Beach, California. A lot of it had subterranean termites, and it was starting to buckle. As the contractors replaced damaged flooring, we treated the beams with borate products.

The new section of the house had been built over a crawl space, and the crew was able to apply a borate product (Tim-bor) to the floor joists. The crew used the same treatment in the attic on the buildings original rafters that were infested with termites. On the exterior sill plates, where wood was damp, and on some damp floor joists, they applied another borate solution (Bora-Care).

We did the treatment a year and a half ago, and theres no sign of new infestation or rot, Ocampo says. Our next project is one Im really excited about. Were going to treat all the wood at Mission San Juan Capistrano. One of the advantages of borate is that it allows homeowners to keep on top of termite infestations or incipient rot without having to use toxic substances. Borate is nonrestricted, which means anyone can use it.

Its important to know which product to use and how to apply it. To treat an entire house, youll probably want to hire a trained operator who has the equipment and know-how to apply the product correctly. For a small infestation or a follow-up treatment, you could do the work yourself.

To halt damage from termites and wood rot, David Ocampo of South Shore Exterminating treated the floor joists of the Adobe with the borate product, Bora-Care.

If you find an infestation of termites in a door or windowsill, for instance, you could inject a concentrated borate gel (such as JECTA) into small, pre-drilled holes. You dont have to strip the paint first. The borate will diffuse under the paint film and begin protection immediately, even if the wood is wet. Gel is also good for protecting the bottoms of posts, which are subject more to rot than termites, as long as theres no ground contact.

Lets say the unpainted risers beneath the back porch steps show signs of wood rot. A glycol-borate mix might be the best bet. Checks and weathering in unpainted wood actually improve penetration. If the wood is wet to the core, the borate moves toward the moisture.

If you want to reduce the risk of swarming termites in your attic, you can have the attic rafters, joists, and sheathing treated. The same goes for basements. As long as the sill plates and band joists havent been painted, liquid borate will provide protection.

You cant lose with borate because its relatively inexpensive. The cost is $95 to $120 per gallon, and you can treat about 800 board feet of wood, the equivalent of 150 2x4s, 8 long, or the average amount of lumber in an unfinished basement.

If your house is built with balloon framing, you may be able to finesse a paint brush up into the wall cavity by working from the basement. The ideal is to protect all wood within 3 of ground level. Even so, you should be able to brush or spray liquid borate on the band joists and mud sill. Outdoors, use a garden sprayer and treat the foundation wall and bottom of the siding. Dont go overboard because borate is a nonselective herbicide and toxic to plants.

Borate has proved practical for spraying or brushing on heavy timbers in historic structures, from log buildings to totem poles. (Photo: Richard Sexton)

In a heavy-timber building, such as a log cabin, the volume of preservative required is greater than the surface spraying that will protect a normal homes 2x framing. Treatments that can be brushed on or sprayed (Tim-bor, PeneTreat, Armor-Guard, or Shell-Guard) are the least expensive option, but for maximum penetration of wood that is already showing signs of rot or infestation, you might be better off with the glycol-treatment. Glycol makes the borate soak into dry wood more effectively, and glycol seems to make logs more resistant to termites. This was the treatment the National Park Service chose for totem poles in Alaska. Initially it darkened the wood, but after a few days the glycol volatilized, and the wood returned to its normal color.

Because the ends of logs absorb moisture, its a good idea to provide an extra dose of medicine beyond brushing or spraying borate. Inserting rods made from concentrated, fused borate (IMPEL Rods) will spread fungicide through the woods fibers when the moisture content rises above 30 percent the level at which decayed fungi become active. The borate protection remains in place even if the wood dries out, and it becomes active again if the moisture level rises.

