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J Rock’s swing in the Banana hammock Boxing News Boxing, UFC and MMA News, Fight Results, Schedule, Rankings, Videos and More –

Posted: January 20, 2020 at 7:49 am

By Bart Barry-

Saturday at Philadelphias Liacouras Center in a super welterweight title-unification fight broadcast by Fox, Dominican slugger Jeison Banana Rosario beat-down Philadelphias Julian J Rock Williams, stopping Williams in round 5 and snatching his WBA and IBF titles the right way.

In the beginning it had all the trappings of ahomecoming coronation slick graphics, venue, dazzling biography, managementorganization, Watson, sycophantic commentary team and then a curiosity turnedup in the corner labeled Designated Opponent right about the time introductionsgot made.

Sampson Lewkowicz.His is not a flawless eye for talent but its very close, and multiplesbetter than PBCs. Most famous for hiseffective discoveries of Manny Pacquiao and Sergio Martinez, for seeing pasttheir blemished records, a few years ago Lewkowiczsaw which of the Hermanos Benavidez had the true upside, and when he was rightand promoter Top Rank wasnt and tried to poach their ways out of suchshortsightedness, Lewkowicz went to the mat with them and won. Lewkowicz, an Uruguayan, of all things, seesqualities other talent scouts do not.His stable is not huge or assembled at premium prices but comprises atype of prizefighter youd be foolish to schedule for a homecoming showcase.

Which is exactly what PBC did, of course. Theres more to this story, surely, dependingwhich lens you watch it through a bout of flu in camp or a hellish stylematchup some sage or other warned somebody about but theres exactly nochance the braintrust at Fox on PBC on Fox, preeminent though they be,anticipated what befell Williams.

What told very early on and does not portend wellfor Williams in the rematch is how little Williams flush punches affectedBanana. Despite what trickeration drivesreplay selection between rounds Williams technically proper rightcrosscounters did nothing to shortcircuit Rosarios attack or even much dissuade it. Had Williams sliced open Rosarios eyelid orhad Williams own eyelid proved more durable things might have gone differently,but thats all in a fight, and if Williams sight problems came via reopenedscar tissue, as explained during the broadcast, if in other words Williams wasalready accustomed to fighting through blood in his eyes, he sure didnt actlike it.

Let us not pile on Williams for the sins of hismanagement company, though; good people opine Williams is good people. Its hard to cheer against him as it is toimagine his becoming a world titlist in a different boxing ecosystem theenduring lesson of Pacquaio-Thurman.

In his fascinating book The Soul of the Ant suicidal19th-century South African poet Eugne Marais posits a termitary, thelaboriously constructed habitat of what termites Marais studied for a decade,functions as an organism little different from the human body, stretching hismetaphor to include termites of ferocious mien acting like white blood cellswhilst constructionworker termites act as red blood cells. Whatever modern reductionists have proved ordisproved about this metaphor in a century since its publication, it iswellbuilt as it is imaginative, with cells, in the form of near-mindlesstermites, racing through their termitary to ensure its health, like bloodracing through human veins and arteries.It calls to mind a similar if more modern metaphor of the world wide webacting as our species brain whilst its billions of cells labor away obliviousof our contribution to its thoughts or thinking.

So let us stretch these stretched metaphors toinclude in our beloved sports ecosystem (ostensibly red) blood cells likeSampson Lewkowicz and Jeison Rosario, cells scheduled for anonymity all theirdays till an unscheduled tear happens in boxings protective membrane andsuddenly they burst out in violent spurts.Rosario, dropped thrice at Sams Town Hotel & Gambling Hall in 2017by Nathaniel Gallimore a year before J Rock decisioned Nate the Great, wasessential as he was replaceable; boxing needs such men to make coronations forother men but doesnt expect them to be memorable to any but their friends andfamily.

What do you know about, say, Herb Gorilla Siler?

He was a 20-12 heavyweight who died 19 years agoand surely beloved to someone even while anonymous to all but a handful ofaficionados. Too, he was the firstknockout of Cassius Clays prizefighting career four years before there was aMuhammad Ali. Essential as he wasreplaceable in boxings ecosystem, Gorilla is a permanent part of TheGreatests resume even though men like Tony Esperti and Jimmy Robinson werejust as likely to make the same history had their schedules properly coincided.

Let coincidence neither lose an idea like: At26-1-1 eight months ago in Virginia, J Rock was the homecoming b-side forundefeated titlist Jarrett Hurd, raised but 30 miles from the EagleBank Arenawhere Hurds coronation was to happen. Aless cynical scribe, then, should marvel at PBCs marvelous matchmaking,bestower of rich parity, rather than mock the organization for apparentincompetence.

