Letter: The Republican infestation – INFORUM

Posted: January 15, 2022 at 2:01 am

When your home is infested with termites you are completely unaware of the damage they are doing to the foundation of your home. As the strength of the beams and basement diminishes you go happily about your life.

Republican termites are eating the foundation of our democracy one bite at a time. Voter suppression is a subtle means to make sure only the right candidates are elected. Gerrymandering is a process that takes place in the dark and destroys the democracy our founders imagined. Add to that the spread of conspiracy theories and lies, and the rot continues.

Free and fair elections are our only protection from the infestation of the people who would trade power for your freedom. Ignoring the infestation because the house is still standing is the fatal mistake that allows the termites to prosper and your home to collapse.

Mike Quinn lives in Bismarck.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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Letter: The Republican infestation - INFORUM

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