With precautions, borate treatment can even protect wood in contact with the ground. The key is to provide an ongoing source of borate to replenish any that leaches out, to reduce or eliminate any source of oxygen (which is necessary for decay), and to protect the wood from water. One method is to paint gel on the surface of the post and wrap the post in plastic before putting it in the ground. The plastic cuts off the supply of oxygen and will retard wood rot even if water does reach the post. (Plastic made for this purpose is sold by borate suppliers.) Last, top the post with a zinc or copper cap to prevent water from entering.

Because borate follows moisture, its particularly effective against subterranean termites. The insects mud tubes are moist, and the borate goes right to them. The bad news is that if the wood dries out, the borate dries, and it rises to the woods surface where it can be washed off by rain. (It may also diffuse into the soil if theres ground contact.) Thats why its important to keep the wood that youve treated from getting wet.

Ambient moisture isnt a problem. Borate can go through unlimited cycles of wetting and drying as long as the moisture remains on the surface of the wood and isnt washed off. In attics it should last indefinitely. Even log homes generally have enough of an overhang to prevent borate from washing away with rain, but if you treat a shake or shingle roof with borate, make sure to follow up with a water repellent. The water repellent and borate product must be compatible. Some glycol-containing products may keep the water repellent from drying properly. Check with suppliers before buying, or do a patch test. (Make sure to wait until the glycol is dry before you apply the repellent.)

The termite problem is so severe in the South and Hawaii that youll find the future of borate in borate-treated lumber. Two companies that make borate-treated lumber products have retooled nine of their 200 factories, but in the next few years the availability of these materials will spread. Advance Guard dimension lumber is treated with sodium borate, and SmartGuard sheathing, siding, and cellulose insulation is treated with zinc borate, a form of the salt that doesnt diffuse as easily as others. This zinc borate also functions as a flame retardant. Costs run about 30 percent higher than comparable building products.

While youre waiting for the new borate goodies, you can always resort to the old dip-treat method. Set up a section of gutter or a bathtub for the borate solution, then immerse the lumber for three to five minutes. Leave the wood soaking for a week, and the chemicals will penetrate 1 or more, but youll have to contend with warping or raised grain. If youre making a repair after borate treatment, remember that borate is a salt, and for your carpentry to last with the wood, you must always use galvanized or stainless steel nails never aluminum or uncoated nails.

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Battling Wood Rot & Termites With Borate - Old House ...

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NATURE: The Elephant and the Termite – KPBS

Posted: at 2:15 am

Premieres Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021 at 8 p.m. & Sunday, Nov. 7 at 3 p.m. on KPBS TV + Nov. 7 at 8 p.m. on KPBS 2 / On Demand

In arid regions across southern Kenya, the waterhole, created by elephants and termites, is central to life. It is where animals visit to drink and where some creatures are born and die. Every visit is charged with tension; a waterhole is the perfect place for predators to wait in ambush. That is the traditional view, but there is an entire community of creatures that call the waterhole home, many of whom live at an elephants toenail height such as frogs, dung beetles and chameleons.

Preview of NATURE: The Elephant and the Termite

NATURE "The Elephant and the Termite" tells the remarkable story of the relationship between Africas largest and smallest and the unique wildlife community they support. Peabody Award-winning filmmakers Mark Deeble and Vicky Stone (NATURE "The Queen of Trees") and their small, dedicated team spent two years of their lives camped out at a waterhole in Kenya to record life at Africas great wildlife meeting place.

The Fish That Breathes Air

Buzzworthy Moments:

Tiny Dung Beetle Ping-Pongs Up Termite Mound

Featured Creatures:

1 of 7

Bull elephant in Tsavo East National Park, Kenya with oryx in the background.

Courtesy of Deeble & Stone / Waterhole Films Ltd

2 of 7

Baby elephants cannot suck up water with their trunks after they are born. This takes some time to master, during which they have to kneel or crouch to drink. Tsavo East National Park, Kenya.

Courtesy of Deeble & Stone / Waterhole Films Ltd.

3 of 7

A typical waterhole with a family of elephants around it in Tsavo East National Park, Kenya.