Well. In mydefense I watched Saturdays match live on Fox in the hopes of seeing J Rock dosomething ultimately decisive in a competitive scrap. The scrap was competitive and somethingdecisive surely did transpire.

Im on the Banana wagon now, while we wait forwhatever Naoya Inoue does next.


Authors note: Hearty congratulations to us! Asannounced late last week, was the 2019 home of not only oursports co-best exemplar of courage, Marc Abrams, but also our sports co-bestexemplar of benevolence, Norm Frauenheim.Two, more-deserving winners cannot be found.


Bart Barry can be reached via Twitter @bartbarry

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J Rock's swing in the Banana hammock Boxing News Boxing, UFC and MMA News, Fight Results, Schedule, Rankings, Videos and More -

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Letters to the Editor: Leave devices at home – msnNOW

Posted: at 7:49 am

Tyler White / Hearst Newspapers

Laptop theft is rampant nationwide.

Heres my two cents of advice for potential laptop-theft victims, as described in Easy money for thieves, hard lessons for victims (Page One, Jan. 16): If you dont want your personal computer to get stolen while youre sitting inside a coffee shop or outside in a parklet, then work from home, and also (if possible) leave your device there. The same advice applies to those who foolishly choose to walk around gazing at a smartphone screen while ignoring their surroundings.

Dont put yourself into situations where you become another statistic in the citys growing list of personal property crimes.

Xavier Betancourt, San Francisco

Capitalisms natural

Regarding Roots of capitalism (Letters, Jan. 14): The author is wrong about the wealth of nations initiating capitalism. Capitalism (retaining the profits from your efforts) has always been natural for most creatures, including humans. Some forms of voluntary communal distribution have been practiced by a small minority of humans, like the Norse, and some family units among other creatures like ants, termites and bees. The communal insects, however, are all siblings and intolerant of other families even from their own species. I learned that first hand trying to rescue an ant I had marooned by cutting off her path home with poison. I used that as a barrier against her colonys return after I removed the food drawing them inside. I could not find her familys column outside the front door where they entered, but I did see a column outside the back door.

I compared her markings (faint stripes) with back door ants and they looked identical, so I put her among them. She proceeded by other ants without incident for a few inches before three ants approached her and quickly dispersed, each with a piece of her. I suspect she was their cousin but that was not family enough for them.

George Steffner, Moraga

Construction standards

Regarding Union wages (Letters, Jan. 11): I chuckled when I read the letter suggesting that if nonunion construction workers built the proposed Concord residential property that it would be shoddily built. The writer was forgetting that we live in a regulatory state with detailed construction standards and nitpicky inspectors. More likely, it would be the same quality, just less expensive. I believe that we need to have special rules to create affordable housing. First, the cost of fees and permits should be reduced or eliminated for projects with a high percentage of affordable housing.

Approvals should be fast-tracked. Height limits should be raised, allowing for multistory projects. NIMBY complaints should be ignored. Finally, affordable housing projects should be made exempt from expensive union construction contracts. Market-rate projects can still require union construction workers. I wonder if our progressive legislators really want affordable housing and would agree to this.

Robert Stenson, Larkspur

Wrong to trespass

I was astonished to read Support families that cant find affordable housing (Letters, Jan. 12), where the author applauds the actions taken by the Moms 4 Housing group in Oakland. We all sympathize with homeless people and want our governments to take action and solve these social issues that affect thousands of families all across our neighborhoods. Invading and transgressing someone elses property is not the solution. How would you like it if all of a sudden, someone invaded your home? Our government needs to find a temporary housing solution while implementing a long-term solution; in fact they have already indicated theyre going to use public buildings for housing homeless people.

It breaks my heart to see helpless families living under present conditions, but maybe we can all help. Could you assist a Mothers 4 Housing family? Would you be willing to let someone come and invade your home, while you are away? This is your chance to help a family. If you are, kudos to you! If you do, I might follow your path.

Roman Aguilera, Oakland

Homeless in Paris

Regarding Worsening conditions (Letters, Jan. 12): I agree with the intelligent letter writer, a registered nurse who lives in the Tenderloin, who decried our blight of homelessness. Im also a second-generation San Franciscan, who loves the city. But his reference to our Paris of the West must be tempered by the reality of the Paris of the East. Two years ago, I was in Paris for a week, and the whole time I was there I counted five people who were apparently living on the street.

Rocky Leplin, Richmond

Letters to the Editor: Leave devices at home - msnNOW

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Termite Control Products Market Expected To Grow Share, Size, Forecast CAGR Ratio [2020-2029] BASF SE, The Dow Chemical Company, Bayer CropScience AG…

Posted: at 7:49 am

The research report on Global Termite Control Products Market is being published for the forecast year 2020-2029. The report considers the major factors accountable for driving the growth of the market. The report highlights key interferences and challenges. This is a key document for the clients and industries who want to understand the competitive market status that exists currently and what future holds for it in the upcoming period. The Termite Control Products Market report analyzes multiple key aspects such as the production and end-use segments of the market products. The report also analyzes the market by the main manufacturers like BASF SE, The Dow Chemical Company, Bayer CropScience AG, Syngenta AG, Sumitomo Chemical Co., FMC Corporation, Nufarm Limited, United Phosphorus Limited, Rentokil Initial plc., ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd., Nippon Soda, Control solution plc., Ensystex, types, application, and geographic regions.

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[Note: Our Free Complimentary Sample Report Accommodate a Brief Introduction To The Synopsis, TOC, List of Tables and Figures, Competitive Landscape and Geographic Segmentation, Innovation and Future Developments Based on Research Methodology are also Included]

In the value chain analysis, the Global Termite Control Products Market report focuses on the upstream feedstock, downstream demand assessment, sales/distribution channels, growth trends, driving factors, development patterns, and proposals, which mainly include relevant data on the Termite Control Products primary applications, end-users, major geographies, rates of production and consumption, supply chain analysis, leading distributors, main consumers, and the contact information of all the prevalent suppliers and distributors in the industry.

This report forecasts revenue growth at a global, regional & country level, and provides an analysis of the market trends in each of the sub-segments from 2020 to 2029. Industrial development is presented in terms of the following application, types and major key players:

Termite Control Products Market can be segmented into Major Key Players BASF SE, The Dow Chemical Company, Bayer CropScience AG, Syngenta AG, Sumitomo Chemical Co., FMC Corporation, Nufarm Limited, United Phosphorus Limited, Rentokil Initial plc., ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd., Nippon Soda, Control solution plc., Ensystex

Termite Control Products Market can be segmented into Product Types as Bifenthrins, Borates, Sulfuryl Fluorides, Other

Termite Control Products Market can be segmented into Applications as Commercial & Industrial, Residential, Livestock Farms, Others

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Sales and Revenue Studied for The Following Regions of The Global Termite Control Products Market

Market factors are explained in the report:

Termite Control Products Market dynamics:

The report shows the prospect of the various economic possibilities over the future years and the emphatic revenue assessments for the upcoming years. It also examines the key markets and mentions several regions i.e. the geographical extent of the industry.

Competitive Termite Control Products Market Share:

The Termite Control Products Market report offers a whole estimation of the market. It does so through in-intensity qualitative judgments, recorded observations, and future predictions. The projections included in the report had been founded employing recognized research assumptions and procedures.

Reasons for buying this report:

1. Description of key factors contributory to changing the market scenario, exploiting new possibilities, and obtaining a competitive edge.

2. Examining various aspects of the Global Termite Control Products Market with the help of Porters five forces analysis.

3. An end-user business that is likely to witness the highest adoption of this Termite Control Products Market.

4. Regions that are anticipated to witness the fastest growth during the forecast period.

5. SWOT analysis for key players and a detailed study of their current strategic interests and key business performance indicators.

Global Termite Control Products Market Research Report TOC (Table of Contents):

1. Termite Control Products Market Overview

2. Global Economic Impact on Industry

3. Termite Control Products Market Competition by Companies

4. Global Termite Control Products Production, Revenue (Rate) by Region

5. Global Termite Control Products Consumption, Supply, Export, Import by Regions

6. Global Termite Control Products Production, Revenue (Value), Price Trend by Type

7. Termite Control Products Market Research by Application

8. Manufacturing Cost Estimation

9. Sourcing Strategy, Industrial Chain, and Downstream Buyers

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L-Arginine Market Is Primarily Driven By High Use Of Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Across The Globe

Enterprise Asset Management Software Market Next Big Thing | Profiling Key Players : IBM, Oracle and Infor

Specific Qualitative Reports:-

Termite Control Products Market Expected To Grow Share, Size, Forecast CAGR Ratio [2020-2029] BASF SE, The Dow Chemical Company, Bayer CropScience AG...

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Edible Insects/ Market 2020 Global Industry Analysis, Growth Opportunities, Detailed Analysis And Forecast To 2026| Esticast Research and Consulting …

Posted: at 7:49 am

The Global Edible Insects/ Market report offers compound growth from the base year and projected until 2026. The report prepared on the basis of an in-depth analysis of the market that lights shed on the market with a vision to provide a general overview of the market. The report is further fragmented on the basis of segmentation that involves product type, application, and geography. Esticast Research and Consulting provides accurate market size and forecast in relation to the major five regions. The report further evaluates various opportunities and trends to prove superior in the market.