Courtesy of Deeble & Stone / Waterhole Films Ltd

4 of 7

A termite mound next to a waterhole. The mounds clay manufactured by termites provides nutrients for elephants. A waterhole is excavated by elephants as they eat the clay, and the hole is also enlarged by them when they lather on sticky mud created from clay after rain. Tsavo East National Park, Kenya.

Courtesy of Deeble & Stone / Waterhole Films Ltd.

5 of 7

A troop of baboons drinks at the waterhole. They take turns to drink as others keep watch for predators. Tsavo East National Park, Kenya.

Courtesy of Deeble & Stone / Waterhole Films Ltd.

6 of 7

Yellow billed storks have one of the fastest reactions in the animal kingdom when closing their beaks. They fish by probing the water with their beaks open and snapping up anything they sense (seen catching lungfish). Tsavo East National Park, Kenya.

Courtesy of Deeble & Stone / Waterhole Films Ltd.

7 of 7

Directors Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone. Tsavo East National Park, Kenya.

Courtesy of Mia Collis / Wild Inspiration Ltd.

Watch On Your Schedule:

Nature is available for streaming concurrent with broadcast on all station-branded PBS platforms, including and the PBS Video App, available on iOS, Android, Roku streaming devices, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast and VIZIO. PBS station members can view many series, documentaries and specials via PBS Passport. For more information about PBS Passport, visit the PBS Passport FAQ website.

Small Bird Narrowly Escapes Eagle's Clutches

Join The Conversation:

NATURE is on Facebook, and you can follow @PBSNature on Twitter. #NaturePBS


A film by Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone. A Deeble, Stone & Oliff production with The WNET Group in co-production with Terra Mater Factual Studios in association with NHK. The film is directed by Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone. Etienne Oliff is assistant director and Victoria Stone is producer. Written by Mark Deeble and narrated by Noma Dumezweni. NATURE is a production of The WNET Group for PBS. For NATURE: Fred Kaufman is executive producer, Bill Murphy is series producer and Janet Hess is series editor.

NATURE: The Elephant and the Termite - KPBS

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Thieves in Gas Masks Target Tented Homes While They’re Being Fumigated for Termites – Inside Edition

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If you have termites, exterminators may cover your house witha tent for fumigation. But now comes a warning that some thieves are targeting these covered homes, even donning gas masks to deal with the toxic fumes.

It happened to screenwriter Chloe King, who had $77,000 of her mothers jewelry stolen by a thief who was seen rifling through her closet as the home was being treated for termites.

As the police stated, it is open season, King told Inside Edition.

King is not just blaming the burglars, but also Terminix, the company she hired to take care of the infestation. She says that she was not told to secure her valuables and was even told the house would be safe.

John Beltran, CEO of Tanler Exterminating, says he makes sure clients know the risks and take precautions before tented fumigation takes place.

Any valuables, firearms or anything of high-dollar value you need to make sure you either remove it or secure it someplace else, Beltran said.

He suggests installing a temporary security system that will notify police if theres movement in the home. He says hiring a private security firm for a few days might be a good investment.

Terminix says the work in Kings home was done by a different service provider. Still, the companyarranged a refund, saying the safety and security of their customers is their top priority.

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Thieves in Gas Masks Target Tented Homes While They're Being Fumigated for Termites - Inside Edition

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Trace levels of contaminants detected in two O’ahu drinking water sources during testing – Hawaii State Department of Health

Posted: at 2:15 am

Posted on Nov 3, 2021 in Newsroom

Honolulu Trace levels of the chemicals Dieldrin and Perfluoropentanoic acid (PFPeA) were detected in water samples collected at the Honolulu Board of Water Supply (BWS) Pearl City Shaft and Aina Koa Well I, respectively. Both drinking water sources are part of the Honolulu-Windward-Pearl Harbor water system. Drinking water from these sources remains safe, as the trace levels detected were far below health advisory limits.

Dieldrin is not regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the DOH health advisory for dieldrin is 0.2 micrograms per liter (ug/L, or parts per billion). The detected levels in the Pearl City Shaft ranged from 0.0109 ug/L to 0.0121 ug/L. Dieldrin is an organic chemical once used as a pesticide for controlling ground termites and may occur in drinking water by leaching into groundwater.

PFPeA are part of a group of chemical substances known as Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) are currently the most studied PFAS chemicals. There are presently no EPA advisories specifically for PFPeA.In April 2021, the DOH established adrinking water environmental action level for PFPeA- of 0.80 ug/L. The PFPeA level confirmed at the Aina Koa Well I ranged from 0.002 ug/L to 0.003 ug/L.

According to the EPA, PFAS are fluorinated organic chemicals that have been used extensively in consumer products such as carpets, clothing, fabrics for furniture, paper packaging for food, and other materials (e.g., cookware) designed to be waterproof, stain-resistant, or non-stick.They have been used in fire-retarding foam and can be found in food packaging, consumer products, house dust, and drinking water.

The trace levels of these chemicals are so small that they do not pose a public health threat, and the water from these wells is safe to drink, said Kathleen Ho, deputy director for environmental health. The Department of Health will continue to work together with the Honolulu Board of Water Supply to ensure tests for these chemicals continue. Such testing is conducted to ensure that everyones water is safe and public health is not compromised.

The BWS has been sampling their wells in advance of monitoring for perfluoroalkyl substances that is expected to be required by the EPA in 2023. To date, the Honolulu-Windward-Pearl Harbor water system continues to be in full compliance with all federal and state standards for drinking water.

# # #

PDF: Trace levels of contaminants detected in two Oahu drinking water sources during testing

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Trace levels of contaminants detected in two O'ahu drinking water sources during testing - Hawaii State Department of Health

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Why Can’t CX Get the First Mile and the Last Mile Right? – CMSWire

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PHOTO:Vlad Tchompalov

Customer experience management or "CXM" per the acronym gods is on every C-level checklist. This has been especially true in the COVID era, as customer relationships have simultaneously gotten more valuable, more fragile and more automated. This CXM trifecta of value, fragility and automation is a tricky one to get right, particularly when you look at the "first mile" and the "last mile" of customer experiences.

It used to be that the last mile of customer experiences in the service realm was the most problematic. Think of the conversations of yesteryear, when we were promised the cable technician would arrive "sometime" on Thursday in two weeks maybe and "Could you please make sure you are there all day in case the technician actually shows up?" Automation and responsiveness seemed to be a foreign concept to this last mile problem. The technician showed up when they showed up, and the customer was basically held hostage until they did.

Conversely, the first mile of the cable service experience wasn't too bad. You called a phone number, a person would answer the phone yes, often after an indeterminate wait time and after you were asked your account number a gazillion times but at least there was the comfort of connection with a person.

My recent experience? The automation and customer experience tables have turned. My suspicion is that under the guise of "improving responsiveness," many companies are actually using automated customer service e.g., chatbots, call centers, "call you later" functionality to make the first mile as frustrating as possible. This is ironic, because as the first mile has grown more and more frustrating with automation schemes run amuck, the last mile has improved dramatically as a result of automation.

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We recently had termite traps installed. These foot-long spikes get pounded into the ground around the perimeter of the house. They're then loaded with stuff that initially is attractive to termites, but when brought back to the nest, proves disastrous. (A good first mile, very bad last mile for the termites.)

When the technician was pounding away near our cable box with nary a check with the mysterious Miss Utility I hear so much about and have been longing to meet suddenly all communications were broken phone, cable, internet.

Me: "I think you cut through our cable."

Termite Man: "Oh no, these spikes aren't long enough. You need to call the cable company. It wasn't me."

Sigh. And thus began my first mile automation saga.