About Edible Insects/ Market

The most common edible insects are beetles, caterpillars, grasshoppers, bees, crickets, true bugs, termites, and dragonflies. The practice of eating insects is called as entomophagy. This concept is not new in many parts of the world, insects are eaten by tribes in Africa, Australia and Thailand. The consumption of insects, is being promoted as an alternative sustainable source of protein for humans and even animals. In addition to this, more than 1900 insects have been recognized as edible. Rising population and declining food resources, higher protein and nutrients such as copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, and zinc, lesser risk of zoonotic diseases such as Ebola, swine and bird flu in comparison with poultry products are the major factors boosting the market growth.

For Better Understanding, Try Sample PDF Brochure of Report (including full TOC, Tables and Figures) @

Market Overview

The research report covers various developments across the geography of the Edible Insects/ market based on the tools of organic as well as inorganic growth strategies. The Edible Insects/ market report is capable enough to project and present data till 2026 on the basis of the global market trend. The market report presented provides key statistics based on the past and current status of the market coupled with key trends and opportunities.

The report not only analyses factors responsible for impacting the Edible Insects/ market on the basis of the value chain but also evaluates industry forces that will highlight the market in the coming years. The industry forces include stumbling blocks, drivers, challenges, and opportunities. The report is also providing in-depth insights on the basis of secondary tools such as SWOT, Porters Five Force Analysis, and PEST. The secondary based tools cover a wide spectrum of regions but focuses on key regions that include North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, South America, and the Middle East & Africa (MEA).

What the report features:

List of the Key Players of Edible Insects/:

Thailand UniqueNordic Insect Economy Ltd.Enviro Flight,LLCKreca Ento-Food BVEntomo Farms Ltd.Deli Bugs Ltd.Proti-FarmExo Inc.ENTOTECHEat Grubs Ltd.

Key players mentioned in the report are based on the secondary research tool. The market share of the company is based on both primary as well as secondary based research. All shares have been presented in a precise fashion that has been determined using several resources.

The competitive landscape chapter is enlisted separately which proves as a supporting agent. The chapter sheds light and provides a visual presentation of the key players. In addition, the report also covers the designing of several strategies that are adopted by the key participants to lead the race in the long run. Various strategies include coverage of M&A, new product launch, setting up R&D team, development of infrastructure, and among others.

Market Segmentation

On the basis of types, the global Edible Insects/ market is fragmented into

As a wholeAs an ingredient

Based on applications, the global Edible Insects/ market is split into:

Application 1Application 2

Inquire more or share questions if any before the purchasing this report:

The years that were considered for the study of this report are the following:

Key Benefits:

Navale ICON IT Park,

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Esticast Research & Consulting is a research firm providing research reports on various industries with a unique combination of authenticity, extensive research, and infallibility. We provide syndicated market research reports, customization services, and consulting services to help businesses across the world in achieving their goals and overcoming complex challenges. We specialize in providing 360 degree view of the markets to assist clients in determining new opportunities and develop business strategies for the future with data and statistics on changing market dynamics. Esticast Research & Consulting has expert analysts and consultants with an ability to work in collaboration with clients to meet their business needs and give opportunities to thrive in a competitive world. A comprehensive analysis of industries ranging from healthcare to consumer goods and ICT to BFSI is provided by covering hundreds of industry segments. The research reports offering market forecasts, market entry strategies, and customer intelligence will help clients across the world in harnessing maximum value on their investment and realize their optimum potential.

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Edible Insects/ Market 2020 Global Industry Analysis, Growth Opportunities, Detailed Analysis And Forecast To 2026| Esticast Research and Consulting ...

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You’ve seen the Big 5 on safari? In Zambia, you see them and the amazing Little 5 – Los Angeles Times

Posted: at 7:49 am

My husband and I were hours into a morning trek in one of Zambias wildlife-rich national parks, and we had already seen some marquee safari sights elephants, baboons, impalas. Then one of our guides stopped short. He pointed ahead to a thrilling discovery.

It was an animal that Id been told would be hard to spot because it was the dry season. But there it was, peering from beneath a bush: a leopard tortoise, a beautiful reptile with a spotted shell.

OK, so it wasnt one of the Big Five animals safari-goers get excited about as they whiz through the African bush by Land Rover. It was instead some of the smaller things the Little Five birds, bugs and reptiles that we wanted to see by going on foot. They all have names that echo their big-time counterparts: ant lion, rhinoceros beetle, buffalo weaver and elephant shrew, as well as the leopard tortoise.