Step 1: My TV instructed me to 1) check the connections, 2) reboot the set-top box and 3) check a mysterious battery pack in a hidden location. All of which seemed unnecessary, because after all, the problem was Termite Man. But I complied because that is my nature. Of course it didn't work.

Step 2: I tried calling the cable company. I was advised to go to the web and check for an outage. Yes, I understand the irony, since a web outage was in fact a key part of the problem. But since I had a hot spot on my mobile, I was able to connect and determined that there was no systemic outage in our area. I was then auto-directed to a page and, you guessed it, instructed to try the steps listed in Step 1. There was nowhere for me to interject the fascinating fable of the Termite Man into the narrative.

Step 3: At the end of Step 2, I was directed to try a chat, which of course was a bot, who kindly directed me to return to Step 1.

Step 4: I returned to the phone. "Your time is very important to us. If you would like a call back, please push 3 and leave your number." Hot zig. Here we go.

Step 5: My phone rang five minutes later. So far so good. And then my hopes were dashed as an automated voice told me to: 1) check the connections; 2) reboot the set-top box; and 3) check a mysterious battery pack in a hidden location.

Step 6: I thought I had struck gold when I went to my "customer portal" and clicked the "Contact Us" link. But all that got me was detailed instructions describing the options I had already pursued in Steps 1 through 5. But nowhere or nobody to whom I could actually tell the story of "The Termite Man and the Cut Cable."

And then I saw it. A link making this offer ... "Contact us by Facebook Messenger."

I remained skeptical, but tried it. And that broke the automated customer service first mile obstacle course that seemed insanely focused on keeping me from getting ... customer service. Voila. A real person! From there, everything went quickly to actually booking a technician to repair the cut cable.

Related Article: Money and a Mandate Aren't Enough for Great Customer Experience

Fast forward to the last mile, the part of the story that was always so problematic and frustrating in the past.

It was, simply, a perfect example of how CX automation should work.

The booking software worked flawlessly to select a date and time, as did the follow-up workflow to connect with the technician once he was booked. I selected a two-hour window for the visit, with the promise that he would text me when he was 15 minutes from my home. He sent me a set of the COVID protocols he would follow. Location monitoring kept me informed of his progress.

Sure enough, he arrived like clockwork, fixed the cable, and gave me his personal cell phone for followup if I had any problems, along with the name and contact information for the company that would come back to bury the cable.

And this time the mysterious Miss Utility was automatically notified, although she personally did not come to our home.

So my challenge to close out this tale for all of those companies undertaking CXM initiatives, a challenge that never would have occurred to me 10 years ago:How can you make the first mile of customer experiences as painless as the last mile?

John Mancini is the President of Content Results, LLC and the Past President of AIIM. He is a well-known author, speaker, and advisor on information management, digital transformation and intelligent automation.

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Why Can't CX Get the First Mile and the Last Mile Right? - CMSWire

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Lawsuit: Shoop Jr. got fired and tried to destroy his father’s business – Times Record News

Posted: at 2:15 am

A district judge founda Wichita Falls business owner's son in contemptMonday in a civil case and put him onprobation for a year or until the lawsuit is resolved, court records show.

Shoop Enterprises Inc., owned by David RussellShoop Sr., filed alawsuit against his sonand his newly founded business, Shoop's Texas Termite, on Aug. 26, court records show.

The lawsuit allegedDavid Russell Shoop Jr., formerly the longtime office manager for Shoop Inc.,attempted to hijack and destroy his father's business, according to court records.

Shoop Jr.'s job performance declined drastically during 2021, according to the lawsuit.

"Therefore, in June of 2021, Shoop Inc., advised David, Jr., that he must improve his performance, or his employment would be terminated," according to the lawsuit.

Shoop Jr. responded by taking action to divert to himself the digital accounts, customers, revenue and other assets belonging to his father's company, according to the lawsuit.