We decided to come to Zambia, one of the less-traveled destinations in Africa, because it is the home of the walking safari. The landlocked former British colony in southern Africa specializes in this way of wandering through wildlife habitat.

It is easy to view animals up close in a traditional vehicle-based safari, but there is a different perspective on a walking safari.

(Bill Patterson)

We saw all kinds of things we would have missed from a vehicle: Fluorescent red insects. Extravagantly crested birds. A zebra leg, a remnant of a run-in with a lion. A hippo skull, allowing a look at the lethal jaw within that ugly-cute animal. Paw prints that told stories about the size and habits of animals.

A walking safari appealed to me because I am so restless; I could not imagine spending 10 days in a Land Rover. A traditional driving safari seemed more like wildlife voyeurism than immersion in nature. With the slower pace and detail-oriented focus of a walking safari, I hoped to understand animals, not just see them.

We traveled in early November at the end of the dry season, a great wildlife-viewing time because animals flock to rivers when water is sparse. We benefited from lower prices, which drop about Nov. 1 in most places. Thats considered the beginning of the rainy season, but it rained only twice, toward the end of our two weeks.

To see a range of environments, we visited three national parks South Luangwa, Lower Zambezi and Kafue and stayed in bush camps from rustic to deluxe. One place, Musekese Camp in Kafue, had bucket showers; another, Sausage Tree Camp in Lower Zambezi, had a masseuse. All provided all-inclusive services in spectacular settings.

We came to see that we were encroaching on the animals turf. A warthog grazed near our cabin in one place. We would have to detour for meals if elephants were wandering around. Once, upon returning from a morning walk, we couldnt reach our cabin because a male lion had settled nearby for his afternoon siesta.

On a typical day, we rose at 5 a.m. to start walking while it was not too hot. We would return to camp for lunch and rest in the midday heat, then head out again in late afternoon for a drive. I much preferred the walks, but the different modes of travel were complementary: You cant see the big animals up close unless you are in a vehicle, and you cant fully appreciate them until you get close to their habitat.

It was easy to spot the Big Five (except for the endangered rhinoceros) while driving because they are unafraid of people in vehicles. Within our first hours on the ground, while being driven to our first camp in South Luangwa, we spotted hippos, baboons, zebras, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes and all manner of antelopes. It was almost too easy, like taking a zoo tour.

It was a different story the next day on a four-hour walk that began at 6 a.m. We spotted elephants, warthogs and hippos, but they kept their distance: Animals are more fearful of people approaching on foot than in cars. That helped allay my initial fears that going on foot was recklessly risky. (This was the first time Id bought additional health insurance for an international trip.)

Elephants seen from a motor boat on the Kafue River. Traveling by boat provides a good vantage for wildlife viewing during the dry season.

(Bill Patterson)

Another security blanket: We always hiked with a rifle-toting scout. He walked out front, scanning the horizon, going up hills before us to be sure we didnt surprise a herd of elephants or buffalo. But the risk was low: One Zambian told us he had been scouting for 16 years and never had to use his gun.

It wasnt long before we began spotting the Little Five. An elephant shrew a tiny mammal with a trunk-shaped nose dashed across the path and into the brush. The lairs of the ant lion an insect that builds a tiny, conical sand pit, lurks at the bottom and waits for an ant to tumble down and into its clutches were everywhere.

Our well-trained Zambian guides unlocked mysteries of the landscape.

What are those towering earthen mounds we see all over the place? They were built by termites, which have a bad rep in civilized society as a foundation-eating pest. But in nature, they play an invaluable role decomposing dung and wood, and the result is mounds that serve as rich planting soil. We saw one mound with 15 species of trees growing.

Who knew what hippos did at night? We saw them wallowing in the river during the day, but they graze on land at night. We learned that as we walked along their well-trod paths hippo highways.

Hippos in the Luangwa River at the end of the dry season. Hippos spend their days in water, but move onto land at night to graze.

(Bill Patterson)

How do hippos mark territory? Our guide showed us hippo dung hanging on a bush. They leave their mark by flicking their tails to spread their dung. Suddenly it made sense when we saw that odd behavior when males faced off in the river.

We also saw the spectacular changes that occur when the dry season gives way to the rainy one. The first rain in Kafue National Park came near the end of our visit. Torrential rain and wind battered the canvas walls of the camp, sending the staff scampering to batten things down.

We found the landscape was transformed when we walked the next morning. New waterways flowed. Bright red bugs velvet mites came out and speckled the ground as they do only after it rains. Termites flew out of their mounds, crawled on the ground and were gobbled up by hungry animals. Ants scrambled all over the place, including up my leg when I made the mistake of crossing their paths.