Shoop Jr.also set up Shoop's Texas Termite, LLCon July 7, but Shoop's Texas Termite Control a business name used by his father's companyfor years, according to the lawsuit.

Shoop Inc. was unaware of Shoop Jr.'s "preparations to try to destroy the business of Shoop Inc. at the same time he was employed by and receiving a paycheck from Shoop Inc.," according to the lawsuit.

Shoop Jr. was fired Aug. 19 when his performance did not improve, according to the lawsuit.

Just after he got fired, Shoop Jr. illegally tried to "trade in" his company vehicle at a local car dealership for a new truck, according to the lawsuit.But Wichita Falls police arrested Shoop Jr.

Shoop Jr. is charged with theft of property worth$2,500 to 30,000 in connection with an Aug. 19 incident, court records show.

He was free Wednesday from Wichita County Jailon a $5,000 bond for thecharge, according to online jail records.

If convicted, Shoop Jr. faces up to two years in a state jail facility.

More: Former employee arrested for allegedly trying to sell company truck

Shoop Jr. has blockedShoop Inc.'s efforts to get back access to the company's digital accounts and is "clearly attempting to maliciously damage the business of Shoop, Inc. and unlawfully divert unsuspecting customers to his new company," according to the lawsuit.

Shoop Jr. was charged with online impersonation in connection with a Sept. 1 incident in which a woman reported to police that she sought Shoop Inc.'s services through an Internet search, according to allegations in court records.

The woman told police she was unknowingly forwarded to Shoop Jr.'s personal phone, and he came to her home posing as an employee of Shoop Inc., according to allegations in court documents.

Shoop Jr. was free Wednesday from jail on a $10,000 bond for the charge, according to online jail records.

The felony charge is punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

More: Shoop Jr. accused of online impersonation of pest control business

In the lawsuit, Shoop Jr. was accused ofusing trade secrets belonging to his father's company for his own benefit andfailing to act in Shoop Inc.'s best interests even though he was obligatedto, court documents show.

Shoop Jr. respondedto the lawsuit filed by his father's company, denying the allegations Sept. 9, court records show.

Shoop Inc. asked 30th District Judge Jeff McKnight to award the company money for damages and order Shoop Jr. andhis company to stop hurtinghis father's business.

On Aug. 30, McKnight ordered a temporary injunction for Shoop Jr. to stop using any Facebook page or website purporting to speak for his father's company, stop using digital accounts for his father's company except to restore access, ceaseusing "Shoop's Texas Termite" or "Shoops Texas Termite" as a legal business name, as well as provide his father's company with various documents and data, court records show.

On Monday, McKnight ruled Shoop Jr. failed to comply with his orders and found him in contempt, according to a judgement of contempt.

He sentenced Shoop Jr. to 180 days in Wichita County Jail, probated for probation for one year or until the final disposition of the lawsuit whichever is less, according to the judgement.

McKnight gave Shoop Jr. 30 days to carry out each order in the judgement.

The judge also ordered Shoop Jr. to meet with a computer expert with all the logins, passwords and other information to carry out the court's orders, court documents show.

Trish Choate, enterprise watchdog reporter for the Times Record News, covers education, courts, breaking news,politics and more. Contact Trish with news tips at Her Twitter handle is @Trishapedia.

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Lawsuit: Shoop Jr. got fired and tried to destroy his father's business - Times Record News

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RECALIBRATING: Govt to undertake 6-year review of Straw Market operations before allowing it to reopen – EyeWitness News

Posted: at 2:12 am

Deloitte and Touche to conduct reviewRolle: Govt looking forward to announcing Straw Market reopening date very soon

NASSAU, BAHAMAS The government has undertaken anoperational review of the Straw Market from July 1, 2015, to June 30 of this year, according to Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Works Bacchus Rolle.

Rolle, the South Beach MP, told Parliament yesterday that Mark Munnings of Deloitte and Touche will conduct the review.