Velvet mites speckled the ground after a rain.

(Getty Images)

That was an uncomfortable reminder that small things in the bush are not only beautiful but also potentially risky. On our last night, we dined at Musekese Camp with co-owner Tyrone McKeith; he abruptly rose from the table and told me not to move. He reached over and swatted something from my stomach. Only then did he tell me it was a scorpion.

This journey took us to some of the most remote places Id ever visited, so sometimes it felt as if we were in a Joseph Conrad novel. To get to Musekese Camp, we flew in a four-seat prop plane to a dusty airstrip (the pilot had to fly once over the strip to be sure no animals were in the way). We were picked up in a Land Rover, then transferred for a boat ride, then onto another Land Rover for a final stretch. At the end was a surprise, but it was hardly a Heart of Darkness experience. There were only two other guests at the camp when we arrived. One of them was a subscriber to the Los Angeles Times.

If you go

THE BEST WAY TO ZAMBIAFrom LAX, Turkish Air, KLM, Emirates and Delta offer connecting service (change of planes) to Zambias capital, Lusaka. Restricted round-trip fares from $1,990, including taxes and fees.

Flights from Lusaka to small airports near Zambias national parks are available from Proflight Airlines ( Charter flights are available from Sky Trails ( Some camps offer ground transportation from Lusaka or nearby airports.

TELEPHONESFrom the U.S., dial 011 (the international dialing code) and 260 (the country code for Zambia). Some camps below are managed from South Africa, where 27 is the country code.


Time + Tide Kakuli, South Luangwa National Park; 27-60-642-4004, One of 10 camps operated in Zambia by Time + Tide. All-inclusive fee (lodging, all meals and drinks, laundry, activities) from $730 per person per night.

Sausage Tree Camp andPotato Bush Camp, Lower Zambezi National Park; 27-76-586-1927,, Sausage Tree offers luxury accommodations in a spectacular setting; Potato Bush, a sister camp, accommodates families. All-inclusive fee (lodging, all meals and drinks, private guide, laundry, activities) from $990 per person per night (Sausage) and $650 per person per night (Potato).

Musekese Camp, Kafue National Park; 26-09-741-73403 or 26-09-7621-5426, One of the last owner-run safari camps in Zambia. All-inclusive fee (lodging, all meals and drinks, laundry, activities) from $560 per person per night, low season.


Zambia Tourism,

Group trips and tailor-made excursions to Zambia are offered by:

Audley Travel, 77 N. Washington St., Boston; (855) 838-8300,

Natural World Safaris, 130A Western Road, 2nd Floor, Brighton, England; (866)357-6569,

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You've seen the Big 5 on safari? In Zambia, you see them and the amazing Little 5 - Los Angeles Times

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On the job in Illinois – The Baxter Bulletin

Posted: at 7:48 am

Bruce Ferguson, Then, There's This Published 9:30 p.m. CT Jan. 17, 2020

Bruce Ferguson(Photo: Submitted Photo)

So, there I was, in a place called Clarendon Hills, Illinois. I was out of school working and worrying about the flat tire on the Maxwell, that growing crack in the foundation of my heavily mortgaged new house, and the possibility of World War III.

Nobody special, I was just another married and harried taxpayer living in a suburban sea of terribly tan, plastic-covered houses, each resident serving a mortgage that would have tested the means of a Trump, or King Midas himself.

I was living in unaffordable and undeserved mosquito-free luxury. We had plastic screens on every widow. A weekly garbage pickup kept the place neat and free of transient odors, and such luxury a portrait of Trigger and a friend name of Roy Rogers smiled down on us from their home above the fireplace.

Lest our delicate feet touch unvarnished wood or cold tile or soil the heirloom braided rug fashioned by Grandma Brooks, the floor of our mansion was covered, indeed, drowned in shimmering chartreuse shag, a color and texture believed to have been developed for use in dungeons during the French Revolution.

Our new neighbor, Clyde, an independent businessman who owned and operated a knife-sharpening stand mounted on a bicycle a Schwinn, I think stopped by to share a secret, telling me with a wink and a knowing nod,

I know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, is what he said while delivering a welcoming Bundt cake with raisins dancing in the orange icing.

After inspecting the sumptuous layout of our suburban palace, Clyde managed a frown and said, You need to have this place painted, friend. My brother, Leonardo, is a painter. Hes experienced, been doing it for years. Leonardo learned to paint when he did six years on a Leavenworth paint crew for tattooing without a license.

My neighbor, Clyde was up at six each morning to walk his woofer, an Austrian Ankle Biter, name of GRRRR. who saw and used our front yard as a vast and grassy restroom.

Troublesome neighbors aside, I was on a career path to riches. I was in my 30s, out of college, had a wife, a couple of kids, a near-new car and a size 12 mortgage on a plastic sided, termite free, suburban house on a street called Golf Avenue.

The place was identical to the house across the street and the one down the block., each one equipped with an illuminated address on the mailbox, and a doorbell that played the national anthem.

And I was working. I had a new job as Sales Manager of a company famed for its three-speed, back massagers, one of those rarely-used Christmas gifts that clutter closets and hide golf shoes.

My new house boasted two toilets right inside the place. The one on the main floor played a European waltz and filled the air with the barely bearable fragrance of eau de skonk when the doorknob was touched.

Having been on the job a couple of months, and having done a fair amount of new business, I was summoned into the presidents office and directed by his secretary, a person he addressed as Honey, to sit in a folding chair marked EMPLOYEE. Fine job youre doing, Johnson,, he said, holding out a hand.

My name isnt Johnson, sir.

Whatever it is, my honey . er, ah Miss Snodgrass, tells me you are good at it and deserve some acknowledgement. So, tomorrow you can join me for lunch in the Executive Dining Room at the Burger Barn for a Gut Buster Burger, If you can eat a whole one, its free. Those guys know how to sell sandwiches.

A sort-of friendship developed between boss and employee and I was encouraged at home to invite the president and his wife to dinner Saturday evening.

All went well until Mrs. President went into the restroom. Unknown to anyone but our oldest boy, who was expert at operating a tape recorder, his birthday gift and the same one one he had hidden behind the toilet. Sensing a weight on the seat, the recorder declared, Hey, were working down here and youre blocking the light.

I lost the job that same evening. But, my neighbor, Clyde made me a partner in the knife sharpening business. I dont make a lot of money, but our grass looks great when cut with a sharp pair of shears.

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Comcast, Valero, and 3 Other Companies Expected to Increase Their Dividends – Barron’s

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Alaska Air Group, Valero Energy and Comcast are among the companies that are expected to announce dividend increases next week, according to IHS Markit, an information and analytics firm.

It forecasts that Alaska Air Group (ticker: ALK) will boost its quarterly payout by 14% to 40 cents a share from 35 cents. The stock, which yields 2.1%, has a one-year return of about 5%.

Based in Seattle, the air carrier operates an extensive route network on the West Coast, in Alaska and as well as other parts of the country. Its East Coast destinations include Newark Liberty International Airport in the all-important New York market.

Alaska Air initiated its dividend in 2013. The company acquired Virgin America in 2016 in a $2.6 billion deal that helped bolster the companys presence in key California markets, such as Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Valero Energy (VLO), whose businesses including oil refining, is expected to declare a quarterly payout of $1.00 a share, up 11% from 90 cents.

The stock, which yields 3.9%, has a one-year return of about 22%.

Elsewhere, IHS Markit is looking for Comcast (CMCSA) to raise its quarterly dividend by nearly 10% to 23 cents a share from 21 cents.

The stock, which has a one-year return of about 32%, yields 1.8%.

The company owns extensive cable, theme park and media assets, including the NBC and Telemundo television networks. It also unveiled its streaming service on Thursday.

Other companies that IHS Markit expects to boost their dividends next week are E Trade Financial (ETFC) and Rollins (ROL).

IHS Markit is forecasting that E Trade Financial will increase its quarterly dividend by 50% to 21 cents a share from 14 cents.

The company initiated a dividend in the third quarter of last year.

Rollins, meanwhile, offers pest and termite control services. Its expected to declare a quarterly dividend of 11.5 cents a share, up nearly 10% from 10.5 cents.

The stock has a one-year return of about minus 6%. It yields 1.2%. Rollins paid out a special dividend of 5 cents a share last month.

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Comcast, Valero, and 3 Other Companies Expected to Increase Their Dividends - Barron's

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This Thailand Termite Spray Commercial is Absolutely Insane – TVOvermind

Posted: January 18, 2020 at 10:44 pm

Every time people look at American commercials and wonder just what the writers were thinking we get a glimpse of something like this, and then the American commercials tend to make a lot more sense or at the very least appear tame by comparison. This commercial from Thailand for termite spray is something on the level of an epic that might as well be listed as a B-movie considering how deep it gets and how dramatic the act becomes. Many upon many people know about the sprays and poison that can be carried by one or several insects back to a hive, its one of the more desired methods of getting rid of pests since it doesnt aim to take them all out, only the hive thats affecting a persons home. The method isnt the kindest and its definitely not bound to be quick fix since it might take some time for the affected insects to get back to the hive or nest so that they can affect those around them. In some cases a persons home might be targeted by several satellite nests that are even more difficult to get rid of since taking one of them out will usually leave a couple more that will continue to find a way into the home. But as far as poisoning insects goes and alerting them to the idea that a particular home is not a wise target this is a method thats used pretty frequently.