This operational rein will provide the Straw Market Authority with an assessment of the current operating procedure and advice as to the necessary operational changes that should be implemented, said Rolle.

While we are just as anxious as the straw vendors, the straw business persons and their families to see the market reopen, every effort to do so will be and must be done to ensure there is a safe environment for vendors and visitors alike.

Rolle said the government is looking forward to announcing a date very soon for the reopening of all straw markets.

The global pandemic resulted in the closure of the Straw Market effective March 20, 2020, said Rolle.

At that time, the daily rent of $5 plus VAT (value-added tax) was suspended indefinitely. The payment of annual registration fees for vendors and helpers for 2021 was also waived.

All straw markets being Fort Charlotte, Fort Fincastle, Cable Beach, Paradise Island and Bay Street have now been closed for a total of 19 months, which equates to almost500 Bahamians having been furloughed.

During the 19-month closure, in an effort to provide vendor assistance, the Straw Market Authority has distributed food vouchers valued at a $100 to all registered vendors in November 2020, and again in March of 2021, the authority provided 450 vouchers to all of the 2020 registered vendors.

Total vendor assistance for this initiative was $67,305.

In addition, the Straw Market Authority has completed a number of maintenance and repair projects during its closure, repair to vendor stalls, painting of interior walls, termite extermination at all markets and bathroom repairs at the Cable Beach and Paradise Island markets.

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RECALIBRATING: Govt to undertake 6-year review of Straw Market operations before allowing it to reopen - EyeWitness News

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Son charged with impersonating fathers pest control business – KFDX –

Posted: October 25, 2021 at 2:00 am

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) The son of the owner of a Wichita Falls pest control business has been arrested and charged with embezzling, forgery, and other charges through impersonating the business after he was fired in August.

David Russell Shoop Jr. was booked on Wednesday on a charge of online impersonation.

He was also arrested on August 23, charged with trading his company truck in for a new personal truck after he was fired on August 19.

Shoop also faces a civil suit filed by the owner, David Shoop Sr., and also contempt of court orders filed after he allegedly failed to comply with orders in a temporary injunction to cease and desist impersonating Shoop Enterprises, and failed to show for a hearing.

A hearing is set for Friday afternoon, October 21, to show cause why he should not be found in contempt.

On September 9, an attorney for David Shoop Jr. filed an answer to the suit, denying all allegations and requesting all relief demanded by the plaintiff be denied, and that the suit be dismissed.

The criminal and civil charges allege Shoop stole business likenesses and altered and recreated Shoops webpage with a new phone number so users would be redirected to his own site, and that he represented himself as Shoop Enterprises and Shoops Texas Termite and Pest to customers.

Investigators spoke with customers who thought they were contacting Shoop Enterprises but were actually forwarded to David Shoop Jr.s personal phone number.

One customer said after Shoop arrived to perform pest control she was called by someone posing as an employee of Shoop who could not provide a breakdown of what services were performed and demanded her bank information. She refused to provide the information and called Shoop Enterprises who said they had not performed the service.

Another customer who had used Shoop Enterprises services previously said two service people wearing Shoop uniform shirts arrived in a personal vehicle and sprayed her home. She became even more suspicious because of their unprofessional manner and personal questions about her family.

The customer learned her credit card payment went to Shoops Legacy, not Shoop Texas Termite (Shoop Enterprises).

David Shoop Jr. has convictions or arrests dating back to 1996 for terroristic threats, criminal mischief, evading arrest, theft, assault, and more.

Son charged with impersonating fathers pest control business - KFDX -

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Cold-Hot Therapy Wrap Market 2021: Leading Players, Analysis and Growth Drivers by 2028 | DJO ,,, Puck77 – Puck77

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Cold-Hot Therapy Wrap Market 2021: Leading Players, Analysis and Growth Drivers by 2028 | DJO ,,, Puck77 - Puck77

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