But huh boy, the commercial itself had to take a while to make, not to mention that it might have actually had a budget that was kind of insane. Production value couldnt have been too much aside from the termite scenes, though given the costumes and the time spent on said scenes its hard to think that it was dirt cheap. It does make a person wonder how long it took to find or fabricate the insect outfits, just a mild curiosity though. Termites are definitely one of the many insects that no homeowner likes to see munching away on their home since not only are they voracious in their appetites but theyre hard to get rid of unless you know what youre doing. Living in areas where termites are plentiful usually comes with the idea that a person better know a little bit about the pests if theyre going to be living with the constant threat of them. It pays to know your surroundings and what can affect your home sometimes, especially when critters and pests that enjoy snacking on parts of your home or invading to see whats around is a common occurrence.

Its easy to look at this commercial and wonder just what kind of thought process went into the making of it since in the US we look at this kind of commercial with raised eyebrows and possibly a smile since it appears so comical. But that makes a person wonder just what people in other countries think about our commercials and what goes into them. Across various cultures entertainment and the various ideas that come on how to deliver it differs greatly due to a number of factors that are continually shifting to change how we view certain parts of pop culture. Commercials are like mini-stories anyway at times that are created to push a product and give people the impression that they need whatever is being featured. Some products are hard to make exciting since theyre not all that interesting to begin with, but others lend themselves to commercials that are a little more action-packed and therefore able to grab the attention of the viewers in a much easier manner. Now as far as good taste and overall mastery of the genre go thats pretty much subjective given that some people will watch this commercial and laugh while others might look at it and wonder just what in the hell they watched and why. Seriously, the commercial plays out more like a TV movie at some points as the termites are trying to act tough right up until they realize that the poison brought back by the primary insect has doomed them all. John Farrier of Neatorama has more to say about the commercial.

It feels safe to say you wouldnt see this commercial in the US largely because it doesnt appear as though it would be cost effective and likely because people would be wondering if the company selling the product had lost their marbles. Its funny enough to watch considering that it is a real product and it is one of those that is believed to work, but the entire production is so over the top that it begs the question of whether the director works on action movies as well or has the desire to work in action and thriller movies. In any case its just crazy and needed to be shared.

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Photo gallery: Longview Baptist to celebrate with open house on Sunday (1/18/20) – Shelbyville Times-Gazette

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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Submitted photos

Longview Baptist Church is celebrating the opening of a new sanctuary after the old one was threatened by termites. See the story at

An open house will be held Sunday to officially open the new worship center at Longview Baptist Church, 101 Cooper Road in Unionville. The event is open to the public and will begin about 1 p.m.

Cherished times at Longview Baptist include a lot of baptisms. Current pastor is Jonathan Osterhaus.

While it cherishes its past one which extends back to the early 1900s Longview Baptist Church members have faith to serve the community for hundreds of more years.

Longview members gathered for a groundbreaking ceremony last fall to officially start construction of their new church.

The old sanctuary was threatened by termite damage.

Construction has gone pretty much as planned over the last year at Longview Baptist Church in Unionville. There has been a lot of rain to take into consideration.

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Twitter Suspends, Then REINSTATES, Anti-Semitic Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan Claims Suspension Was an ‘Error’ – The Union Journal

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Twitter put on hold Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan on Saturday, however rapidly renewed his account as well as asserted that it was performed in error.

Many individuals on the right have lengthy sharp to the pretension in enabling Farrakhan to continue to be on the system while outlawing Republican numbers for any kind of viewed offending tweets.

The Washington Examiner reported that a Twitter depictive validated the preliminary suspension was an mistake, stating that the account was caught by our spam filter in error and has been reinstated.

In 2018, Farrakhan triggered outrage when he described Jewish individuals as termites a tweet that Twitter stated they would certainly not be eliminating him from the system over.

Im not an anti-Semite. Im anti-Termite, Farrakhan composed in addition to a web link to one of his speeches. The tweet was gotten rid of by the system, though his account continued to be energetic.

Farrakhan was outlawed from Facebook in 2019 for anti-semitic as well as homophobic web content.

Weve always banned individuals or organizations that promote or engage in violence and hate, regardless of ideology, a Facebook depictive then informed CNNBusiness The process for evaluating potential violators is extensive.

He formerly shed his confirmation badge on the system for tweeting around the Satanic Jew and the Synagogue of Satan.

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